My random MUSINGS, tonnes of SMILES, brilliant THOUGHTS, vibrant COLORS and lots of STYLE.

Ah I am half asleep right now so please bear with me.

Last night we had to take one of our friends for an emergency checkup around midnight and ended up waiting for 3 hours. BTW, My friend she just had a baby last week and both of them are doing good and the baby is super cute. 🙂

Where was I ? Oh yea I was cribbing I guess. So I slept around 3:15 last night and then had to go to my oil painting class  today morning. Reached 10 minutes late. Instructor first shows us what to do, how to do everything and then we start with our paintings. So she was showing the techniques and there I was ready to drop down on the floor.  I always keep minty candies with me so I grabbed one and thankfully it kept me awake.

It was time to work on our paintings, and I was literally scared to add colors to it as I was not confident that how the painting will turn out to be. Anyway, Holly (teacher) she asked me not to be scared and just go with the flow. I started adding colors and I totally lost myself in it. Time just flew by and sleep just faded away.

And I am sleepy since I got home ..  That is it for today .

(sorry for the crappy post)



Comments on: "Sleepy… sleep… sl… zzzzzzz" (2)

  1. Hope everyone is well and rested!
    Debbie 🙂

  2. Debbie, Yes I am doing good now but they admitted my friend and will keep her there for couple of days . Otherwise she is fine 🙂

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