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It’s been two years since my last India trip. Ok now I am seriously missing all the fun. All of my cousins have bonded this special bond with each other and I kind of feel left out at times. Though I talk to my family and friends almost daily but those who are away in other countries know that it’s not same , talking to them on phone as compared to meeting them in person.

At times I miss my old days in India with all sorts of luxuries lying at only fingers’ reach (not just hands’). Cooked meals served on hot on plate… no need of doing anything else and start eating. Neat and clean rooms… just go and lie down (all courtesy of house help). Fresh linens almost on every alternate days.. again all thanks to house help (won’t refer to them as servants…sounds yucky). Call the grocer and food/ vegetables delivered to your door step. GODDD, Such luxuriesss!!

But then after coming here to US I feel I have learnt a lot of stuff. First thing you learn is you can’t afford to be lazy :). You start to value your parents”(& family members) and their feelings. You start to appreciate food cooked by you (which never happened earlier). You learn all about social networking (more professionally). You stop meddling in others’ business (which btw is a great time pass to keep life peppy & spicy for many in India). You learn to talk nicely and diplomatically.

Aww, but I still miss my own culture, values, traditions, festivals, get-togethers, friends, family, food, rainy season (a post coming soon on monsoon of Delhi), getting pampered, and all sorts of luxuries of life…

“Sigh… Sigh”


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  1. Am not surprised about that at all. Felt that way too before. But sometimes it’s a boon and a huge boost to one’s growth and maturity to be uprooted from one’s own native land and live in some foreign country which culture is so different. The new experiences contribute to make you an even better person all around. And that’s great. 🙂

    I am delighted to see that you have retained your unique individuality as an Indian. Nothing is going to change that, I know. And I won’t take you any other way because I have found out that among the innate qualities an Indian possesses is — loyalty and devotion in friendship. Thank you for being you.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Aww ellen
    You always have best of the words to say. Thanks a lot for such a nice person.

    I guess its not easy for any one (not just Indians) to be uprooted from your
    own culture.

    But then you lose some you win some.

    Its like you have little and a little something is missing, and i feel even having “it” as a whole will not make it any interesting. 🙂


  3. Hi Diti (:D :D)

    Well you know what?? I was missing home, my parents, my place.. wished to back.. leave job.. leave everything.. just wanted to write.. “nostalgia”.. he he.. when i sat on my lappy.. opened up my blog.. it reminded me that i promised to come back and read ur blog.. and to my surprise i find “nostalgia” here tooo… so now u should be punished… not for stealing my feeling and writing about it.. but for making me feel more and more nostalgic…

    btw… this is not relevant i know.. but have u watched “jane tu… jane tu ya jane naaaaa”.. ?? have you?? there’s a song.. he he… wont say any further.. but it reminds me of you!! lolzz…

    neways… i cant mollify you with my words here cos m sailing on the same boat.. 🙂 neways… bbye tc… tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😀 😀 😀


  4. btw… forgot to “type” one thing.. ur blog page looks awesome.. believe me.. its fabulous.. loved it!!!

    since last time i helped u with making ur page look a lil better this time u gonna help me making my page something like this…

    i donno anything.. bas chahiye to chhiye….

    ^ _ ^

  5. oye Alice
    ye kya andhi chala ri hai (by saying “sigh…sigh)
    yahan waise hi bahut hawa chal ri hai, tu aur na chala

    i can understand ur feelings
    me missing delhi and all miss of delhi

  6. Hey Rupsie

    So finally i got to see you here. Thanks buddy

    I wrote about being nostaligc because i am dying to meet my family and friends. This is the longest and first time that i havent been to india. at times i just feel like catching the next flight to home and be there with everyone and enjoying Guauva ( lols .. yep its one fruit that i dont get here and i love it ) ..

    Yep i have seen the movie and i love the movie and seong as well. I know the song by heart and that too word by word… lols .. But how can you forget the song that stole the limelight “Pappu cant dance sala” . It is so funny .

    Rupsie well i know you were my tutor for that basic HTML coding .. but guess what this is not my work .. seems like you dint read this tine lil fine print at the bottom of the page…. This is one of the several themes available .. and just picked it .. simple.

    Sure you can have it .. come over to WordPress abd leave blogspot … I adore this one .. so many features that you can use …

    Awesome ..

    See you soon on your next post or on mine 🙂

  7. Tej lil

    tum udd to nahi gaye na….

    I am sure missed of delhi are also missing you ….lolss

    PS: another story is on the way .. thought to let you know so that ypu can pick out the best charcater before hand …


  8. o yes, please reserve for me the character that gets ultra high tips esp. from the herione 😛

  9. waaaaah Diti.. mere comment ka inna wadda reply….

    btw… just dropped by to tell u…..
    ((((( (((( ((( (( HAVE ADDED UR LINK ON MY PAGE )) ))) )))) )))))

    please check and approve it. jalliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…


  10. Tej lil
    U bet!!

  11. […] memories of time spent in India. I am now missing my family. I wrote a post on same lines back in August of 2008 .. check that out. I so badly wish to have that “Time Machine” right now .. but to […]

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