My random MUSINGS, tonnes of SMILES, brilliant THOUGHTS, vibrant COLORS and lots of STYLE.

Story of my life is, I shop and shop and shop and then shop some more.  I take a look at my closet and see its all stuffed up with variety of apparels and accessories.

But I don’t understand why whenever I need to go out somewhere I don’t find anything good enough to wear.  Either all the clothes are too formal or they are too casual. When it is time to attend a casual or a formal event I find all of my clothes too bland. I have no clue why that happens.

Closets full of stuff and yet nothing to wear.  I guess its not just me, my friends and my cousins also have the same problem. We shop and shop and still when its time to wear something we always feel that we need more stuff. Is it because we are insanely addicted to shopping  or we want a new dress at every other outing.

Until recently I have never repeated a dress in any party or event in last 7 years,  well all thanks to some strategical thinking and over active aesthetic sense. I know how sad I was when I was literally unable to find anything to wear at a party,  resulting in repetetion of a dress. I need to move on but I am so hung up on this that I ended up writing about it.

May God bless all girls and shower us with lots of gorgeous dresses, skirts , tops , denims and accessories.  :):):)



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