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Essence of Love!! (my first ever Fiction)

Part – i


Nandini was doing a course in Fashion Designing. She was a very down to earth person. She was not an extremely beautiful girl but very charming and attractive apart from being intelligent and peppy. She possessed an amazing nature cos of which everyone always felt like being with her all the times. Guys used to go GA GA after her and Gals used to feel jealous …


Anyways she was intelligent and was very confident of herself.. There were girls around her who were very studious but Nandini … no, she was not studious, she used to take life as it comes to her ….. and never made any plans for future …. Was just living in present …


While in college … girls always used to gossip about their affairs or boyfriends etc … The other topic used to be of Marriage …. Some wanted it to be a love marriage and some arranged and some both … If someone ever asked Nandini about it …she always used to say Arrange marriage … Kehti bhi kyo nahi … she simply used to love her  parents as her God… but In the depths of her hearts she was yearning to love someone and be loved …. Aisa nahi tha ki no one ever approached her but she was waiting for someone whom she never saw who was the guy of dreams … One day she came to know that one of her friend is getting married and theirs is Love marriage … as soon as she came to know about it she prayed to god silently in her heart … “Oh god … even I want to be in love for once … I want to feel the feelings … I also want to be loved “ ….They say sometimes God is simply hearing to us … so whatever u ask for, be careful in that …. Nandini had no idea that God is listening to her.. But in her pray she asked god for “Only Love” and that’s what god gave her ONLY LOVE…


Days were passing by everyone was getting busy for preparing for campus interviews and all … and so was she. She always wanted to work in some big Export house … and just cos of it never used to sit for the campus interviews if it was not from some company… Other girls used to make fun of her for not doing so. Anyways she was not interested in any of those companies …


But then, one day a very reputed Export house Execs came for interview and she was all set for it. There were 3 rounds… First was a written test and second was Group discussions and those who cleared both the rounds got to sit for interview which was final round … She was lucky she cleared both of the first rounds …. Third round was of interview. She went inside the huge Conference room of her college where those 3 execs were sitting … she at first got a bit intimidated with their appearance as they were all dressed up and looked kind of serious. Anyways she just wanted to clear the interview at any cost … They started asking her questions …. She knew almost everything and the ones about which she had no idea she flatly used to say “ I  m sorry I have no idea about it “ this happened couple of times … Those interviewers looked at each other and she got this idea that this Export House (EH) was not destined for her ..though she did well but she was not happy with her performance. She came out and others went one by one


There were more intelligent people out there for interviews than her …so she was worried. In all around 40 students appeared and only 17 reached to the finals and they were the best of her batch. Interviewers wanted only 3 students out of 17 so she was getting all tensed up … She had one friend named Anjali who was all time topper of her institute and gold medalist as well,  and they were good friends …. Nandini was sure that interviewers will like her immediately… Anyways everyone was tensed up … whole process started in noon and it was 7:30 in eve… Time for results … They called every one inside and started the procedure …They selected 2 guys and 1 Girl … when she heard that her heart sank… she knew the girl will be only Anjali …. Anyways when they told the names it was Nandini and not Anjali …. She was verrrrrrrry happy and so excited on hearing this, as it was dream come true for her, but was simultaneously sad for Anjali as well …. Her eyes filled up with tears of happiness as everyone congratulated her …. She had no guts to go to Anjali and console her as she feeling sad for her from her inside. … But Anjali came to her and congratulated her …


She was very happy and simply wanted to run to her home and inform her parents about the news … Suddenly the Execs came and told that they have also selected Anjali… One of the teachers praised about Anjali to them and so they decided to select her as well  She was very very happy for Anjali and so was Anjali … they both shouted together and hugged each other and were all set to step in their future life …




Part – ii


Nandini and Anjali both shouted together and hugged each other and were all set to step in their future life…


Their joining was on 15th of June but they were supposed to report at HR office on 14th. The day came… as they both used to live very nearby, they decided to go together. They reached there and were looking for the HR department… After talking to Hr head he asked them to meet their boss also… Mr. D (who was one of the execs too when they got interviewed). He told em the directions to his office. When they reached they saw there was no one there. They were waiting for him and meanwhile started dreaming about their coming days in such a big Export House… They were very happy and excited cos they got good jobs ( though their wk department was still not finalized ), they were happy cos they can easily come together and go back in eve and most of all as they were very close friends.


