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1 Week in India.

Hey Friends,

How are you? It’s awesome to see how regularly everyone is posting on their blog. I am sure you all must be having a lot of fun.

Do you wanna know what I am doing in India?

My journey started on 15th of March with an early morning flight to Chicago and then after spending some 4 hours big 777 came in picture. This was my second international flight with American Airlines. My first trip with AA was to India only last year and I loved the flight and the service. Being a tall girl I always prefer an aisle seat and i have to admit that the leg room is super awesome in their economy section. Thanks for that AA (I might write a whole post on this, later on).

So after being in plane and on air port and spending some near to 24 hours in journey, i landed in India on the night of 16th at Delhi’s new International Terminal. One word for it : WOW! Loved it. It was a great feeling to see my family there at the airport. As soon as I saw them my exhaustion flew away. I stayed at my Masi’s (Aunt) place for night of 16th. I slept for almost 6-7 hours during the flight so I wasnt sleepy and plus the jet lag. The very night my brother also came from his medical school. He, I and my 2 cousins we had a card party and dint sleep till the wee hours of morning.Before card party we also went on a long drive which helped me in getting accustomed to Delhi’s traffic / driving ONCE AGAIN. 😀

After catching 4-5 hours sleep that night,  we went out for shopping, came back in evening and then drove back to my parents home, which is a couple of hours from Delhi. It was super awesome to meet Dad. He was busy with his patients thats why he dint come to see me at the airport.  After a very long time we were all together, mom, dad, bro and I. Thats when i realized how badly I missed my childhood days.

Whole of 18th was spent at home, meeting mom and dad’s friends,  playing games with my brother,  chatting with them, without phone/internet, a food offer coming my way after every other hour (guess parents are like that) and at mom’s Salon & Spa :D. Giggles. 19th was spent in traveling with 12 hours of drive in one day with 4 hours of stay. On 20th there was an Indian festival of colorful “Holi” (everyone plays with lots of colors,  you should check out the link provided for more detailed info). I so badly wanted to play but my dad being a doctor forced me not to, thinking I might get hurt in someway. Ah, parents :). Again the day was spent meeting and greeting people with a dinner  in night. Anyway, I slept at 11 and a spam sms woke me up around 2am. My brother was awake at that time and we started chatting. Dint even realize when clock struck 5 and by 5:30 am I had to leave for Delhi with mom. She & Masi were hosting a party at a 5 star hotel at the lunch time.

2 hours of drive with mom was fun as well. Reached Masi’s place and after grabbing breakfast we were out of our home. They left for their party and I went for a hair spa at “Looks” . OMG! How relaxing it was I can’t even tell you. Almost 2 hours long and AWESOME! I came back home for lunch with mom & masi and after relaxing for an hour we were out again and this time my cousin accompanied us as well. Went to a designer’s place to check her collection and i placed an order for a gorgeous red Sari. Yiiipiiieeee 🙂 By the time we came back home it was almost dinner time and I was super sleepy and sloshed. (remember I had only slept for some 3 hours in last 48 hrs. BTW, now I know if you wanna get the feeling that you are super drunk and you don’t wanna drink actually, it is easy ,just don’t sleep for couple of days straight and voila) 😀 .

After sleeping straight for some 10 hours, 22nd of morning was spent meeting another designer. And I am proud say that soon I will be an owner of 4 more Indian Traditional and designer dresses  😀 Hihi. Came back around 3 in noon.  Ate my lunch hungrily 🙂 and then thought to stay home and chat with my Masi :). Played games with my cousin bro and sis at night and slept.  Yesterday, that is   23rd, I was home almost all day and then in the evening went out to meet my college best friend. We were meeting after 5 years and never for a second felt that, 2-3 hours just flew by. After that came home for dinner and then everybody went to Cafe Coffee day. Came back and played “Bluff” in cards till 2-3 in night.  OMG! it was super hilarious.

