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Just a note of thanks!

Like many other writeups about LIFE ,  here is my 2 cents.

We experience it and live it. It gives you a lot , showers you with best of bests that is destined to be with you,  shelters you  and your dreams and throws opportunities at your footsteps. But THIS life is the ONLY life. I dont believe in next life,  though frankly telling you I do believe in parallel universe, courtesy of all sorts of real time ghost stories that I have either seen or heard or may have experienced couple of times.

As soon as we think that our life is our own and nothing bad will ever happen to us, life actually gives a hard slap on the face. The slap doesn’t mean that life is not being fair to you,  its a reminder that you to pick up your groove and set your it back in motion irrespective of all sorts of ups and downs. Keeping spirits high and morals uplifted is the only way to beat the adversities. I have done it and probably you must have had a chance to conquer it as well.

We all are blessed in one way or other. This is what I am trying to learn each and every passing moment of my life. Seeking what we lack is the way of life and not forgetting what we already have makes it all the more worth living and enjoyable. I had an epiphany few years ago and I guess I need another one as the previous one is seemingly fading out. Epiphany moment gave mean an insight to stretch my patience and to test it beyond the current limit at that time.I did that and trust me when I say besides initial few days of inner hue and cry it did transition into a miracle. For which I am always thankful to my innerself.


So life be there, shelter everyone,  shower your love, bless all with opportunities and don’t let any adversities to step in.


Comments on: "Just a note of thanks!" (5)

  1. is this post a genesis of your next blockbuster?
    mera role abhi se fix kar do! ;P

  2. No its not .. its a random post.. But will share definitely share the genesis of m new block buster. I have been working on it . i am done writing 12000 words and need to write 40000 more words.. 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by though.

    • 12+40=52!!!
      52000 words!!!!!!!!!!
      my god i cant speak that many words in a movie even if it is sure shot blockbuster
      create a role of a dumb and give it to me but the condition is that the tip i get in the movie will not be set off against my fees for the role in the movie 😛

      • Very funny ..
        Don’t worry will find a suitable role for ya :))
        Btw you not active in blogosphere anymore???

  3. A Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your family, Aditi. May the new year for you be filled with wondrous moments and things. 🙂

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