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I dint want to write about it on the first thought but then I couldn’t myself. Alright so it happened on this last Friday i: e 5th of September. No there wasn’t something wrong with me or people around me,  actually it was wonderful book which I was reading.

For the very first time I cried through the last 50-60 pages of a book continuously (though frankly telling you I do cry if I am reading a silly romantic novel or watching a touching movie). Though the thing is whenever I cried while reading a novel it was like couple of tears here and there, but this book made me cry like a little baby.

The book was “A walk to remember” by “Nicholas Sparks”. I had seen the movie and cried but the real words in the book were the ones that literally broke me up inside out. I started reading the novel around 2:30 in noon and till 6o’clock I was fine until I reached towards the end of the book. Last 50 of the 250 pages of the book were the tricky ones. I dint even realize that my tears were running down not only my cheeks but my neck. There was a time when I had to take my eyes off the pages in order to let myself go, and GOD I cried and cried.

Phew after shedding tears for some 10 minutes I came back to the book and starting reading it with the continuous sobs. I completed the book by 7ish… Got up to wash my face, get a glass of water & to throw the crumbled and tear soaked tissues in the bin. Washed my face, had a glass of water, switched off the light of the bed side lamp and tried to relax my weepy eyes.

It was then I realized couple of things: First was though I had already seen the movie which was made on this novel but the real words of the book had the worst & best affect on me. I had always thought that to feel the pain and emotion of someone you have to see them, watch them only then you may get to feel the fraction of what they are going through. But after reading this fiction I guess I have to say even if the characters were fictional, but the feelings portrayed were so real that simple straight sentences and the words made me so sad. I ended up feeling the pain of the 2 primary characters of the book.

Second thing that I realized was that my current story “An Angel’s Kiss” (which btw will be on blog soon) is so much like this book. Though with twists and turns it’s almost on the similar outline as that of “A walk to remember”. Then I ended up thinking if I will ever be that much good that my stories or other write-ups will make someone actually feel the exact feelings of the characters portrayed.

I loved the book & will recommend it to everyone. If you want to either read the book or watch the movie here is a little briefing about it:

“Jamie Sullivan, the Bible-toting minister’s daughter, with her drab brown sweaters, spinster hairstyle and sincere, beatific advice, is the obvious target of high school ridicule. Despite conspiring in Jamie’s derision, class president Landon, desperate for a date for the homecoming dance, finds himself asking Jamie. Afterwards, Jamie asks him to participate with her in the metaphor-laden school Christmas play (Jamie plays the angel). Landon endures the taunting of his friends and forms an uneasy friendship with Jamie, which is carefully supervised by her father. The teens visit needy orphans, give Oscar-worthy performances in the school play and share dreams watching the sunset. Landon realizes he’s in love with Jamie, but, of course, she is hiding a devastating secret that could wring her from Landon’s arms forever. Now tortured by his knowledge of what will be her terrible fate, he must make the ultimate decision that catapults him into adulthood.”


Comments on: "An evening to remember: when i cried!" (8)

  1. hi Aditi!
    i do the same thing. so whenever there is a tragic scene in the movie, my wife looks at me to confirm that i am crying along…
    anyways… i will wait for ur new story…
    i wish, one day ur stories will b published and movies will b made, based on them…
    ur autograph please…
    now don’t tell me that u r already crying…of course for the happy reasons…
    take care and go ahead.
    all the best.

  2. well even i cry when something sensitive i c or read.. definately i wil read the novel …. btw please finish the Angel’s Kiss ASAP as i m so curious to read ur next piece of work….. cant resist myself from ur write ups…. already ur fan.. cheers!!!

  3. Hey Diti 😉

    first thing first.. belated happy birthday!! 🙂

    now abt the blog.. I have watched “a walk to remmember” more than once. I cant say i cried, but the movie has touched me deeply. and the idea of gifting a star was quite and innovative and romantic one 🙂

    m not too much into rerading books. instead i prefer listening to music. but neways…..

    keep reading.. and keep blogging.


  4. where r u busy beeee… 😐

  5. Hi Aditi!!

    First of all……….we have similar habits like shedding tears here n there…with the realisation that we are watching a fiction……but incidently, i have been through the similar emotional outburst which you have tried to explain in this particular blog, I remember last time while I read ‘The Kite Runner’………..nevermind such incidences are good……they add new perspectives to life………

    keep reading……..keep smiling 🙂

  6. Hey Rupesh
    Thanks for your wishes .. been really busy these days hence minimal blogging as well..

    Regarding gifting a star … i guess NASA has some programe like .. though i dont know about the details but read something like this couple of weeks earlier .

    Anyways i need to be back in writing circuit

  7. Hey Jigyasa

    That was such a sweet comment .. I have seen kite runner though still have to read it .. but i loved the movie it was way awesome .. but i am sure book must be more realistic.. I feel words have more power rather something on screen …

    Btw i am not reading touchy novels these days.. These days i am onto Vampire Love stories.. and lemme tell you they are awesome.. I started the first novel which had some 600 pages and within couple of days it was done ..

    The novel writer is Stephanie Meyer.. and she has 4 novels .. ( will write about it in my next blog .. They are so much of fun )

    Please be in touch it was nice to see you here

  8. Hmm…..Vampire Love stories…….I dont think I will be ever inclined to anything like that….but lets see if your next post can convince me on that……..hehe

    Keep Smiling 🙂

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