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Today is 11th and I missed two days of writing.  By the end of each day I did have an urge to write but frankly either was too tired or was too late to start writing.

But well resolutions doesn’t allow me to hold onto excuses so I promised myself to cover the last two days. That means I need to write 3 posts including one for today as well. Phew…..

Morning of saturday was no fun, woke up with a cold . I never had cold for such a long stretch in last 7 years. Though I used to have allergies when I was in India but since the day I moved here never had that problem.

But this cold brought back old memories when I used to get cold from literally anything: perfumes,  dust, cold weather etc etc etc. Once I sneezed 32 times at a stretch (not exaggerating 🙂 my lil brother did the counting :P) one after another. Now that was so exhausting ..  😛

And other time there was a lecture going on in the class and it was pin drop silence. Well my allergies saw an opportunity and they hit me hard. I sneezed and very politely murmured “Excuse me”. As soon as I said it there came another sneeze and once again another “Excuse me”….  well well well …  that was just the beginning I actually left the class after some 8-9 sneezes and excuse mes. I literally ran out of the class and as soon as I stepped out there it was another sneeze and a whole lot of laughter.

Well sorry about such a sneezy post ..  but hey .. “God Bless You!!” :):)


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