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No post today :(

My lovely blogging friends

I guess I wont be posting any thing for couple of days including today :(. Writing daily has become a hobby, I will say a self-inflicted hobby :).  Ah, but as long as I am sticking to it and hope to complete the mission, I will keep on working on it .

My reason for not writing is I came down with Flu (at least I think so, as symptoms are same as that of flu but my Doc said it is not and the flu sample came out negative) . Anyway, I will not bore you with my those details , so moving on.

Umm, cool this message is taking a shape of blog post, wow,  never knew it was that easy. EPIPHANY! 🙂

Honestly, If I don’t write one day, I get that guilt feeling of alienating my page and my blogging buddies, who have been super awesome for taking out time and leaving their words of wisdom at my page.

I am sorry in advance if you don’t see my visits on your page. But please stay connected. Keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow as well I will end up writing something

A-( / A-) (don’t know yet)

PS: please ignore all typos and grammar . Thanks.


Comments on: "No post today :(" (6)

  1. Feel better soon, we are all gonna be out here.x

  2. A flu-like non-flu? Mysterious. Get well quickly.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! As a Jewish mother, it is my duty to tell you to eat some chicken soup ( have someone bring it to you; I would if I could!), drink lots of fluids, Tylenol for fever and aches, and rest, rest, rest! 

    • Thank you Jennifer. You are so sweet and I can judge by your comment that you are an extremely caring person.
      Yes taking rest and fluids too .
      Hugss (once i am done with all the symptoms not right now :D)

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