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Wordless Wednesday # 3

Blue and White handmade paper flowers.


I made these tissue flowers for a surprise baby shower party that I threw for my closest friend. I gave it a twist by staging them in martini glasses. The whole house was decorated on a baby theme with handmade decorations. Few weeks ago she gave birth to a cutesy baby boy and OMG he is so tiny and super adorable.  (touché) 🙂




Hello February! Meet your friend January. :)

I joined WordPress’ Postaday challenge on 12th,  so technically I am 11 days away from completing a month but still January is over in my part of world too.  So here is a tiny Recap and Highlights.

Posts I wrote:

  1. An hour to live
  2. I am so glad I started this
  3. Time Machine Anyone?
  4. Nostalgic once again
  5. Gorgeous sunset
  6. Oil paints painted memories
  7. No Words today
  8. My first oil painting
  9. The Time Traveler’s Wife
  10. A teaser (re blogged)
  11. What sort of a girl you are
  12. Straight from the heart
  13. Sleepy… sleep… sl…zzzzz
  14. Wordless Wednesday #1
  15. Coffee anyone?
  16. Met my sweetest friend today
  17. Wanna see my dream?
  18. Sketch # 1: Naughty and Nice
  19. Guava:  Fun facts

Award for the MOST ACTIVE POST goes to: What sort of a girl you are?

Award for the LEAST ACTIVE POST goes to: A teaser (re-blogged) [It was my fault because i messed up the link. 😦 ]

People loved to visit my blog on 24th of January – 133 views

A BIG shout out and thanks to all of my friends who dropped by:

My mind twin : Kim

She who visited my blog very religiously : Donna

A very funny guy: Saurangshu

Our very own Garlic girl, who always “LIKED”my posts, even the crappy ones: Debbie

Reconnected with a missed connection: Ellen

Going to take a grammar lesson from: Grading girl

A girl with a HOT Pink blog : KC

He who liked my blog once: Blue note

He who never forgets to reply back to all the comments on his musical page: Daniel

Music composer: Peter Weis

He came and left: Supreeth

She did visit once, a Seattleite in Japan : K

My future blogging buddy: Phyllis

My best friend of 10 years : Vaishali

My childhood friend: Shilpa

My college friend: Jyoti

An old blogger friend: Rupesh

His destination is infinity: Rajesh K


Someone who is madly in love

Tea and Biscuit with Vrij

A health care professional ( I don’t know her name 😦 ): Notejar

Poor fellow, stumbled on to my most Girly blog -What sort of a girl you are? 😀 : Brad

And thanks to all the silent visitors who came and left without saying Hello. Trust me you all rock too.

Because of all the silent,  not so silent and forced (they were forced to visit my page by yours truly :D) visitors, total foot work on my blog for the month of January increased to 829.



Oil Paints Painted Memories…Oil paints painted memories

Met my sweetest friend today!

(This post will be tiny but that means quick to read 🙂 )

Today was super fun,  I can’t believe it’s almost over. Yesterday night around 10 I got an SMS from one of my friends.  Alex and I studied Marketing and Advertising at UCSD. Last year she moved from SD and was visiting family this weekend. After exchanging couple messages on Facebook we decided to meet today. I have to say that was the quickest plan we ever made and that too just on messages: . 🙂

I met her for lunch and OMG I totally have to admit that it was AWESOME.  Since the moment we met, we started talking and we were still talking when she had to leave. LOL I guess we hardly left any topic during our chitchat.

I told her that I might be visiting India soon and extended the invitation to her. I am super excited that she is thinking about it. If everything works out well then she might join me there and I have to say I am so looking forward to it. It will turn out to be a great trip  even if she will come there for a week.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway, that is it. Sweet and tiny,  right?



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