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Nail polish: Fun Facts #3

We girls love to get our nails done.  This is my second post dedicated to nail polish.  My first post was “What sort of a girl you are?” That post was very girly but this one, trust me even guys can find it interesting. Come on, its fun to get to know funny things about random stuff. It sure increases our knowledge, Right? 😀

  • During the Ming Dynasty, polish was made from a combination of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes and Arabic gum. The polish we use today can give its thanks to the car industry. Today’s polish is a refined version of car paint.
  • Nail Polish as we know it today was invented about 5000 years ago by the Chinese with the favored colors being red and black.
  • Polish has a shelf life of about two years especially if stored properly.
  • Colored nail polishes were invented in the 1920s and the first nail polish was launched by Revlon.
  • To preserve nail polish for longer periods of time, keep it in the fridge. Also, avoid leaving the bottle open because this way you not only make it dry but you expose yourself to the poisonous substances it contains.
  • Painted nails were not always culturally accepted in some regions of the U.S. in the 1950′s, bright colored polishes such as red were considered promiscuous and all nail polish must be removed on Sundays before religious worship.
  • Ultraviolet stabilizers are used in nail polish so that it doesn’t change color when exposed to light!
  • Nail polish can help make nails stronger, preventing them from breaking, cracking or splitting.
  • In the 19th century, many cookbooks contained ‘recipes’ for making nail polish.
  • THIS IS FOR GUYS: In 2010 David Sheath set a world record for the longest advertisement by using 131 bottles of nail polish to paint his white Fiat pink. It took him four days, two hours, and two minutes to accomplish the feat, which can be viewed here. (A MUST SEE VIDEO OF THE GUY PAINTING HIS CAR WITH NAIL POLISH)
  • If you are a fair skinned beauty, try to stick with colors with blue undertones. For medium skin toned gals a color that has gold reflects and a warm undertone is best. If you’re a dark skinned lady go for a bold color!

Hope girls and guys equally enjoyed this post.  Stay tuned for another fun facts post on next Monday.  (You know what,  send me topic suggestions for fun facts, who knows I might end up researching on your favorite topic, but please nothing relating to sports and politics. lol) 😀


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Comments on: "Nail polish: Fun Facts #3" (8)

  1. Love this!! Lots of fun, and I like the photo you used! I had to share it with my coworkers, especially the guy who painted his car with polish…too funny! Thanks, Aditi!

    • YAY, Thanks Jennifer. You are the best! Hopefully guys will like the tiny video and my tiny blog . giggles 😀

  2. Thanks for thinking of me when posting this one…I almost skipped it, but when you said guys would enjoy it too I pressed on. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all that new knowlege.

  3. Great post! Fun and interesting.

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