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Coffee Anyone? :)

I love Starbucks’ Coffee. Over the period of years, I have tried almost everything they have in their Menu.

My Favorites are: Cappuccino , Frappucino and Java Lite  Oh and I love their Cakes. There is Starbucks at Barnes & noble (near my place) and their Desserts are simply awesome and different from all other centers.  They include desserts like Cheesecake, Lemon bars, Raspberry Bars etc ( Slurp.. slurp hihi… giggles)

I recently bought Starbucks Reward Card . I should have bought it when they introduced the program. Anyway, better late than never. If you are fan like I am then you have got to buy that card. Their Reward program is good (not awesome but good):

  • You can keep tabs on your transactions
  • Check /reload your card online /in store
  • Buy the ones that they have in store or customize your own for extra 4$
  • You can also download the Starbucks App on your phone (it may come handy if you forget your card at home)
  • Once you are at Gold Level ( minimum of 30 stars) you get to have free drinks and etc stuff

I just reached Green level – 5 stars (i will get a free drink on my birthday i:e after 8 months. Ah! who cares, by that time I will be at Gold level) . 😀

I was just curious, if someone has tried their coffee with Soy Milk? Is there a taste difference? I have never had any of their coffees with soy and I am a little chicken to try it out so if someone can give me feedback, it will be awesome 🙂 .

While writing this post, I was sipping my tall, coffee flavored, lite ice and no whip cream Frappucino and relishing their Lemon Cake. Whats your favorite?


PS: There is a link hidden in this blog, which will take you to Starbucks Secret Recipe page. Look for it and then let me know if you find it 😉


Comments on: "Coffee Anyone? :)" (9)

  1. Starbucks! You get a decent size mug there too. I don’t go much, but when I do, I really enjoy it. I remember on holiday in NYC yonks ago, starbucks was a whole new experience. It reminded me of that scene from You’ve Got Mail where Tom Hanks is talking about the coffee choices.

    P.S. I found the hidden link.

    • Aha, That movie was beautiful .. Must watch for hard core romantics out there .. giggle 🙂
      Hehe, Good job (though it wasn’t that difficult lol) \*_*/

  2. I have to admit, I like Starbucks. Over the years, I seem to have developed a habit of buying their mugs–they have some really cute designs, and they come in handy when you live in a country full of too-small coffee cups (Japan). And their coffee is very reliable, as are their chai tea lattes (which can be surprisingly bad at some places). But as a native Seattleite, it’s a bit difficult to say these things, since a) we’re such a bunch of coffee elitists and b) Starbucks has put so much pressure on the business of our beloved tiny independent coffee houses. They even bought up Seattle’s Best, their one-time rival, though they still operate that business separately. When there’s a Starbucks literally every 2 blocks, it becomes very uncool. 🙂

    But I live in Japan now, and coffee shops are few and far between, so Starbucks is currently my savior. 😉

    • OOOO so you are transitioned into a Tea girl in Japan :D. Is it exciting over there?

      • Yeah, it’s great! I live in the Tokyo area, so there’s always lots to see and do. And in general, there are lots of cute cafes and places to hang out, but my specific neighborhood is a bit lacking. 🙂

        Love the blog–keep up the good work!

  3. last_lines said:

    Great post….Caramel Macchiato is my fav. (I found the secret recipe link)

  4. I have to admit, I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve bought anything at Starbucks…just not a huge coffee drinker, I guess. I do find it amazing that there are so many different ways to make a cup of coffee!!

  5. Oh boy, so you’re a Starbucks freak too??! There’re zillions of us here on planet earth. lols! Yeah, love cappuccino too. 🙂

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