Today we gonna go to an exhibition grab our lunch at 5 star again and needless to mention shopping. :)) BTW 26th -29th I will be in Goa with family. That should be a fun trip as well. But about that later on and oh i still need to call soooooo many friends. 🙂

Hugs lovely blogging friends 🙂

Life as we know it

Well I don’t have a good beginning in mind therefore I am just going to pour my heart out. I was wondering how time flies. We all see bad and good phases in our life.  No one can escape that route. Those who are super rich and has lots of money, face bad phases just like some one who is very poor and other way around. But who defines a bad or good phase? It varies from person to person, something that looks good to one may look horrible to other.  Then how do you judge whats good and whats bad? (Honestly, I have no idea if you can make sense out of all the words I am writing but I need to jot it down before I lose it).

I was thinking what if we all only see good times in our lives… how will our life look then? Just imagine our existence: with ample of money,  no worries,  no job problems,  no crimes,  no diseases, never to lose any of your loved ones, always with a smile and oblivious to words such as depression, poor, sad,  etc, will the picture be as beautiful? Makes no sense right? I know,  but I was trying to visualize something like this and trust me as much as the picture looked beautiful it still felt incomplete.

We all learn from our mistakes and that helps us to grow,  to tackle problems head on and explore unknown. Some learn from their own mistakes and some learn from mistakes that others commit,  but we all are continuously learning this way or that way. Thats what defines us,  it helps in creating our own unique character and separates us from other human being right? Adversities bring people either closer or drifts them apart but we are always breaking and making new connections.  Life has it’s own set patterns for everyone. We all do what we are supposed to do.  Now you may be thinking that “she has lost it” :D. Well I might have who knows 🙂 . But at times random thoughts are the best thoughts.

In the end I will say,  “Even the prettiest picture that I envisioned was not that pretty. Life without any problems dint look that appealing”

Thoroughly confused:  A-)

A Random Act of Kindness!

This incident happened almost 6 years ago but it is still very much fresh in my memory bank.  It might not be a big thing but for me it is one of those unforgettable moments.

It happened when we were coming back from our France trip. We were waiting for a connecting flight. I was staring outside the glass doors of waiting lounge. People were running/walking towards their destinations.

I was deep in my thoughts when I saw a guy. I wasn’t staring but unknowingly I was following his each and every move.

I guess he saw me looking at him and I am sure he would have thought that I was staring (which I was but unconsciously), so he waved at me. I don’t remember what I was thinking. I was so much engrossed in the thought process that even though I was looking at him but I dint notice his wave.

Now you must be wondering how do I know he was waving if I dint notice? Thats because even though I dint notice but subconsciously my mind acknowledged that. Anyway, he waved again and this time I saw he was smiling. He was standing on one of those walking escalators at airports. As soon as I came back to my senses I automatically waved back (hesitantly).

He was about to pass me any moment now and just before that, he did these …..

  • His first gesture was asking me to smile (with his thumb and middle finger at both sides of his lips)….
  • His second gesture was he kissed his first 2 fingers …
  • His third gesture was after kissing his fingers he waved a Peace sign at me..
  • Now I was not only waving back but I was smiling too. 🙂

Whole thing took some 30-45 seconds but the incident got etched on my mind and heart (in detail). That is why I remember all the necessary details . I don’t remember how he looked like, how tall he was and what/how many bags he was carrying . But the couple of things that I remember  very clearly are his smile and his gestures  as they did leave an imprint.

Since that moment till date I have never met/seen anyone doing the same thing. But one thing that I learned was how to make some one smile once in a while.  Whenever I see anyone with a very serious expression on his/her face, I use my hand to make them smile, just like the way that guy did. (if the moment and circumstances allow)

Mostly people smile back but once in a blue moon they don’t but I feel good that at least I tried.

I am thankful to that  RANDOM STRANGER who showed me how to do A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.


I have a stable!! :P

This happened 3-4 years ago. But whenever I recall that incident I cant stop laughing hysterically. (Actually I am still laughing) 😀

I went for grocery shopping one summer evening. Whenever summer arrives I prefer to make fresh juices at home rather than buying the ready-made sucrose syrups. Moreover nothing is better than the flavor of fresh oranges squeezed with beetroot , lemon, parsley and what not.

Ok, so I bought 2 big bags of Carrots, almost dozen navel oranges and other stuff to make juice. My turn came and there was this very cute guy standing at the counter and ringing the cash register.