They had been waiting for some 20 mins when Mr. D came. He welcomed them and started talking about their results and stuff. Then he asked them to accompany him as he wanted to tell them their job profiles. When Nandini got to know about her job wk she was not at all happy as she had to be in RnD which she was never interested in as she was a designer but then she accepted it and thought to give it a try at least. Though Anjali was more than happy with her job profile. Mr. D was introducing them to some people meanwhile…


Suddenly out of nowhere this guy came out and started talking to Mr. D… Nandini and Anjali dint notice as they were busy talking to other people and getting introductions… When Nandini turned towards Mr. D…  she saw him standing… Tall… Handsome… Damn Handsome… Fair… wearing blue jeans and crisp white shirt… Her heart skipped the beats; she was literally staring at him. As soon as she realized this she blushed and automatically her eyes moved away from his face towards the floor. She wished in her heart Oh God!! This is the guy … this is the guy I want to be with“… While she was lost in her own world she dint realize that the guy left and Mr. D was calling her… Seeing her lost Anjali spoke her name slowly with clenched teeth and poked her slightly… She came to her senses and saw that hes gone but no there were no introductions with him (she felt sad…)


They kept on talking to Mr. D but in the back of Nandini’s mind that guy was there… It was as if in that one moment he attracted her towards him. Her heart was racing, she wanted to see that guy again but throughout their intro session she dint saw him again. She wanted to talk to him , wanted to know about him … par poochati to kis se?? but ek baat woh  janti thi … ki kuch to hua hai use aaj… jo ahsaas nandini ko hua woh shayad use pehle kabhi nahi hua tha … Her heart was singing the tune of :-


“Kuch to hua hai ..kuch ho raha hai …


Part- iii

Nandini and Anjali stayed there in company for some couple of hours and then headed back …. While coming back Nandini was lost in her own thoughts and in her own imaginary world where she was visualizing herself with him… She was quiet though her mind and heart were playing games with her, they were talking to her… Nandini though not happy with her job profile thought to join it.. May be because of that guy…. Who was he? Is he also working with this company only or was he just a visitor? Will she ever be able to see him again while working there? Lots of questions were lingering in her mind at that exact moment ….


Anjali was observing her. She called Nandini but …Nandini though physically present was lost in her thoughts… They were near a Mall…Anjali called Nandini again “Nandini where are you lost I m calling u since last couple of minutes… Whats wrong are you feeling alright? “In answer Nandini nodded her head and silently said “Yes I m alright Angie “… When Anjali asked her if she wants to go to mall Nandini though dint want to… but thought that it will be relaxing and there she can talk to Angie about that guy… so she agreed to it… They went to Mall and sat in a nice Coffee House…ordered two iced Frappuccinos.


Nandini was quiet … While sipping their coffees Anjali thought to talk to her about what ever is bothering her:

A: Nandini whats wrong with u since we came out of company u r very quiet…its not like u? Is something wrong? Are you not happy with u r job profile?


N: Angie no it’s not a big deal but yea u r right I m not happy with this profile. I m not sure about this job but then I think as it is our first step in real world I should give it a try .What do u say? Seems like u r satisfied with ur profile …..


A: yep I m cool with it… baki lets see how things turn out… Leave my job thingie….. Tell me Nandini… I m very sure its not the job stuff … Is there something else u wanna share…


N: Angie…Did u notice that guy… While we were taking introductions in the Merchandising Department… who came and started talking to MR.D..


A: Oh yea!!! of course I saw him Nandini… He was damn handsome na…Wow…But Nandini what about him?


N: Angie u will not believe this but when I saw him his personality hit me like a rock… He was so good looking … And when I saw in his eye just for couple of seconds ….Oh Angie u will not believe I felt like I m drowning in those two eyes …


A: Angie said teasingly :— Oooooo so mam ko woh janaab pasand aa gaye lagtey hai ( Angie winked at her ) … wo to dikh hi raha tha Nandini ki tu kaise waha blush kar rahi thi


N: Angie kuch nahi ho sakta tera u r na too much … Arey aisa bhi kuch nahi hai but yea I will not lie he sure was damn attractive … ( Nandini dint realize but she was blushing again )


A: Angie was in a mood to pull her leg …. Nandini dear agar kuch nahi hai to why r u  turning pink and why r u thinking about him …hmmmm???

