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Wordless Wednesday # 6

San Diego’s Old town in 1872


Wordless Wednesday # 5

Marbles anyone?


Wordless Wednesday # 4

Loved that single rose in the Valentine bouquet I received. That beautiful Red Rose was surrounded by Calla Lillies, Carnations, Daisies and Tulips. All those flowers added to Red rose’s beauty and made it more special and gorgeous.


Wordless Wednesday # 3

Blue and White handmade paper flowers.


I made these tissue flowers for a surprise baby shower party that I threw for my closest friend. I gave it a twist by staging them in martini glasses. The whole house was decorated on a baby theme with handmade decorations. Few weeks ago she gave birth to a cutesy baby boy and OMG he is so tiny and super adorable.  (touché) 🙂




Wordless Wednesday # 2

Clicked at Old Town San Diego


Wordless Wednesday # 1

Starting today, I will be participating in “Wordless Wednesday”

Works well when it comes to words on Wednesday 🙂

I got these gorgeous earrings from India. I simply LOVE them (Oh did I tell you that they aren’t that light to wear, but still looks GORGEOUS) .

Because it is supposed to be wordless, I will stop right here .


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