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Life as we know it

Well I don’t have a good beginning in mind therefore I am just going to pour my heart out. I was wondering how time flies. We all see bad and good phases in our life.  No one can escape that route. Those who are super rich and has lots of money, face bad phases just like some one who is very poor and other way around. But who defines a bad or good phase? It varies from person to person, something that looks good to one may look horrible to other.  Then how do you judge whats good and whats bad? (Honestly, I have no idea if you can make sense out of all the words I am writing but I need to jot it down before I lose it).

I was thinking what if we all only see good times in our lives… how will our life look then? Just imagine our existence: with ample of money,  no worries,  no job problems,  no crimes,  no diseases, never to lose any of your loved ones, always with a smile and oblivious to words such as depression, poor, sad,  etc, will the picture be as beautiful? Makes no sense right? I know,  but I was trying to visualize something like this and trust me as much as the picture looked beautiful it still felt incomplete.

We all learn from our mistakes and that helps us to grow,  to tackle problems head on and explore unknown. Some learn from their own mistakes and some learn from mistakes that others commit,  but we all are continuously learning this way or that way. Thats what defines us,  it helps in creating our own unique character and separates us from other human being right? Adversities bring people either closer or drifts them apart but we are always breaking and making new connections.  Life has it’s own set patterns for everyone. We all do what we are supposed to do.  Now you may be thinking that “she has lost it” :D. Well I might have who knows 🙂 . But at times random thoughts are the best thoughts.

In the end I will say,  “Even the prettiest picture that I envisioned was not that pretty. Life without any problems dint look that appealing”

Thoroughly confused:  A-)


Living in my Oil Painting!

I can’t even tell you, how much I enjoy doing this oil painting.  When I paint I lose myself in it. It is like meditation for me.  With a paint brush in one hand and a palette in other, I feel that I am inside the canvas and I am literally walking the road that I am painting. It is helping me to calm down my nerves and to take my eyes off of laptop screen or TV.

Tine story based on my painting:

I can sense that the spring is around the corner because of the colorful leaves that I see on this black barren tree. It just rained and pavement is still wet. I can see the reflection of this couple walking right in front of me.  Oh they are so much in love! Even though I can’t see their faces but I can sense the passion they have for each other. Their umbrella, is not that much big but it is forcing them to be close. I can see that the girl is kind of leaning on the guy’s shoulder while walking the rain-soaked road. Their stride looks relaxed and they don’t seem to be in hurry at all, looks like they are on a long and romantic evening walk. I know it is slightly cold but the warmth of the trees on the left is very calming. To me lights on the right look like as if they are either lamps on a walkway or they might be from waterside houses. If they are the houses, I will love to live in one of those houses.  How beautiful the scenery might be from that little mountain..I can see myself sipping a warm cup of coffee in my patio while I watch people taking long walks by the tree line.

Ah! While I was writing I was lost, lost in the painting and I was living in the right most house.  🙂

Painting is 75 % complete and I cant wait to show you the final product. BTW, I am already on a lookout for my next painting. If you can suggest me something, I will love it (but please nothing like Mona Lisa standard:D). Thank you!



Oil painting continued

Finally I don’t have any fever and thankfully no extreme sore throat only a killer cold.  Darn it 😦

I do feel a lot of weakness,  thats the only reason I am unable to devote a lot of time on my and as well as my other blogging friends’ posts.

As I am too exhausted to type in details I thought why not share the progress on my oil painting


For new visitors who have no idea what I am trying to paint , check out the original paintingt : My first oil painting

Tomorrow is Sunday and I will be uploading a sketch and on Monday a fun facts post.


My first oil painting…

As I mentioned in one of my posts earlier that I just started taking Oil Painting Classes. So I will be trying my hands on below mentioned Artist’s painting

Disclaimer: This will be only for educational purposes and NOT FOR SALE (just in case artist stumbles on my blog) 🙂

I picked “Leonid Afremov’s” painting, as his paintings are simply gorgeous. I have always appreciated his art and this was the only reason i chose his painting for inspiration.  The blend of warm and cold colors is like achieving impossible. Check out his original painting:

Now I learned that it is best to make an under painting when working with oil paints. Under Painting means you paint the whole thing in Yellow Ochre / Burnt Sienna  colors, basically putting everything in its place and darkening the shades where ever  the painting (with colors) is  going to be super dark.

