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:( —> :)

I have absolutely no idea why I am sad today …  I will not say that I am sad actually but a little low on smiles and happiness. I am trying to figure out why I am feeling like this. Gosh, I so don’t like such days. I am writing this just to vent out I guess. I am not even going to share it on any social network.  They say venting out works for your system.  Well, I guess I am doing that but I am unable to find a reason behind such a crappy mood .

I should totally go back to my happy place..  Oh yes, I should go back and read my blog post about my most happiest moment . Wow, that immediately worked. I have yet to read it and I am already smiling .

So my Lovelies, moral of this tiny blog post, when feeling low go back to your most happiest place, moment, day ever and I can guarantee you will end up with a smile.

Alright, I am out of here.



Comments on: ":( —> :)" (6)

  1. Hey, low or not you got on here and wrote your blog and it made me smile. M

  2. It’s the middle of february…we all have one of those days in the middle of february.

  3. BTW, u are not alone, most of the salaried people go through such emotion during the last week of the month.. Coz tab to beer tak ke paise nahi bach te ki udasi ko beer me dubo de 😛

    Smile kudiyo smile, suits u the best 😀

    • Hehe Sk, you are so right .. Valentine’s day mai sab udd jata hai … 😀 Smiling right now 🙂

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