N: Angie the thing is when I first heard my job profile I thought not to go for it but then after seeing that guy I m giving it second thoughts… I think I will give it a try … ( Nandini giggled)


A: oh ho lagta hai Nandini…Tumhe kuch ho gaya hai …. ( Angie was grinning )


N: Angie kuch nahi hua hai.. samjhi…  sudhar ja aisa bhi kuch nahi hai dear I don’t even know him and who knows may be he’s from some other company ….


A: Arey Nandini dear wo sab to kal malum ho jayega na ki if he is working in our company only or some other company … And one thing I m sure Nandini and mind it this time I m serious not kidding … I m sure u liked him in first glance and it will not be a biggie if it turns out that u r in love with him …..  The twinkle that I can see in ur eyes today … Nandini I have never seen ur eyes so lit up….


N: Angie how cud u say that …. Love at first sight …Na never gonna happen to me….( she blushed again )


A: Sweetheart … u must have heard … “ishq par zor nahin, hai yeh woh aatish ghalib jo lagaaye na lage, aur bujhaye na bujhe” ….


After listening to Angie’s shayari Nandini just laughed …. They did some window shopping and thought to head back …While going back Nandini somehow wanted that they should talk about that guy again but then simultaneously she dint want Angie to think that she is in love …. Jin feelings k bare main abhi Nandini hi nahi janti thi unhe Angie se kaise share karti …..


Nandini went to bed par neend kaha thi aankhon mai ..  jaise hi woh apni palkein bund karti uska chehra nandini ki aankhon k saamne aa jata. Nandini halke se muskura di ya ye kaho ki sharma gayi… Nandini was dying to see that guy again and was just wishing in her heart that he is from same company … Nandini ki aankhon k aage se uska chehra ja nahi raha tha aur neend thi ki aa nahi rahi thi … she just wanted to head back to company and meet him .. Nandini ko Angie ki kahi hui baatien yaad aa rahi thi and she was wondering if she is in love … Wo nahi janti thi but then she liked him … she wished to be with him… she is thinking about him at 2 in night … she is unable to sleep … She was wondering if these are the symptoms of falling in love ..


To clear her head she thought to go out on terrace… bahar halki halki baarish ho rahi thi aur halki hawa chal rahi thi …. Mitti ki woh bheeni bheeni khushboo Nandini ko pagal kar rahi thi …. Aaj sab naya lag raha tha use …sab bahut hi acha tha… Nandini bus bheeg jaana chahti thi … Ishq ka asar Nandini par ho chukka tha aur woh ye sab dheere dheere jaan rahi thi …..


Door kahin se ek gaane ki aawaaj aa rahi thi ….jo shayad usi pal k liye hi bana tha……………..


Dekha jo tumko ye dil ko kya hua hai

Meri dhadkano pe ye chaya kya nasha hai

Mohabbat ho na jaye diwaane kho na jaye

Sambhalu kaise  isko mujhe tu bata



Meri hai ye mushkil ab to ye mera dil bus mai hazoor nahi hai

Itna bata de mujhe kaise samjhau tujhe Mera ye kasoor nahi hai

Chahe hum chahe bhi to pehre lagye bhi to Kaise din raat ko rokein

Aag bina ye jale jor na koi chale Kaise jazbaat ko rokein


Yun chahat ho na jaye Mohabbat ho na jaye

Sambhaloo kaise isko …mujhe tu bata





It was a new day. Nandini got up from her dreams and after, what had been a rainy night, she saw the beautiful sun outside, spreading its early morning rays on her charming face… reflecting her beauty to the core. she wore a different look today… coz today she was happy from deep inside…from her heart For a moment she was totally mesmerized by the golden rays which were entering in her bedroom…falling on her pretty face. When u r in love, even things that u never knew existed before, start to make sense and same thing happened to her today or in fact since yesterday. She dint feel like getting up from bed as she was so much engrossed in the sweet thoughts of that guy and on the other hand she was too eager to get up and run to the office too… to catch a glimpse of her Prince Charming, who she didn’t even know will be there at work or not.


The thought of meeting him made her throw the blanket in an excitement and run to get ready. She got ready as fast as she could. She had this glow on her face, unusual glow, and when she looked at herself in the mirror she literally blushed seeing herself.


