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Wow! March likes February & January :D

Once upon a time there was a school called “WordPress High School”. “February”  and “January” were school’s most beautiful and happening girls.  They  were best friends. One day as they were sitting in the class and chatting, a new guy stepped in.  His name was “March”. He was super hot and both of the girls were dying to be friends with him. After initial introductions they chalked out a plan. They decided to invite him to join the “Postaday2011” group.

“Postaday2011” group meant writing a message on post its, throughout the year. Those messages will be read once a month. Writer of the maximum messages, will get to go on a date with the receiver of the maximum messages. March liked the idea and thought to give it a try .

He made up his mind to write a message every day, to the girl he liked the most. After school he used to pen down his thoughts and drop it in the box where all other messages were kept.  March was waiting patiently for the box to open and on another hand both February and January were getting desperate.

On that note : February got below written messages last month:

  1. Hello February! Meet your friend January
  2. Wordless Wednesday # 2
  3. Feeling silly right now
  4. No post today 😦
  5. Oil painting continued
  6. Sketch # 2 (Sketchy Sundays)
  7. Popcorn fun facts # 2
  8. My favorite Websites
  9. Wordless Wednesday#3
  10. I have a stable
  11. Hello Android, bye bye Symbian
  12. A random act of kindness
  13. Sketch # 3 Silhouette Sketch
  14. Nail Polish, Fun Facts # 3
  15. Living in my oil painting
  16. Wordless Wednesday # 4
  17. Weekly photo challenge # 1
  18. Monsoon : Too late or too soon
  19. Sketch # 4
  20. Flowers’ fun facts
  21. 😦 —>:)
  22. Wordless Wednesday # 5
  23. Life as we know it
  24. Moved on or not?
  25. Sketch # 5

“Postaday2011” Group members,  who dropped by to share their messages:

In the end,  February got to go out with March (he wrote maximum messages). She won. January received 829 messages and February got 983. Oh and January was super jealous.

Feb got max messages on 1st :

Stay tuned to see what happens to January and February’s friendship and if March can stay loyal to February. Next part of story will be posted on April 1st (keeping my fingers crossed)


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