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Jan 11th: My quirkiness

I have always loved writing. I never bothered if it made any sense or not but simply loved pouring my thoughts down on a piece of paper. Well these days its not a piece of paper but a blog.

According to my this year’s resolution I will write a blog everyday but my other resolution is that by the end of the day I need to jot down everything down in my journal as well.  Every time  I start writing journal I feel like as if I have again found the long lost love of my life

Nothing can replace writing with a pen on a piece of paper. Typing on laptop lacks the feeling of touch and artistry. When I am typing I am only thinking about recording whatever is in my thoughts at that particular moment. It definitely lacks that feeling and emotion which I get when I actually hold a pen in my fingers & write something down.

Before I start writing, the first thing that I need is a decent pen with black ink.  Throughout my student life,  since the day we as kids got permission from our school teachers to use pen to write in the notebook, my favorite was black ink. I have always felt that black ink has an elegance and gracefulness. Someday soon I will buy a Mont Blanc pen, nothing beats Mont Blanc’s writing instruments. They are the best. 🙂

Besides black ink I need a gorgeous journal which has thick pages. If a page is thin, ink will bleed out and I can’t tolerate that.  I just cant write in between lines therefore another journal necessity is it shouldn’t be lined and there should be no margins.

Once I have both:  a plain paper and a black ink,  I automatically end up writing something down. While I am writing the main thing going on in my mind is to keep the flow of writing and handwriting.  After writing some 10 pages I always go back and flip through them to see how they look. If they were neat enough,  if there was a consistency and if they look beautiful. That’s that.

Strange quirkiness right 🙂 ?

Plain white paper and black ink is all I need.


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