As today was her first day to work, hugged her parents who blessed her loads of wishes and were happy for her. Nandini was still undecided about her job but she was very much decided to at least give it a shot.


And here she went, running slowly, reached the bus stop and was waiting for her Company’s bus the delay caused was getting unbearable as she had to wait for around 15 minutes which felt like years to her. Then came the bus and Angie waved at her from inside. She waved back and stepped inside. They were sitting somewhere in the middle of the bus and angie was sitting by the window.


A: Hey Nandini …kaisi hai ? Raat ko neend ayi ya nahi ….waise dekh kar to lagta nahi ki u slept at all ….


N: Angie dear good morning to u too.…. Dear abhi to din shuru hua hai aur tum pehle se hi shuru ho chuki ho. Anyways Ji haan neend aayi and that was too sound sleep (Nandini was kind of excited inside as she was hiding the partial truth … as she know it was not a dreamless night but a beautiful night with more beautiful dreams … since yesterday she was having these millions of butterflies inside her…)

A: So dear are u all set to meet your Mr. Handsome ?

N: Angie stop it yaar don’t u think kuch zyada hi ho gaya … ab bus bhi kar kal se pareshaan kiya hua hai … (she made this fake angry face at her though she was kind of  giggling inside ..)

A: ok baba I will not pull u r leg anymore… or should I say till u meet Mr. Handsome… (hehe)




Angie finally agreed and so they sat quiet for some couple of mins and then started chatting about their plans for the evening and all. Bus route was almost of one hour one way so they had plenty of time to kill. They kept on talking and giggling in between their silly thoughts. Nandini wanted to reach the company asap … but well it was not as if she was driving … (Giggles)


Finally they reached. The day started again with some more introductions and they were in their respective departments. Nandini in RnD and Angie in merchandising which was next to RnD only … Nandini talked to her superior in the lab and as it was her first day, he gave her some machine manuals to study for some couple of weeks. She started reading them. All this while she kind of forgot about the guy but then while she was studying one of the Manuals there was this article on Cleached Cotton and  its further testing. As soon as she read “White Cotton fabric “ her heart kind of skipped the beats and she realized how engrossed she was in her study that she forgot about Mr. Handsome (as angie calls him). OH how badly she wanted to meet him … She went to merchandising to look for Angie. Angie was also busy reading some stuff.


N: Angie what are u doing? Busy kya?


A: not much just some fabric merchants files … why was up?


N: lets go and explore our company for a while … what do u says …


A: Oh I c … so do u wanna explore company or wanna look for some one …(she said with this sweet smile on her face)

N: alright angie jab janti hai to poochti kyo hai ? Chal na lets go …


Angie and Nandini started from merchandising department. Went to fabric store,  Processing Lab almost everywhere. They were appearing to get an insight of the department but ankhien toh kuch aur hee dhoond rahee theen kab sey…. But luck evaded Nandini. As both of them returned back to their respective places clearly reflecting frustration on their faces, but decided to meet at lunch time again which was after some couple of hours.


Around 1 o’clock they were sitting in the RnD lab (everyone was out for lunch at cafeteria but they decided to stay). After they were done with their lunch they again started looking for him and this time they searched each and every department and even the cafeteria too. Their new colleagues invited them for lunch but they politely refused saying they already had it and thanked them in return.


The thing was, besides knowing how he looks, they dint know anything about him… his name… his department… or his company (if he worked at some other place). Nandini was getting a bit sad. Angie said Nandini yaar don’t worry, u will definitely meet him if he is in ur destiny, and if he is not, then leave everything to fate … there are some things which are not in ur hands and somehow the earlier u accept them the better off u are… don’t worry yaar …take it easy and said further softly…”waise Nandini, ek baat bolun, my heart says you would definitely meet him. . As Angie assured her… bringing smile on a dry turning face of nandini. Angie was a very sweet friend of Nandini and this gesture of hers induced confidence in her… that’s what friends are for right.


Days passed by one… two… three… seven… ten… but there was no sign of Nandini’s Mr. handsome and she was simply unable to accept the reallity of not finding him but had no choice. Every passing day made her more desperate for him.


It was Friday and she was sitting alone in the lab and had nothing to do so and was simply trying to read some testing manuals. She was sitting on the chair, her left hand placed on her chin and the right one simply drumming the manual which she was trying to read… she was kind of lost in her thoughts. She dint notice the knock on the door.


