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I have a stable!! :P

Okk this happened almost couple of years ago .. But whenever i recall it i cant stop laughing.. not just laughing but hysterically laughing.

I went for grocery shopping one summer evening. Whenever summer arrives i prefer to make fresh juices at home rather than buying the ready-made sucrose syrups. Moreover nothing is better than fresh oranges squeezed with beetroots , Lemon and parsley and what nots.

Okk so i bought 2 big bags of Carrots and almost a dozen oranges.. and other stuff to make juice . My turn came and there was this very cute guy standing at the counter and ringing the cash register.

Out of no where he asked: “Miss do you own horses?”

I came out of my aura and was almost dumbfounded : “Well not that i know of ” . I said laughing and asked “Why did you think so ?”

With almost an insane cuteness he said: “Cause i have never seen anyone buying so many carrots and oranges together.”

We were some 5 people in queue and we all started laughing hysterically. I said : “No i don’t have a horse but thanks anyways”

Even today whenever i make fresh juice.  both I and my husband cant help laughing our wits out


Comments on: "I have a stable!! :P" (3)

  1. May be this is how unknown, unconscious reasons for forever smiles are born!!

    Wish you more smiles!!

  2. Hey jigs
    Thanks it was a hilarious incident for sure.

  3. Hi Aditi! A fruit juice freak — lols me too, me too! Have you tried a Kiwi fruit juice? Yummyyy! 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely day and week ahead.
    May God bless you and your family.

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