My random MUSINGS, tonnes of SMILES, brilliant THOUGHTS, vibrant COLORS and lots of STYLE.

About Me!! :)

Alrighty… before I start uttering about all the nice things about myself, here are few words just to give some clue as in what describes me  and then I can go in details (on demand :)). Here I go: @ random order:

· Recently appeared on an American Talk show

· Silly at times

· Adores flowers

· Not very ambitious

· Can easily fell in love and fell out of love

· But feelings always trails behind

· Can easily cry ( without throwing in any efforts :P)

· “Tan” is the color that I hate.

· Takes life as it comes

· Misses certain feelings

· Can play video games for whole of the day

· Is not very lucky in cards (saying with a poker face)

· Perfectionist,

· Clearheadedly confused (sometimes),

· Shoe lover,

· Cleanliness freak,

· Down to earth,

· Friendly,

· Emotional fool (can’t stop crying while watching silly romantic movies),

· Love dogs,

· Passionate about writing,

· Love sunsets,

· Hate cooking :),

· Can’t survive without smiling,

· Impulse shopper,

· Easily mesmerized by colors,

· Brunette,

· Marketing Marvin,

· Hate liars and hypocrites,

· Easy to talk to,

· Firm believer in Karma & God………list goes on……… (Let me know if you need details :))

Comments on: "About Me!! :)" (5)

  1. let the list go on… we even u will discover something special…

  2. I know really need to put in some ext6re efforts to discover myself..

    God!!! i am so complex …. lols

  3. Hi Aditi Swthrt ! Very nice to read about you , though i know all about you and agree 100% with that , but there are certain things that i am not aware of like when did you appear in american talk show ?

  4. Hey Taruna

    Thanks for your visit.
    About my appearance on the talk show… i co-organized a bollywood night with one of my american friends at a night club which got a lot of media coverage. I was invited on a talk show to talk about it and got coverage in Riviera Magazine (a fashion magazine here) .

    Now you know :))

  5. Hey dear ! Thats great to know . Infact i also came on 2-3 health shows here last year .

    But keep me updated dear , i dont want to miss anything 🙂

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