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Nostalgic once again…

What forced me to write this post is : “Today’s beautiful evening”.

It is supposed to be winter here in San Diego, but today mercury reached 26C , which lead to a beautiful weather. Sun was out  throughout the day, with a light breeze. Loved the morning but I was in for a surprise by the time it was evening.

Gorgeous sunset! I wish I would have captured it’s beauty,  but missed it. Hope to get the same gorgeous sunset tomorrow and then I will definitely share the shot.

Anyway,  the main reason for today’s post is not the sunset but the memories that it brought.

I have spent my whole life in India before I moved to USA almost 8 years ago  and since then I am craving to go back. I used to love the months of October and November when I was there. Those two months are best to visit India (if anyone is wondering). Lots of festivals make it very colorful and lifts the spirit. You will get to see smile on everyone’s face, retailers offering super deals and houses glittering with colorful lights, in brief a beautiful time.The weather is next to perfect  as by that time summer is bidding farewell and winter is right around the corner (not too hot and not too cold) .

Evening brought back memories of time spent in India. I am now missing my family. I wrote a post on same lines back in August of 2008 .. check that out. I so badly wish to have that “Time Machine” right now .. but to visit my family not to go back in time. My last visit was in March of 2010, its time to plan another visit.

I am having mixed feelings right now… happy but a little sad too.




Comments on: "Nostalgic once again…" (2)

  1. Sorry for missing your family and hope you plan that trip soon … almost a year since you last visited. Think happy thoughts as you witness another beautiful sunset and send the photo to your family 🙂

  2. Very-2 #NOSTALGIC indeed :)…

    I can understand & vouch every word of this #NOSTALGIC post…

    Even, my elder sister has been away for the last 6 years now & even , she goes through the same…

    and your blog of 8th August, 2008 was an absolute master-piece :)…I’m putting it in ‘Must Read’ list every where 🙂

    I particularly liked the stuff about Laziness , meddling in others’ business , Liking the self-made food and Valuing your parents, siblings more than ever before :)))

    These are the exact wordings of even my sister :))

    Well done and May God bless u (GBU) and Hope, u come to #INDIA soon :))… TC !!!!!!!!

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