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Flowers’ Fun Facts

Flowers are nature’s best gift to humans. When we fail to express our emotions all we need is a flower. A single stem Rose can uplift a sad face in just a second, to show your loyalty and innocence Daisy is your best option. I was always fascinated by the beauty of the flowers,  their vibrant colors are simple mesmerizing, their fragrances are so intoxicating and they are the best gift anyone can give you. I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to have my own flower boutique. In fact if given a chance today, I will still love to own a flower shop, probably at the corner of a busy but family friendly street.  Oh! While writing this,  there is a very beautiful and colorful flower shop image in my mind (I wish somehow I could let you all see that).

Today for my “Fun Facts Monday” post, I will be sharing few facts about flowers. Hopefully this post will help you decide which flower is  the best option for which occasion.

1. Roses are valued for their romantic symbolism. :-

  • Yellow roses– “joy”
  • Red roses mean-“passion”
  • Burgundy roses– “unconscious beauty”
  • Orange/coral roses– “desire”
  • Pink roses– “grace and gentility”
  • Red and white roses together – “unity”
  • White Roses “worthiness”.

2. Symbolism such as imagination, dreaminess, and a declaration of love is a big part of the allure of Tulips.

3. Feng shui buffs believe that Chrysanthemums will bring happiness and laughter to any room.

4. Carnation – Fascination, Women love

5. Daffodil – You’re the only one, Regard, Unrequited love

6. Dahlia – Instability

7. Daisies are symbolic of innocence and beauty.

8. Irises/Lilies symbolize “resurrection/life” and are popular for burials.

9. Lavender – Admiration, Solitude, Enchantment

10. Gardenias symbolize a secret and untold love.

11. Forget-Me-Nots – true love and remembrance.

12. Honeysuckles symbolize devoted affection, generosity

13. Hydrangea – Boastfulness

14. Iris – Warmth of affection

15. Ivy– Eternal fidelity

16. Jasmine – Amiability

17. Lilac – First Love

18. White Lilac – Youthful innocence

19. Lily – Majesty

20. Magnolia – Perseverance

21. Marigold – Affection

22. Mimosa – Secret love

23. Myrtle – Love, remembrance

24. Orange Blossoms – Purity, fertility

25. Orchids – Rare beauty, Love

26. Peony – Bashfulness

27. Poppies symbolize a consolation in time of death. In many countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, red poppies are worn to commemorate veterans who died in war.

28. Rosemary – Remembrance

29. Sweet Pea – Delicate pleasures

30. Tulip – Love

31. Yellow Tulip – Hopeless love

Hope you had fun.

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Nail polish: Fun Facts #3

We girls love to get our nails done.  This is my second post dedicated to nail polish.  My first post was “What sort of a girl you are?” That post was very girly but this one, trust me even guys can find it interesting. Come on, its fun to get to know funny things about random stuff. It sure increases our knowledge, Right? 😀

  • During the Ming Dynasty, polish was made from a combination of beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable dyes and Arabic gum. The polish we use today can give its thanks to the car industry. Today’s polish is a refined version of car paint.
  • Nail Polish as we know it today was invented about 5000 years ago by the Chinese with the favored colors being red and black.
  • Polish has a shelf life of about two years especially if stored properly.
  • Colored nail polishes were invented in the 1920s and the first nail polish was launched by Revlon.
  • To preserve nail polish for longer periods of time, keep it in the fridge. Also, avoid leaving the bottle open because this way you not only make it dry but you expose yourself to the poisonous substances it contains.
  • Painted nails were not always culturally accepted in some regions of the U.S. in the 1950′s, bright colored polishes such as red were considered promiscuous and all nail polish must be removed on Sundays before religious worship.
  • Ultraviolet stabilizers are used in nail polish so that it doesn’t change color when exposed to light!
  • Nail polish can help make nails stronger, preventing them from breaking, cracking or splitting.
  • In the 19th century, many cookbooks contained ‘recipes’ for making nail polish.
  • THIS IS FOR GUYS: In 2010 David Sheath set a world record for the longest advertisement by using 131 bottles of nail polish to paint his white Fiat pink. It took him four days, two hours, and two minutes to accomplish the feat, which can be viewed here. (A MUST SEE VIDEO OF THE GUY PAINTING HIS CAR WITH NAIL POLISH)
  • If you are a fair skinned beauty, try to stick with colors with blue undertones. For medium skin toned gals a color that has gold reflects and a warm undertone is best. If you’re a dark skinned lady go for a bold color!

Hope girls and guys equally enjoyed this post.  Stay tuned for another fun facts post on next Monday.  (You know what,  send me topic suggestions for fun facts, who knows I might end up researching on your favorite topic, but please nothing relating to sports and politics. lol) 😀


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Popcorn: Fun Facts # 2

Popcorn is one of my another favorite snack. My favorite flavors are Original and Kettle corn . Did I tell you that I become an extremely greedy person when it comes to sharing my popcorn. I JUST CANT SHARE MY POPCORN. Oh that reminds me, I wrote a whole post describing an incident and a popcorn prank that we played .

