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Did I tell you I am planning to buy a new phone. I had been a hardcore fan of Nokia till my last experience   A whole decade was dedicated to only Symbian but its time to move on. Last year in October, I bought this awesome Nokia Phone. They launched it around September 2010. I have to admit I LOVED that phone.

Phone was  :Silver Nokia N8 (brief description)

  • Gorgeous colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Silver and black.
  • Best Hardware
  • AWESOME 12 mp camera. (I have yet to see a phone with such a an AWESOME CAMERA). I remember clicking photographs in darkness and they looked great with vibrant colors, as good as a digital camera.

Well, I was left with a sour taste when my phone  started to restart on its own, randomly. I kept it for almost a month before returning it (got the full refund back, within in couple of days from Amazon). I knew it had some issues, so I thought to wait for the new batch. Then, I bought a second N8 in Orange color, but that phone changed that sour taste to a bitter experience. I had to return it just within 5 days as it died on me. No matter what I did, I could not turn it on. I am sure not all the pieces are that faulty as my brother owns the same phone and he didn’t see any of the problems that I faced.

I had been a loyal fan of Nokia products. Since my very first phone in 2001, I have relied on Nokia with my ears and eyes closed. And I never ever had any complaints, all phones turned out to be great. (I am sad that I have to move on now)

It is not turning out to be an easy change for me,  as I am planning to move on to Android. Dell just introduced a new phone DELL VENUE.

Check out the reviews, so far they are good. Once I get it, I will share my feedback with you.

Keeping my fingers crossed.



Comments on: "Hello Android, bye bye Symbian." (4)

  1. Nokia has only themselves to blame for the decline in their market share…. They were rigid with Symbian and now are forced to kill it. Hope the tie up with MS helps them come back in the market, they need some solid platform now. I too have been a nokia Fan, but not any more… though they still might have the best hardware, they lack on the platform side…..

    Congrats on ur new phone, time for u to explore various applications… may be u can start with the Angry birds 😉 [every 2nd person i meet, have that app]

    • Yep you are right!
      I havent bought the new phone as of yet , will order it next week. BTW, I have iPhone, so i am done with LITERALLY all the levels of Angry birds. Now whenever i get bored, i start to play again and try to change the levels with 1/2 stars to 3 stars . 🙂

  2. Diti,

    Old is not always gold. Ab samajh me aaya mujhe why u asked me if I bought N8. 😛 😛

    Nokia sucks big time when it comes to High End devices. They are not ready to take risks with new ideas… I worked there and I know how stringent the higher level management had been… and all the employees are so unhappy about it….

    and its not about symbian or ms… its about the thought process… and with a CEO from US.. things got worse and not better…

    fingers crossed… hope the tide turns… lets see…

    Well personally Android is a good choice… U may also wanna check Sony Xperia… its has also got good review… just the camera is 8mpx. check it out.


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