My random MUSINGS, tonnes of SMILES, brilliant THOUGHTS, vibrant COLORS and lots of STYLE.

I am glad that I was able to go with my resolutions for the second day as well. It is better to take one day at a time.

Yesterday having 7 glasses of water was kind of torture. lols  🙂 Though I feel it was a good start but requires improvements.

Today was fine. I only had 4 glasses of water, keeping my fingers crossed that before hitting bed tonight I will be able to had atleast 3 more.  Oh the best part was when I played couple of memory games I got to know that memory is better than an average person. Haha now I don’t know how much of this is true, but I feel superb.

Finally got a chance to set up my Wii. Oh and what an amazing experience it was. I am not a video game buff but I simply love to play video games.  My Xbox was fun but I am sure i will be addicted to Wii. Ah cant wait for tomorrow when I will start with Wii Fit. Had so much fun experimenting with Mii Avatars. They were hilarious. Most hilarious part was when I actually tripped off the Wii fit’s board while I was doing a balancing act ..  lols

I still have to write details in my journal. 🙂 Aha no escaping .

I am so glad that I have some resolutions this year, probably they will make up for 2008 as well.  Oh and I did learn a new word today : Myrmidons” : which means “A Royal Follower”

Happy I was , when I was playing Super Mario but optimistic… hmmm ????

That is it for today.


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