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1 Week in India.

Hey Friends,

How are you? It’s awesome to see how regularly everyone is posting on their blog. I am sure you all must be having a lot of fun.

Do you wanna know what I am doing in India?

My journey started on 15th of March with an early morning flight to Chicago and then after spending some 4 hours big 777 came in picture. This was my second international flight with American Airlines. My first trip with AA was to India only last year and I loved the flight and the service. Being a tall girl I always prefer an aisle seat and i have to admit that the leg room is super awesome in their economy section. Thanks for that AA (I might write a whole post on this, later on).

So after being in plane and on air port and spending some near to 24 hours in journey, i landed in India on the night of 16th at Delhi’s new International Terminal. One word for it : WOW! Loved it. It was a great feeling to see my family there at the airport. As soon as I saw them my exhaustion flew away. I stayed at my Masi’s (Aunt) place for night of 16th. I slept for almost 6-7 hours during the flight so I wasnt sleepy and plus the jet lag. The very night my brother also came from his medical school. He, I and my 2 cousins we had a card party and dint sleep till the wee hours of morning.Before card party we also went on a long drive which helped me in getting accustomed to Delhi’s traffic / driving ONCE AGAIN. 😀

After catching 4-5 hours sleep that night,  we went out for shopping, came back in evening and then drove back to my parents home, which is a couple of hours from Delhi. It was super awesome to meet Dad. He was busy with his patients thats why he dint come to see me at the airport.  After a very long time we were all together, mom, dad, bro and I. Thats when i realized how badly I missed my childhood days.

Whole of 18th was spent at home, meeting mom and dad’s friends,  playing games with my brother,  chatting with them, without phone/internet, a food offer coming my way after every other hour (guess parents are like that) and at mom’s Salon & Spa :D. Giggles. 19th was spent in traveling with 12 hours of drive in one day with 4 hours of stay. On 20th there was an Indian festival of colorful “Holi” (everyone plays with lots of colors,  you should check out the link provided for more detailed info). I so badly wanted to play but my dad being a doctor forced me not to, thinking I might get hurt in someway. Ah, parents :). Again the day was spent meeting and greeting people with a dinner  in night. Anyway, I slept at 11 and a spam sms woke me up around 2am. My brother was awake at that time and we started chatting. Dint even realize when clock struck 5 and by 5:30 am I had to leave for Delhi with mom. She & Masi were hosting a party at a 5 star hotel at the lunch time.

2 hours of drive with mom was fun as well. Reached Masi’s place and after grabbing breakfast we were out of our home. They left for their party and I went for a hair spa at “Looks” . OMG! How relaxing it was I can’t even tell you. Almost 2 hours long and AWESOME! I came back home for lunch with mom & masi and after relaxing for an hour we were out again and this time my cousin accompanied us as well. Went to a designer’s place to check her collection and i placed an order for a gorgeous red Sari. Yiiipiiieeee 🙂 By the time we came back home it was almost dinner time and I was super sleepy and sloshed. (remember I had only slept for some 3 hours in last 48 hrs. BTW, now I know if you wanna get the feeling that you are super drunk and you don’t wanna drink actually, it is easy ,just don’t sleep for couple of days straight and voila) 😀 .

After sleeping straight for some 10 hours, 22nd of morning was spent meeting another designer. And I am proud say that soon I will be an owner of 4 more Indian Traditional and designer dresses  😀 Hihi. Came back around 3 in noon.  Ate my lunch hungrily 🙂 and then thought to stay home and chat with my Masi :). Played games with my cousin bro and sis at night and slept.  Yesterday, that is   23rd, I was home almost all day and then in the evening went out to meet my college best friend. We were meeting after 5 years and never for a second felt that, 2-3 hours just flew by. After that came home for dinner and then everybody went to Cafe Coffee day. Came back and played “Bluff” in cards till 2-3 in night.  OMG! it was super hilarious.

Today we gonna go to an exhibition grab our lunch at 5 star again and needless to mention shopping. :)) BTW 26th -29th I will be in Goa with family. That should be a fun trip as well. But about that later on and oh i still need to call soooooo many friends. 🙂

Hugs lovely blogging friends 🙂


Wordless Wednesday # 6

San Diego’s Old town in 1872


Sketch # 5


This sketch is really close to my heart. I love the expression on the face, no matter what he is looking at but to me it looks like as if he is deeply lost in some thoughts.

