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Time Machine anyone?

Dailypost ‘s topic # 15 —–>  “If you had a time machine that only let you spend one hour in a different time, what date would you go to? ”

I have been craving for a Time Machine for quite some time now. I have tweeted about it , asking if someone has one and I have super bugged my friends about it on Facebook as well. Alas! Never ever got a positive reply 😦 (:P).

There are so many dates that I would like to visit in my past therefore it is really difficult for me to pick one. (I hope that in my coming future as well, I will be able to write such a sentence :)… Touché)

If I have to pick one, I will pick 29th Nov 2002.

That was the day when I agreed to get married. I turned 22 in September and by second week of December I was married.  I don’t regret it, but I regret getting married so early. If given a time slot of 1 hour with time machine, I will take it back to that very moment and change my decision: to getting married after sometime ( to the same person 🙂 ).

But , as William Shakespeare said:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts..

I guess I am playing my part. :). So, Umm, okay I will not take it back to year 2002.


I will take it to a certain date 😀 . Details about that will not be disclosed  .. hihi. Too special to share.




Comments on: "Time Machine anyone?" (11)

  1. A great post, Aditi. I really like that shakespeare quote. I’ve heard it several times before but it always resonates with me.

    You raise points about some fears of my own, and they are not so much settiling down early, but realising how quickly things can change, and how drastically they can change in something as short as a heartbeat.

    I think the time-travel debate is always thought-provoking for one sole reason. Do you go back to relive, or do you go back to change.

  2. Daniel, Thanks for visiting 🙂

    Actually while writing. i had couple of dates in my mind..

    I mentioned one in brief. Second date about which i didn’t write is the date i would love to relive again and again.

    So yes, I will say , Even i could not figure out which one to pick, One that i want to change or the other that i wanna relive.

    I am so relieved we don’t have a time machine, as i would have needed an unlimited period of time with it 🙂 One hour is not just sufficient

    • At the expense of being ‘that person’ but what about the theory that if we time travel and we change things in the past, no matter how small they can drastic ramifications in present time.

  3. Very interesting! While you regret getting married so young, you wouldn’t go back and change things – must have been the right choice! I honestly would not go back and change one single thing, though I do have regrets.

    • Donna, I think at one point or other, even though we want to pay a visit to our past, but we are still afraid to change things. Uncertainties of life can never be understood .. that could be one reason.
      But regrets , regrets make us more stronger and tells us to not repeat the same mistake .. Right?

  4. No. You should not confuse the time machine. Choose one date and time at any given point of time 😛

    Ill tell you a secret: People who were married early, wished that they were married late. And people who were married late, wished that they were married early 😀

    There are no exits and entrances, just eternal circles. 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Hehe , i like your secret. I am so digging it right now 🙂

      Alright i see that you don’t like my having a back option in almost all the scenarios, therefore, just to let you know i pick that date about which i didn’t write 🙂


      • No, you can have options, its good to have options that one can choose from… but in a no-time-machine world, we get only one chance to decide. Which, doesn’t turn out fun all the time 🙂

        Destination Infinity

  5. I would change one event in my life…a surgery that left me disfigured. I would have chosen a different surgeon. But since that is not possible, I’ll use my experience to help others and live each day with a positive, “can-do” attitude. And live life to the fullest!

    • Oh, I can understand your feeling.
      I really value those who move on from the lows in life, pick themselves up and shoot for the stars. I really appreciate your zest and zeal.
      Hats off to you!

  6. […] I wrote a post on same lines back in August of 2008 .. check that out. I so badly wish to have that “Time Machine” right now .. but to visit my family not to go back in time. My last visit was in March of 2010, its […]

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