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An hour to live…

Yesterday, after I got a suggestion from Dailypost to write about “If you only had an hour to live, what will you do with those 60 minutes?“, I thought to write about it. But as I was about to pen it down, I had a heart wrenching feeling. Immediately I realized it is not one of those simple and mundane topics,  but in process I will be  exposing myself to lots of thoughts and emotions.

Mere feeling of knowing that you are about to die the very next hour, breaks your heart. Now I know I might be overreacting but when you know you are about to leave your life and loved ones behind,  it is not simple to wrap up everything in only 60 minutes.

“In my last 60 minutes, I will spend my time with my family and loved ones by my side. I’ll let my friends know how special they had been. Then I will definitely prefer to die dancing and partying in their company”  (This is one option) .

Second option: I will bid farewell to all of my loved ones and treasured relations (I definitely can’t see any of them in pain & tears ) and I will go to someplace where no one knows me and die there (of course after making arrangements for my last rites)

I was unable to come to a conclusion. Thinking that either I will be scolded badly or I will get to know what will my friends do, I posted the topic on my Facebook  page (with hesitation). I have to admit that I was in for a surprise when I got to read the responses. Some of the answers were simply brilliant and portrayed the feeling of “Living life to its fullest” … (and oh I did have to bear the wrath of couple of friends)

Check out the answers I got:

Thanks to all of my friends who replied back.




Comments on: "An hour to live…" (13)

  1. Just now, read all these comments & yes, all these comments did make me cryy and even, after 5 mins, hard to stop the outflow of tears. . #NOSTALGIA …. Also, reminded me of #GUZAARISH , the awesome movie that I saw thrice in 3 different countries . . . . . .

    Well, personally, if I got one hour, firstly, would thank my family esp my mom & dad & sister, its coz of dem dat I could achieve all this in 26 summers of my life, what others can’t achieve in 260years..

    Then, would surely thank the person, coz of whom, I got the motive to fight against RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA .. I’v already dedicated 2 years of my life to help people (who cant see dis beautiful world) to see and enjoy Gods every single beautiful creation. . . . Unfortunately, that person coz of whom, I got this motivation to work & make a difference is no longer in contact with me {for unknown reasons} 😦 , but, if I get one hour, I’d surely, thank that person & may be, will ask the reason for not being in touch ??

    Obviously, all my organs are already donated.. I’d do my best to find the most deserving person who needs these organs especially my eyes, heart. . .

    In the last 2 mins, would love to thank God for bringing me here & gvng me so much courage, that I tried to do good for every one whom ever I met or who so ever, deserved, even at the cost of my career, time, money, efforts …

    Last, but not the least, would thank God for gvng me birth to the worlds greatest & best-est mom & dad, who always support me in all my missions & taught me the importance of moral values !!!

    • I just reread your comment once again. Hats off to you for thinking about others to such a great extent. No good deed goes waste, so please keep up the good work, stay connected and keep us posted. 🙂

  2. Interesting topic and difficult to imagine what I would do…hope that when my last hour comes, I won’t know it’s the last one!

    • You are so right. I hope for the same but i know if i will have even 1 min before everything ends i wil be wishing for just 1 more. Can never get enough of all the people i have in my life. 😦

  3. Which comment did you like the most and which one was the most touching?

    I liked Pankaj Bakshi’s!

    • Vrij, thanks for dropping by and now please stay connected. Umm, if i have to pick the most touching comment that would be Gunjan Malhotra’s and yes my favorite would be Pankaj’s and Gaurav’s 🙂

  4. Jyoti Singla said:

    Nice topic it is!
    I think it is difficult for me to imagine what I would do – in last hour of my life.

  5. I came to your blog from daily post. Nice. I happened to write what people from different background might do. Take a look 🙂

    • I am now a fan of your blog. You will have to tolerate my presence every now and then 😀 . Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  6. So, looks like you always have a couple of options, and cannot settle for one… 😛

    And among the responses from your friends, the candid response from GM who is careful enough to remember the jewelery she possesses… 🙂 But she’s frank, I like that. 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Well , In this case I had other options as well. but i picked the 2 that appealed the most .

      Yes, GM, She definitely gave a frank reply and i understand why she wrote about each and everything in detail, she had to face some tragedy .. and i guess tragedies make a person extra careful .

      Anyway thanks for visiting 🙂 Stay connected.

  7. Nice Write Up Aditi.. Who have way to go and you write awesome thoughts .. keep up the good work please..

    But more than you .. I guess Vibhu should now move from Comments section to writing his own blog may be.. He’s a Graduate for Blogging now.. 🙂 Nice words and should now take up writing if in case he hasn’t.. i don’t wanna read him in comments.. instead see him blog.. 🙂

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