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Wanna see my dream?

I get at least 4-5 dreams in one night. Thankfully most of them are either neutral or nice leaving aside 10 -15% of nightmares. When I get up in morning, I always end up remembering at least 1 of all those dreams. Many a times I think I should start writing about them. I might actually ..

There are a couple of dreams that I have been seeing since last 9-10 years now and I absolutely have no clue why or what does it symbolize.

This post is about one of those dreams.  Check out the below sketches, I tried to make them as close to my dream as possible. Hopefully you can visualize it the way I see it.

1)  Whenever I see that dream, first thing that comes in picture is an angled view of a staircase : (try to imagine these angles lines as solid wall)

2)  Then I see myself climbing that huge staircase.  Now I have no idea where these stairs are taking me or whats at the end of it. As I start to climb, couple of doors towards the left of staircase, starts to appear.

3) Once I am all the way up there I start walking toward left not right (I absolutely have no idea why). Trust me when I say this, even though I know it’s all a dream, but still I kind of force myself to go right rather than left but I guess it doesn’t work that way. Towards right there is a long and narrow hallway and there is no end to it. There are lots and lots of doors on both ride and left side of the hallway.

4) Then I feel that I start to walk towards the darkness at the end of the hallway,  but before I could reach anywhere I turn left and I open a door.


5) Whats behind that door I have no idea as the dream stops there. That is why I could not draw anything for that part.  I don’t remember why or when did i start having this dream , but I do remember initially I used to get scared whenever the dream popped up in my sleep but not anymore.  I think my sleep and mind,  both are tuned to it now. It doesn’t scare me anymore.

Because of all of my dreams I bought a Dream encyclopedia just so that I can infer something from it.

So this was one of those 2 dreams that I have seen zillion of times. I can’t sketch my second dream cause I can only feel it. I will share that dream in another blog post. Meanwhile, do you have any recurring dream? Please share if you can and if you want to .



Comments on: "Wanna see my dream?" (9)

  1. Aaaha, sounds like “Raaz Pichley Janam ka” ;).

    Seems like you are in your 2nd level of dream, go one level down, you will know the connection :D, “Inception” style. 😉

    Just kidding, Interesting post though, now even I am trying to think is there in recurring dream!!

    • LOL SK,

      You have no idea, how badly I wanna explore the whole thing behind this dream. I have tried and tried to to at least open another door, or open a door on the right hand side but nope its exactly same every time .

      Whats this “raaz pichle janam ka? ”
      So did you figure out your recurring dream?

      • Ohh that’s a reality series here in India. So random people (n sometime celebrities) comes and talk about there current fear, or something or something and a lady takes them back in their past life to figure out the connection… 😛

        I am telling you, your subconscious mind is restricting you from changing your projection, you need a new architect. or tell your subconsciousness to take a break and allow you to explore the place, may be some secrets will be reveled. (speak in inception style 😉 )

        I to leave in my dream world only, so most of my dreams are recurring ones :), like a true Piscean 😉

  2. I’ve started drawing my dreams out too. Anything that seems to stick after a few minutes i draw out just so i i have a record of it incase it comes back again. Sometimes writing or drawing the dream out lets it leave the mind and move on.

    • You are right but mine is sticking . Hey I will love to see your dream sketches .. post them or head me to the link if in case they are online . 🙂
      Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hey

    NIce sketches. Also good post, I too have a post on the same topic but didnt think of sketching them out . Good job !!

  4. If you have ever had a lucid dream the chances are high that you are going to want to have lucid dreams. Lucid dreams for those who havent heard of them before are those dreams you have in which you know that you are dreaming. Many people find that they can go back to their lucid dreams if they wake up from them in the middle of the night.

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