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All those quotes about life are so corny. Earlier they were limited to some random email forwards but lately I get to see them everywhere, be it Facebook status updates or tweets. Alright I will lie if I will say that I never retweeted them or forwarded them.

But till date I am never comfortable in writing big things about life and the way it shapes up every day. The reason behind this could be that I was never a planner. I take life as it comes though I have to admit that it gets really tough when tomorrow strikes hard. Now that is because I am not prepared I at times end up losing something in the process. I know I regret the loss but then I move on.

For me tomorrow is a myth and yesterday was history. Today is what I live in. My friends at times don’t share the same sentiment which is totally agreeable but when I see them appreciating the fact that I am so spontaneous, I can easily catch that little hint of jealousy. I try to make my today a fun place to be in.  Majority of times it works but sometimes it never works no matter how I hard I try and that’s when life transitions into a zip lining rope and I feel like hanging right in the middle, can’t go back and can’t move ahead. Ah!! Who cares? I try and move on.

I don’t think I will ever be able to change my way of thinking. If it didn’t happen till then I don’t see it happening any time soon or not in this lifetime. I guess I am made like this and I don’t regret it.

Whatever I have written in above lines is only applicable in my personal life as when it comes to my professional zone I am a big planner. You will end up seeing a neatly written plan for the project highlighting the tiniest detail possible.

That’s that. See you tomorrow or not 🙂


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  1. hell yeah!! i can not live w/o a plan. i always need a plan…but then i keep changing it all the time and i don’t know how often i ve changed stuff….but stil i always need a plan 😦 but am not jealous…like you mentioned frenz can be jealous… 🙂 its like to each her own…

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