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Living in my Oil Painting!

I can’t even tell you, how much I enjoy doing this oil painting.  When I paint I lose myself in it. It is like meditation for me.  With a paint brush in one hand and a palette in other, I feel that I am inside the canvas and I am literally walking the road that I am painting. It is helping me to calm down my nerves and to take my eyes off of laptop screen or TV.

Tine story based on my painting:

I can sense that the spring is around the corner because of the colorful leaves that I see on this black barren tree. It just rained and pavement is still wet. I can see the reflection of this couple walking right in front of me.  Oh they are so much in love! Even though I can’t see their faces but I can sense the passion they have for each other. Their umbrella, is not that much big but it is forcing them to be close. I can see that the girl is kind of leaning on the guy’s shoulder while walking the rain-soaked road. Their stride looks relaxed and they don’t seem to be in hurry at all, looks like they are on a long and romantic evening walk. I know it is slightly cold but the warmth of the trees on the left is very calming. To me lights on the right look like as if they are either lamps on a walkway or they might be from waterside houses. If they are the houses, I will love to live in one of those houses.  How beautiful the scenery might be from that little mountain..I can see myself sipping a warm cup of coffee in my patio while I watch people taking long walks by the tree line.

Ah! While I was writing I was lost, lost in the painting and I was living in the right most house.  🙂

Painting is 75 % complete and I cant wait to show you the final product. BTW, I am already on a lookout for my next painting. If you can suggest me something, I will love it (but please nothing like Mona Lisa standard:D). Thank you!




Comments on: "Living in my Oil Painting!" (21)

  1. WOW, not only the painting but the whole story part too… Just Wow 🙂

  2. Daisy Dzedzej said:

    Wow this is beautiful! I love the way you use color.

  3. […] Read the original here: Living in my Oil Painting! « Twilight Readings! […]

  4. Lovin the colors.

  5. This is so vibrant, it feels like I could step into the painting and come alive… even more alive than I am now sitting at my desk, watching the 3-D sunrise out my living room window. I love this, so much. THANK YOU!

    • Aww what a lovely comment Julie. You definitely made my day. I totally share the exact sentiment. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  6. This is so lovely! It’s so cool to watch the painting progress in your posts. Looking forward to seeing the final product – what are you going to do with it when you finish?

    • Aha! Now thats something i need to figure out. I might give it as a present to my family on my next visit to India. My mom is super excited to see it 🙂 and just as a backup option I might get it framed and hang it in my living room 🙂 Not sure yet!

  7. Hi, I understand totally about living in your painting, what a perfect way to escape, I do the same with mine. Great painting and great blog. M

  8. I had to get back to this. I really like it, and I especially love how you can get lost in your work. I feel the same way about scrapbooking. Isn’t it so wonderful to have a passion about something that truly fulfills your soul? Great work, Aditi!

  9. This is a Leonid Afremov replica!

  10. Leonid Afremov – Romantical Love:

  11. This is so beautiful and inspiring. I am new at creating art, but have always appreciated a beautiful piece. I love your work with colours.

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