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Malcolm in the middle.
I have seen almost all of the episodes of the series, but I still have enough patience left to watch it time and again .

It is a story of a family surviving their own ups and downs: Mom, Dad and their 5 Sons. Yes! you read it right 5 .

Imagine the plight of the mom who runs after all of the guys whole day while maintaining her grocery store job and running errands. I feel bad for the lady but it is such a great stress buster.

Son # 1: 20 something, Irresponsible and always asking for money

Son # 2: One word : Stupid

Son # 3: Super Duper intelligent with an IQ of infinity

Son # 4: Dominated by elder brothers and confused

Son # 5: Almost a newly born.

Their day to day activities, Sons’ stupid behaviors, Dad’s lack of responsibility and a love stricken neighbor who dreams of being with Mom some day makes the show amazing.

Hilarious all the way! 🙂


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