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Jan 7th: Love :)

What is love?

Many writers, artists,  poets and even scientists had already tried to define LOVE.

Some describe it as “Hormones going crazy” ..  some says  “it’s nothing but extreme emotions and feelings”.. and for some people ” it is literally nothing”. Well I guess it’s definition varies from person to person. Those who have already experienced it and felt it has a totally different outlook as compared to those who have yet to live it.

Love can be easily defined by water’s chemical formula. 🙂 Water is H2O and  Love is also H2O for me: it is 2 parts heart and one part obsession.

Love for me is when two lovers share something heart to heart.  When this heart to heart chitchat is blended with special feelings and a little essence of romance, whatever is the result of this amazing blend, that is Love. At times love for me is when I see golden sun trying to just slightly touch the skin of the ocean and the way ocean blushes it’s simply mesmerizing. I can sit at waterside for hours and simply feel the love in the air. Misty air and barely there breeze makes it all the more fascinating.

Love is what makes life simple and worth living. A life without love is like food without any salt and flavor. If you are hungry you will eat it but you will not relish it. Love is the most important condiment in the life. So keep your heart open, be receptive to the feelings and emotions which will be accompanied with love. Share it with some one special and treasure it throughout your existence.

My whole sole reason for writing this tiny post on love is simply to remind myself and others about the importance of love in our lives. At times we tend to get so busy in our day to day routine that we just dont have enough time to share something sweet and nice. Well I just shared my 2 cents with you and looking forward to your views:)

Until then stay happy and let love engulf you.

Asta la vista. 🙂


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