I was lost in my thoughts and I was waiting for him to tell me the total so that I can get out of there (grocery shopping is the worst form of shopping lol)

Out of no where he asked: “Miss do you own horses?”

My thought process snapped and I said: “Umm, Horses? (For a second, my mind actually wondered if I have horses.. silly thought), Well not that I know of” . I ended up laughing and asked “Why did you ask, what made you come to that conclusion?”

With almost an insane cuteness he said: “Cause I  have never seen anyone buying so many carrots and oranges together”

There were some 5 people in the queue and they all started laughing hysterically. I said : “No I don’t have a horse but thanks anyway”

Even today whenever I make fresh juice I can’t stop laughing.


Time Machine anyone?

Dailypost ‘s topic # 15 —–>  “If you had a time machine that only let you spend one hour in a different time, what date would you go to? ”

I have been craving for a Time Machine for quite some time now. I have tweeted about it , asking if someone has one and I have super bugged my friends about it on Facebook as well. Alas! Never ever got a positive reply 😦 (:P).

There are so many dates that I would like to visit in my past therefore it is really difficult for me to pick one. (I hope that in my coming future as well, I will be able to write such a sentence :)… Touché)

If I have to pick one, I will pick 29th Nov 2002.

That was the day when I agreed to get married. I turned 22 in September and by second week of December I was married.  I don’t regret it, but I regret getting married so early. If given a time slot of 1 hour with time machine, I will take it back to that very moment and change my decision: to getting married after sometime ( to the same person 🙂 ).

But , as William Shakespeare said:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts..

I guess I am playing my part. :). So, Umm, okay I will not take it back to year 2002.


I will take it to a certain date 😀 . Details about that will not be disclosed  .. hihi. Too special to share.



Oh My Darling!

I missed you so much my darling…

I know, I had been super mean to you, but no sorry can take back the pain that I caused. You have been with me in my ups and down, and now, I feel super bad for alienating you. When 2010 started I promised to spend at least half an hour with you in the evenings and share a cocktail, but after initial dates I kind of moved on. Not that I stopped loving you or something,  but other things became priority and you were kind of pushed down to the list.

But this time, I hope to stay in touch. But for that, you might have to tempt me..  throw your charms and woo me . Take me out on long drives, a dinner date would be awesome and if you wanna force me to be at my best then offer me a drink . 😛

You do know that you are awesome right? You are easy to talk to , with you I feel at ease and I can be myself. I know you are always listening whenever I am pouring my heart out. You put me at ease and allow me to dress you up the way I want to (feeling shy 🙂)

All I have to say in the end is, I love you… I love you so very much. Even though we spend some time apart from each other, but my love for you will never cease to exist.

Stay mine and with me forever.  Hope to catch up with you soon. 😀

Miss you so much!

xoxo :



All those quotes about life are so corny. Earlier they were limited to some random email forwards but lately I get to see them everywhere, be it Facebook status updates or tweets. Alright I will lie if I will say that I never retweeted them or forwarded them.

But till date I am never comfortable in writing big things about life and the way it shapes up every day. The reason behind this could be that I was never a planner. I take life as it comes though I have to admit that it gets really tough when tomorrow strikes hard. Now that is because I am not prepared I at times end up losing something in the process. I know I regret the loss but then I move on.

For me tomorrow is a myth and yesterday was history. Today is what I live in. My friends at times don’t share the same sentiment which is totally agreeable but when I see them appreciating the fact that I am so spontaneous, I can easily catch that little hint of jealousy. I try to make my today a fun place to be in.  Majority of times it works but sometimes it never works no matter how I hard I try and that’s when life transitions into a zip lining rope and I feel like hanging right in the middle, can’t go back and can’t move ahead. Ah!! Who cares? I try and move on.

I don’t think I will ever be able to change my way of thinking. If it didn’t happen till then I don’t see it happening any time soon or not in this lifetime. I guess I am made like this and I don’t regret it.

Whatever I have written in above lines is only applicable in my personal life as when it comes to my professional zone I am a big planner. You will end up seeing a neatly written plan for the project highlighting the tiniest detail possible.

That’s that. See you tomorrow or not 🙂

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