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Oil painting continued

Finally I don’t have any fever and thankfully no extreme sore throat only a killer cold.  Darn it 😦

I do feel a lot of weakness,  thats the only reason I am unable to devote a lot of time on my and as well as my other blogging friends’ posts.

As I am too exhausted to type in details I thought why not share the progress on my oil painting


For new visitors who have no idea what I am trying to paint , check out the original paintingt : My first oil painting

Tomorrow is Sunday and I will be uploading a sketch and on Monday a fun facts post.



Comments on: "Oil painting continued" (10)

  1. Your oil painting is looking fabulous! Nice progress! I hope you get well soon 😮

  2. Hey Nice One, and get well soon.. 🙂

  3. This is an amazing project – I admire your talent! And get well soon, Aditi!
    Have a nice Sunday, Uta

  4. Nice! The colors pull you in. Hope you are feeling better real soon.
    Debbie 🙂

  5. SK, Uta and Debbie, Thank you so much for nice wishes and i will keep you posted on it’s progress 🙂

  6. The picture looks great so far, looking forward to seeing the finished result. Feel better soon. M

  7. last_lines said:

    Excellent progress Twin!
    Loving the contrast in colours.

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