That said:  Check out my under painting now (now my painting will not be as awesome as his piece of art but it is the very first step of a tall ladder, therefore please lower your expectations 😀 and please refrain from throwing raw tomatoes and bad eggs on my painting :D)

Looks super bad right now , I know. But I am keeping my fingers crossed 🙂


Oil Paints Painted Memories…

Making an oil painting had been a dream since always. When I was a kid I worked with crayons, pencils and  water colors I remember during those days, my Aunt (Dad’s sis) she was studying fine arts, she made lots of paintings and I always wished that one day I will get to use oil colors.

I was confident that I am not good at it, till one day when my parents forced me to enter into a painting competition. I still remember very clearly that I was in 3rd grade at that time and the competition was on state level. I still cherish that first painting i made, it was of a cat slurping milk in a garden. To my amazement that painting won the 2nd award and i was presented with a big artist’s set of water colors. I saved those colors for years,  just because the packaging was beautiful. Even though I was a kid, I realized that I am not that bad at it.

Time passed and other things became priority and painting took a back seat. In all the hustle bustle of life,  sketching and painting faded away. After I came to USA, I had some free time and thought to start sketching again and I did. Eventually from sketching I moved on to Acrylics. I did make few paintings, Plein Air, Abstract (check out the links) and Trompe l’oeil but guess my heart was set on oils.

And I am super excited to share that i just joined an oil painting class and I am so looking forward to it. Today when i picked up the brush and set my canvas, i had an amazing feeling. I felt a sense of satisfaction and i realized that i am about to fulfill my childhood dream .

I will love to share the progress of my painting and I am really looking forward to your feedback. Will you be there ?


Jan 16th: Popcorn Prank.. etc

This post is dedicated to all the popcorn lovers out there.

As mentioned in my last post,  I simply love popcorn and I can’t share it with any one. If you are going to movies with me then please buy your own popcorn :). I like to relish it throughout the movie, therefore I eat mine slowly. If some one digs in my baggy, my blood pressure rises very quickly. I have no idea why it happens but just can’t tolerate it though if I am out with friends I will always remember my manners so I will share. 🙂

Oh this reminds me of couple of incidents….

I have a friend, once we went to watch a movie. When I asked her if she wants anything, before the movie starts, she said “No no I am good I don’t want anything to eat, you go ahead and get whatever you want”. She bought cold drink and I bought small popcorn and small drink. Out of courtesy I offered her mine and to my surprise she didn’t refuse. In fact throughout the movie she hogged on my popcorn. I was sitting with a smile on my face ,though deep inside my heart I was cursing her and I wanted to punch her so badly.  Same thing happened second time and third time I bluntly asked her to get her own popcorn. 🙂 Enough was enough. hehe.

Another incident that I can never forget.

We were some 6-7 girls and went to watch a movie. It happened years ago. Gosh, I don’t even remember which movie it was but I do remember the movie was very boring. For the first half we all kept on chatting and giggling. There was this group of 5-6 boys, sitting in the row ahead of us,  they kept on shushing us. With their every shush, we were getting more pissed. You know how it is when you are young, in university and want whole world to revolve around you, well . our egos were badly hurt. I got an idea and it turned out to be awesome. All of us had popcorn, we licked one popcorn at a time and then threw it lightly on the guys’ head. Popcorn got stuck in their hairs and we kept on showering their heads with popcorn. They kept on shushing us and we kept on giggling. Poor fellows just had no clue about our mischievous act. When the movie ended, we all went out side and one guy from their group started laughing at others and then suddenly all of them were laughing at each other . After couple of minutes they realized what had happened and immediately they shook their heads vigorously. Now we all were laughing.

We were standing right there, checking out their expressions,  when one guy  from that group turned towards us and gave us the cutest smile ever with a thumbs up.

Best movie experience EVER!

( I still remember his smile 🙂 )


Abstract in Acrylics


This was an abstract which i painted..

I did it in Acrylics on a 18×24 Canvas.

Moving on to Oil paints now. Hopefully i can get a better blend in that ..

Cheers everyone

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