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Totally out of blue!!

Hmm..  well frankly telling you this is totally random.. as I was thinking about writing something.. but  as a matter of fact my thought process seems to be totally blacked out of I don’t know how many things. Seems like a chaos here.

Looks like I have been doing so much of multitasking that thinking about one thing at a time is next to impossible .. Maybe I am accustomed to noise level in head. Even while writing all this…  I have my bluetooth headphones on and throwing all sorts of music in my ears just for the sake of it I guess. Then I have to work on few things that need to be done before I leave.

Besides all of this I m freezing in my office… had a glass of chilled water, then another chilled drink and then another glass of water. Somehow I am always thirsty when I am in office doing “multitasking”… Hmm seems like all the multitasking makes my body dehydrated… lols Oh yea and the air-conditioning is on its edge to mummyfy me today…

I love this totally green view from the window of my office. I can see the warm sunlight outside (which btw I may dread once I am outside because it’s hot out there  … ironical…  Han?). This totally reminds me of my days in India especially around December / January when I used to prepare for my semester exams sitting under the sun whole day. I remember how badly I used to regret when around 5 evenings used to turn soft.

Hah how circumstantial is it… that right now the song which my headset is making me hear is  “Ye lazy lamhe” …. 🙂



Comments on: "Totally out of blue!!" (11)

  1. hie Tincy,

    out of the blue really :))

    where have u been??

    nice having u back tho’ not on o3

    enjoy ur music & maybe sip water @ room temp , not chilled :D:D


  2. Hi Tina


    nice blog.. Keep writing ! n keep visiting.

  3. Hi Aditi,

    That was such a pleasant surprise you showing up in my blogspot blog. 🙂 Great! ‘Totally out of the blue’ hahaha… to quote you. So how’s life at your end? What have kept you away from blogging? Anyway, the important thing is you’re back. So am looking forward to wonderful blogging from you.

    Let’s keep in touch. Got you on my blog roll now.
    See you soon.

    Blessings to you and your family.


  4. heyyyy Alice!
    first of all, thanks for getting back in touch 🙂
    i know u’ve been pretty busy for a long time now…
    as no new scripts have been heard from ur side LOL
    anyway, as for ur thirst, the waiter here always ready for a bisleri expecting a tip of 90/- per bottle 😛
    do come up with the next script and what happened to ur drawings’ blog?
    take care!

  5. VSji …

    Remember it is Aditi… learn the new name :))

    How have you been ? Room temperature water is good but when at work its always cold one .. no option for room 😦

    anyways. i will try to be regular now .. (keeping my fingers crossed)

  6. Yo B


  7. Aww Ellen

    You always have the nicest words to say .. and god you are one of the best writers i have to admit that.

    What held me back .. i have no idea Ellen .. may be .. hmm… thinking… hmmm.. still nothing … no idea :))

    Thanks for adding me

    PS: loved ur snaps

  8. Tej lil

    Guess what .. second script is already in progress and 25% complete… a lil more time to publish it here though

    Yes yes i remember 90 rs of tips for 10 rs bottle .. but do you remember the sentiments attached to that scene …giggles

    But you were omne lucky waiter han …
    But Tej lil.. finance and i both cant tolerate each other where is your funny blog ???

  9. hey Aditi aka tincy,

    u did not tell me all what u’ve shopped this ensuing time, that kept u away from blogging :P:P:P:P

    mix a little hot water na from the coffee dispenser na :))

    & whats new ur end.

    life hers been getting along well,
    blogging s been like train journey, people getting off,
    people getting in, u say hie 2 some, some just remain, some get in again, all of a sudden :):)


  10. heheh

    ur fingers seem crossed 4 a long time aditi,

    uncross them & do blod 🙂


  11. aubrey dage said:

    “That four letter word that I feared, both of us feared it.
    For it was the one thing that kept us the furthest apart.
    He was a vampire, I was mortal.
    Every time we got closer that striking pain clawed at my heart.
    That red rose that stood there in my soul,
    Died in the garden leaving only dust.
    Never cleaned, always there, losing reason for the minutes wasted.”

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