Wordless Wednesday # 5

Marbles anyone?


Flowers’ Fun Facts

Flowers are nature’s best gift to humans. When we fail to express our emotions all we need is a flower. A single stem Rose can uplift a sad face in just a second, to show your loyalty and innocence Daisy is your best option. I was always fascinated by the beauty of the flowers,  their vibrant colors are simple mesmerizing, their fragrances are so intoxicating and they are the best gift anyone can give you. I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to have my own flower boutique. In fact if given a chance today, I will still love to own a flower shop, probably at the corner of a busy but family friendly street.  Oh! While writing this,  there is a very beautiful and colorful flower shop image in my mind (I wish somehow I could let you all see that).

Today for my “Fun Facts Monday” post, I will be sharing few facts about flowers. Hopefully this post will help you decide which flower is  the best option for which occasion.

1. Roses are valued for their romantic symbolism. :-

  • Yellow roses– “joy”
  • Red roses mean-“passion”
  • Burgundy roses– “unconscious beauty”
  • Orange/coral roses– “desire”
  • Pink roses– “grace and gentility”
  • Red and white roses together – “unity”
  • White Roses “worthiness”.

2. Symbolism such as imagination, dreaminess, and a declaration of love is a big part of the allure of Tulips.

3. Feng shui buffs believe that Chrysanthemums will bring happiness and laughter to any room.

4. Carnation – Fascination, Women love

5. Daffodil – You’re the only one, Regard, Unrequited love

6. Dahlia – Instability

7. Daisies are symbolic of innocence and beauty.

8. Irises/Lilies symbolize “resurrection/life” and are popular for burials.

9. Lavender – Admiration, Solitude, Enchantment

10. Gardenias symbolize a secret and untold love.

11. Forget-Me-Nots – true love and remembrance.

12. Honeysuckles symbolize devoted affection, generosity

13. Hydrangea – Boastfulness

14. Iris – Warmth of affection

15. Ivy– Eternal fidelity

16. Jasmine – Amiability

17. Lilac – First Love

18. White Lilac – Youthful innocence

19. Lily – Majesty

20. Magnolia – Perseverance

21. Marigold – Affection

22. Mimosa – Secret love

23. Myrtle – Love, remembrance

24. Orange Blossoms – Purity, fertility

25. Orchids – Rare beauty, Love

26. Peony – Bashfulness

27. Poppies symbolize a consolation in time of death. In many countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, red poppies are worn to commemorate veterans who died in war.

28. Rosemary – Remembrance

29. Sweet Pea – Delicate pleasures

30. Tulip – Love

31. Yellow Tulip – Hopeless love

Hope you had fun.

✽ ✾ ✿ A-) ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋


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Weekly photo challenge #1: Curiosity

As soon as I got to know Dailypost’s weekly photo challenge I was in!


Our own Santa Claus in a Marilyn Monroe pose, now if this isn’t curiosity I don’t know what else is 😀


Oil Paints Painted Memories…

Making an oil painting had been a dream since always. When I was a kid I worked with crayons, pencils and  water colors I remember during those days, my Aunt (Dad’s sis) she was studying fine arts, she made lots of paintings and I always wished that one day I will get to use oil colors.

I was confident that I am not good at it, till one day when my parents forced me to enter into a painting competition. I still remember very clearly that I was in 3rd grade at that time and the competition was on state level. I still cherish that first painting i made, it was of a cat slurping milk in a garden. To my amazement that painting won the 2nd award and i was presented with a big artist’s set of water colors. I saved those colors for years,  just because the packaging was beautiful. Even though I was a kid, I realized that I am not that bad at it.

Time passed and other things became priority and painting took a back seat. In all the hustle bustle of life,  sketching and painting faded away. After I came to USA, I had some free time and thought to start sketching again and I did. Eventually from sketching I moved on to Acrylics. I did make few paintings, Plein Air, Abstract (check out the links) and Trompe l’oeil but guess my heart was set on oils.

And I am super excited to share that i just joined an oil painting class and I am so looking forward to it. Today when i picked up the brush and set my canvas, i had an amazing feeling. I felt a sense of satisfaction and i realized that i am about to fulfill my childhood dream .

I will love to share the progress of my painting and I am really looking forward to your feedback. Will you be there ?


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