My random MUSINGS, tonnes of SMILES, brilliant THOUGHTS, vibrant COLORS and lots of STYLE.

Dailypost , I am loving all the topic suggestions. I have to admit that I was not going to blog everyday of 2011 (something that I decided to do in 2010, after i watched “Julia & Julia” and it failed after a month). But all the topics you are suggesting are so darn good that I can’t hold back the urge of penning down my thoughts. Thanks for that!

Alright, now-

I had been blogging for almost 4 years now. I just ransacked my thoughts to find the reason behind it. I will say that I started writing because at that time my mind was overwhelmed with lots of thoughts. There were (still are) so many thoughts that writing them down was the only way out. Writing a journal was always one of my favorite pass time and this one day I thought why not share what I write, with everyone out there. They might read it and may be even reply back with comments,Β  suggestions ideas and what not.

I share whatever I want to on this blog, starting from poetry,Β  random thoughts,Β  paintings and aphorisms. Twilightreadings was my very first exposure to WordPress and now I have 2 other blogs and a new blog that might be pushed live soon.

I have to admit, that it has been super fun. I made some really good friends during the whole writing, reading and commenting journey. I discovered WordPress in July of 2008 and I am so glad that I opted it as a medium to share the random musings. All the flexibility and options made me fall in love with it.

Riding an endless roller coaster!

πŸ™‚ A


Comments on: "I am so glad I started this…" (10)

  1. I came here from Daily Post. I, too, am having fun and really glad I chose WordPress. Here’s to more fun rides on the roller-coaster for you! πŸ™‚

  2. I share your feelings about the daily blogging – I’m glad I jumped in and made the commitment to write daily. This will be a busy year for us and I’m using it as a journal of our activities and to keep distant family and friends informed.

    • Wow Donna, I am glad that your family members stay updated with your blog. Mine are just too busy .. lol. Coming to your page now πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so glad I started this too!!! I’ve had my site for over a year but got to a point about 6 months ago where I’d only post occasionally. PostADay is quickly turning into a fun experience of sharing and meeting interesting bloggers out here in the big wide web world! Thanks for sharing your designs!!!!

    • You are so right. I guess it was a jump start , which we all needed πŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting. Stay connected πŸ™‚

  4. “post a day” has given a push to all. With Interesting topics, mind is put to exercise. And as Grading girl said, it gives a window to new blogs
    cheers, keep blogging

  5. I really admire all of you who took the postaday challenge! I think I couldn’t do it – so I’ll try the PostAWeek type…I’ve only started blogging in Nov ’10, so I’m quite new in the business and still learning. The WP-challenge is a great opportunity to learn from others and be encouraged, I like it! For me it’s also a way of practising my English. I’m German and I lived in Australia for 7 years – loved it! – I hope people understand what I’m saying ;-).
    Good luck for you, Aditi!
    See you from time to time,

    • Uta, Thanks for visiting.
      Dont worry, if you cants tick to post a day, as i know it gets difficult at times . This was my last year’s resolution and i alienated my blog by the time it was Feb.
      So as long as you are connected to blogging world, i works
      See you soon

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