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A Random Act of Kindness!

This incident happened almost 6 years ago but it is still very much fresh in my memory bank.Ā  It might not be a big thing but for me it is one of those unforgettable moments.

It happened when we were coming back from our France trip. We were waiting for a connecting flight. I was staring outside the glass doors of waiting lounge. People were running/walking towards their destinations.

I was deep in my thoughts when I saw a guy. I wasn’t staring but unknowingly I was following his each and every move.

I guess he saw me looking at him and I am sure he would have thought that I was staring (which I was but unconsciously), so he waved at me. I don’t remember what I was thinking. I was so much engrossed in the thought process that even though I was looking at him but I dint notice his wave.

Now you must be wondering how do I know he was waving if I dint notice? Thats because even though I dint notice but subconsciously my mind acknowledged that. Anyway, he waved again and this time I saw he was smiling. He was standing on one of those walking escalators at airports. As soon as I came back to my senses I automatically waved back (hesitantly).

He was about to pass me any moment now and just before that, he did these …..

  • His first gesture was asking me to smile (with his thumb and middle finger at both sides of his lips)….
  • His second gesture was he kissed his first 2 fingers …
  • His third gesture was after kissing his fingers he waved a Peace sign at me..
  • Now I was not only waving back but I was smiling too. šŸ™‚

Whole thing took some 30-45 seconds but the incident got etched on my mind and heart (in detail). That is why I remember all the necessary details . I don’t remember how he looked like, how tall he was and what/how many bags he was carrying . But the couple of things that I rememberĀ  very clearly are his smile and his gesturesĀ  as they did leave an imprint.

Since that moment till date I have never met/seen anyone doing the same thing. But one thing that I learned was how to make some one smile once in a while.Ā  Whenever I see anyone with a very serious expression on his/her face, I use my hand to make them smile, just like the way that guy did. (if the moment and circumstances allow)

Mostly people smile back but once in a blue moon they don’t but I feel good that at least I tried.

I am thankful to thatĀ  RANDOM STRANGER who showed me how to do A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.



Hello February! Meet your friend January. :)

I joined WordPress’ Postaday challenge on 12th,Ā  so technically I am 11 days away from completing a month but still January is over in my part of world too.Ā  So here is a tiny Recap and Highlights.

Posts I wrote:

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  4. Nostalgic once again
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  16. Met my sweetest friend today
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  19. Guava:Ā  Fun facts

Award for the MOST ACTIVE POST goes to: What sort of a girl you are?

Award for the LEAST ACTIVE POST goes to: A teaser (re-blogged) [It was my fault because i messed up the link. šŸ˜¦ ]

People loved to visit my blog on 24th of January – 133 views

A BIG shout out and thanks to all of my friends who dropped by:

My mind twin : Kim

She who visited my blog very religiously : Donna

A very funny guy: Saurangshu

Our very own Garlic girl, who always “LIKED”my posts, even the crappy ones: Debbie

Reconnected with a missed connection: Ellen

Going to take a grammar lesson from: Grading girl

A girl with a HOT Pink blog : KC

He who liked my blog once: Blue note

He who never forgets to reply back to all the comments on his musical page: Daniel

Music composer: Peter Weis

He came and left: Supreeth

She did visit once, a Seattleite in Japan : K

My future blogging buddy: Phyllis

My best friend of 10 years : Vaishali

My childhood friend: Shilpa

My college friend: Jyoti

An old blogger friend: Rupesh

His destination is infinity: Rajesh K


Someone who is madly in love

Tea and Biscuit with Vrij

A health care professional ( I don’t know her name šŸ˜¦ ): Notejar

Poor fellow, stumbled on to my most Girly blog -What sort of a girl you are? šŸ˜€ : Brad

And thanks to all the silent visitors who came and left without saying Hello. Trust me you all rock too.

Because of all the silent,Ā  not so silent and forced (they were forced to visit my page by yours truly :D) visitors, total foot work on my blog for the month of January increased to 829.



Oil Paints PaintedĀ Memoriesā€¦Oil paints painted memories

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