You should read this post, I promise that you will like it : Stay away from my popcorn. 😀

Popcorn Fun Facts:

  • Americans consume some 16 billion quarts of this whole grain, good-for-you treat. That’s 52 quarts per man, woman, and child.
  • How high popcorn kernels can pop? Up to 3 feet in the air.
  • If you made a trail of popcorn from New York City to Los Angeles, you would need more than 352,028,160 popped kernels!
  • National Popcorn Day is celebrated at the end of January, although its exact date is a matter of debate. Various sources report it as January 19; others claim it takes place on whatever day the Super Bowl falls on.
  • During the Great Depression starting in the late 1920’s in America, bags of popcorn sold for 5 to 10 cents making popcorn an affordable snack for families down on their luck
  • Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks there is. It is a whole grain food that is low in calories and fat, but is rich in carbohydrates.
  • The majority of popcorn consumed is eaten in the home
  • Heat and pressure make popcorn pop. This is because popcorn kernels have moisture inside and when they are heated, this moisture turns into steam and the steam builds into pressure. When that pressure gets high, the kernel then explodes and the popcorn then “pops” into what we know and love as popcorn.
  • The world’s largest popcorn ball was created by volunteers in Sac City, Iowa in February, 2009.  It weighed 5,000 lbs., stood over 8 ft. tall, and measured 28.8 ft. in circumference.

Nutritional Information

PoppyIt’s hard to believe a snack food that tastes so good can actually be good for you! With suggestions from organizations such as the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Dietetic Association (ADA), there’s no doubt popcorn is a perfectly sensible snack to fit into any meal/fitness plan.

  • Air-popped popcorn has only 31 calories per cup; oil-popped popcorn has only 55 calories per cup.
  • When lightly buttered, popcorn contains about 133 calories per cup.
  • Popcorn is a whole grain, making it a good-for-you food.
  • Popcorn provides energy-producing complex carbohydrates
  • Popcorn contains fiber, providing roughage the body needs in the daily diet.
  • Popcorn is naturally low in fat and calories.
  • Popcorn has no artificial additives or preservatives, and is sugar-free.
  • Popcorn is ideal for between meal snacking since it satisfies and doesn’t spoil the appetite.
  • 3 cups of popcorn equal one serving from the grain group.
  • Popcorn is ideal for between meal snacking since it satisfies and doesn’t spoil an appetite.

Original Popcorn Game ideas by Aditi 😀 :

Popcorn skewers: Give 1 wooden skewer to your guests and ask them to insert 1 popcorn at a time in the skewer,  with the time limit of 1 minute.

Popcorn Shower: Make two persons sit on opposite chairs. One person has to throw 1 popcorn at a time on other person’s head . By the end of the time limit count the popcorn stuck in hair. Couple with the maximum popcorn in hair wins.

The Great Popcorn Challenge : Set out bowls full of popcorn at one end of the room, empty bowls at another. Teams must transport the popcorn from the full bowl to empty, using a measuring cup/ladle

Information about the “fun facts” taken from below mentioned links:

Guava: Fun Facts.

Starting this week I am dedicating my Mondays to a “Fun facts” theme. (hopefully I will not deviate from it)

Fruits are my new-found love 🙂 .  Besides other fruits Guava and Papaya are two of my favorites.

So I thought why not start with Guava’s fun facts today.

  • It can be white, yellow, pink and even red in color.
  • It contains 4 times more Vitamin C than Oranges.
  • It has 10 times more Vitamin A than a Lemon.
  • It is an excellent source of fiber.
  • It produces toxic chemicals in its leaves that prevent the growth of other plants.
  • You can consume Guava raw, in salad,  as juice and yogurt.

Nutritional Values

Preparation Serving Size Carbs Fiber (g) Fat (g) Energy (kj)
Guava (raw) 1 medium sized (100g) 3.5 5.5 0.5 100
Guava (canned in juice) 100g 14.5 3 0.5 260


I found a great story online about Guava. It is super cute and you can tell it to your kids if you want to :

Story: The Legend

With every plant there is a legend, and the guava tree does not let us down.  According to a Filipino tradition there was a young boy that lived right outside a village.  His family owned a large orchard with so many different kinds of fruit.  It must have been a magical orchard because the fruit was always plentiful, delicious, and beautiful.  New trees seemed to spring up overnight and even when other orchards were barren, this orchard always had plenty.

The little boy was known throughout the village for his kindness.  Everywhere he went, he smiled and was kind to all.  Everyone loved to come to this orchard to get their fruit.  Not only was it delicious, but the enjoyment of being in the boy’s presence was what kept bringing them all back.

Now, there was one tree in this orchard that wasn’t so desirable.  It was rumored to be poisonous.  There was only one of this tree and the fruit was careful sidestepped when harvesting.  One day an elderly lady came down the lane to the orchard and asked to purchase fruit.  When the boy went into the orchard, he was met with a most unusual surprise.  The entire orchard was fruitless.  All the fruit that was usually plentiful was gone.  The apple trees had no apples.  The pear trees had no pears on its branches.  No fruit.  Except……  There in the midst of the orchard was the forbidden tree.  It stood there in all its unpleasantness full of fruit.  What was he to do?  The kindness in the boy would not allow her to be turned away.  So, he reached up and placed his hands on one of the fruit.  He closed his eyes and prayed that the fruit would not kill and actually bless instead.

He took the fruit and gave it to the old woman.  She looked at it and gingerly bit into.  The taste was sweet and intoxicating.  The prayer had been answered.  It did not bring death.  It brought happiness.  So is the story of the exotic guava.

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