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In this life time we get to meet so many people. Some stay with us for throughout our existence and some fade away as the time passes.

But lately I was wondering if certain people come in our life to just brighten this single element of a dark entity engulfing us for a long time. But what will you do if you come across one who takes you out of this pitch darkness…  takes you out of it… shows you the bright light out there… will take your hand and rather than taking you towards the brightness, leaves you at a more blacked out spot. How do you come out of that? Even if you drag yourself out of it somehow, then how will you ever forget what happened? Can time delete the whole sole existence of that monster? 10- 20 years down memory lane will you ever have that clean slate of mind?

Forget that…  but since we are very humane and we think that whatever we are doing is the best and in that we are not harming anyone, then how can people end up being cruel and other being hurt?? May be their inner feelings are dead and frankly I don’t give a damn about them, they don’t deserve any happiness on account of someone’s sadness. They should be served with the same soup they served others. These people actually disgust me… Just wondering how do people live with themselves when they happen to hurt another human being to such an extreme?

How come anyone who is as sweet as sugar suddenly transforms into someone so bitter? How can anyone be that selfish?

What have I learnt from all of this? This just strengthens my belief in Karma…  and… In case nothing of this sort happens…  then?

Well then… then ADIOS… They don’t deserve to be anywhere in your life… not your thoughts…  not your mind/ heart…  not in your prayers…  not in your hate even.


Comments on: "I have learnt… or have I???" (3)

  1. i agree…ADITI..
    they don’t deserve to b in ur hate even… that makes u free of posion inside u, and u grow towards ur own goal…
    u learnt, and i too have…
    v keep learning every now n then…

  2. Right Amit .. its just that when something like this happens it makes you very bitter .. nothing much .. anyways .. i am glad that this post helped me in venting out .. and i can move on ..

    Thanks for being here 🙂

  3. tumne bulaya aur hum chale aaye.
    About the post, I feel that these people dont realise that they are hurting others. they are too much into themselves.

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