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“The Time Traveler’s wife” ….

Today I watched  “The Time Traveler’s wife”. What a beautiful movie I must say. I have heard about the book but before I got any chance to read it, I watched the movie. Not that I regret it but mostly I prefer to read the books first and then watch the movies based on them.

Again, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE! I am sure if movie was so beautiful , book will be very gripping. I cant wait to lay my hands on it.

When I started to watch it, it took me few minutes to connect with it. But once I was connected, the world around me disappeared and I felt as if each and every scene is taking place right in front of my eyes,  in the physical world and not just on a screen. Most of the time, when I watch a movie, I multi task and keep on doing this and that but not for this one. My each and every cell was fascinated by it.

My thoughts started playing games while I was watching it.  I ended up thinking, what if I was in Rachel Mc Adams’ (actress) place. How I would have tackled the situation?  What I would have done?

Losing someone is unbearable but losing the same person again and again and then finally losing him for good is heartbreaking (or not) . If you have seen the movie you can understand what I am trying to say but if you haven’t then you might think that she has lost it. Well, just so you know in brief,  the movie is about a girl who marries a guy who is a time traveler and that is something he can’t control. How their life which is so unusual and extraordinary, turns out to as normal and full of love.

If I had been in her shoes and in love with someone to such an extent, I would have gone insane missing him, losing him, meeting him again and then losing him again. And just when I would have lost all hope and if he would re appear out of no where,  it would have been an amazing, emotional and heart grasping moment . I would have wanted to be with him for whole of my life or would have preferred to die with him . But my wait for him,  my yearning for him would have never ceased to exist and  I would have never gotten over his love and the love that I felt for him.

On that note: Fall in love then Rise in love and Stay in love forever.



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