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A teaser (reblogged)

I am working on some short stories and a novel for quite sometime now. Hopefully one day I will get to say that I am a published writer (officially). I posted this teaser a year ago and in the amidst of all  the other things, I totally forgot about this story. After I read it again today, a sudden urge to complete this story engulfed me (keeping my fingers crossed). So here is the text from the original post:

“He is the one. I knew it the moment I set my eyes on him. His charm was trying to sweep me off my feet and his aura was engulfing my heart gradually. With steady pace and a gorgeous smile on his face he was coming towards the window where I was sitting. For a moment my heart stopped, the cafe swirled and the fork fell from my hand.  We were separated by a huge thick glass window but I could still feel his warmth. With his each and every step towards the cafe,  my soul  ached and my fingers tingled. They wanted to touch him and feel his strong jaw bones. His dark hairs were swaying under the light breeze and his smile was sending shivers down my spine. I was seeing him after a year,  his absence made me realize what my heart had been trying to tell me all along.

He was my friend,  I knew him well but today he was a stranger. A stranger not because I was seeing him after such a long time but because the separation of such a long time made me realize that there is lot  to be discovered and shared with him. He became my world,  I was craving for his charming smile and those three words which I was dying to hear. How will he say it, will he smile while expressing his love,  will he kiss me, will he……….. “

Surprisingly after reading my original post, I realized that my mind on that day was blank and  couple of days ago as well it was blank. One thing that I love when my “MIND IS BLANK” is I always end up writing something amazing and something that I absolutely love in that blank state. Above mentioned lines are so close to my heart as well as my post titled “No Words Today” .

So looks like, my blank mind works too and I should trust it.



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