There was this knock again but this time though she heard the knock she was in no mood of getting up and looking who is there. She thought whosoever is there will come inside, its not like as if she need to unbolt the door. She kept on sitting in the same position drumming her fingers on the manual. She heard someone saying Excuse me Miss … Hi”. She kept on sitting and saw the guy. ”No it was not Mr. Handsome if u r wondering” She said Hi and closed her manual and stood up from her seat to shake the guy’s hand… as he offered his. He said “Hi I m Rahul … seems like u r new hereNandini said Hi I m Nandini and yeah I joined some 10 days back only“ there were some casual talks about the College she passed out from and each other’s job work. While they were talking, the lab’s door opened without any knock and someone entered. Nandini saw him. She simply could not believe her eyes … as they went excitingly open… and … open … and ….open. There he was… her Prince Charming… her Mr. Handsome… standing in front of her eyes, whom she was looking for since last 10 days. In her excitement she dint even blink her eyes and was simply spell bound. He came close to them and said Hi  I m Aryan… and pushed his hand ahead. Nandini kept on standing there without moving even a single inch, it was as if she was glued to the place or someone turned her into a beautiful statue. He said again Miss u okk??“… shakingly… Nandini came out of her thoughts and said nervously hmm … Oh hi… sorry about that… yea I m fine… Nandini saw Rahul was observing her curiously and she cud see his smile. It was as if someone caught her red handed doing some mischievous act. She turned pink. Rahul said “Nandini meet my friend Aryan,  he works in  Garments’  dept”  & Aryan this is Nandini” . Nandini accepted his hand 




Part – v


Nandini accepted his hand and first thing that struck  her immediately was his Prince Charming whose name now she knows i:e Aryan, his hands are so soft. Other thing that flashed in her mind in those couple of seconds of a mere hand shake was how come a guy’s hand are so soft and she sighed …. (Without realizing that Rahul and Aryan are standing right in front of her,  she ending up mumbling some words)“Nandini… did u say something ?“….  asked Aryan… well… Nandini was again caught red handed… (she shouted at herself in her mind … Nandini u stupid …. What the hell u r doing …..) Aryan, no I dint say anything … I guess I was too involved in my manual study that my mind is still lingering there (oh how badly she wanted to hide somewhere. She literally wanted to get under the table and close her eyes tightly)


Suddenly Rahul’s phone rang and he said excuse me and left Lab. Nandini and Aryan were alone in the lab …


Aryan: Nandini where’s Mr. S… I need to get a test done on a swatch .


Nandini: I don’t have a clue … may b some where in Store (she was literally shaking inside, she was very nervous in his company. But still pretended to be confident and stable)


Aryan : oh okk then do u know about this test…  can u perform it ?( he said wid a sweet smile)

Nandini: (though she knew it very well, she heard herself saying: )… Aryan I ve not  started performing any tests as of now … i think I will not be able to do it. You can leave it here (she thought once he will leave she will do the test … anyways test will take atleast half an hr to complete). I can ask Mr. S about it and in return I will learn it and then i can easily do it.


Aryan thought for a second and pulled out his cell phone and made a call Sirji jara ye batatiye ye sample Gap ka apko abhi chahiye ya u can wait for some couple of hours” … “ oh okk … no problem … okkk switched it off and said to Nandini I guess I need it right now… but u don’t worry I know about the test… if u wanna learn it I can let u know !”


Nandini felt weak in her knees (how badly she wanted him to stay but then was very nervous in his presence… now he will be in Lab performing test). She said “Aryan… sure… can u tell me how it is done …” (oh how badly her mind and heart both were playing games wid her and it was as if they both (her innerself) are enjoying the moments )


For almost an hour while Aryan was performing the test he side by side explained it to her and Nandini (as she knew that test well enough)… but pretended as if she is curious about it… (from the corners of her eyes she used to look at him…he was working and explaining without noticing that her beautiful eyes are staring at him. Meanwhile she simply wanted to sit down on her chair and watch him perform the test and to bask under his presence.But she knew it wont be professional hence she kept on faking her interest in the test.


After the test was done Aryan turned towards Nandini and before he could say anything to her… something hit him badly. His hearts skipped beats, he saw the big kohled beautiful eyes staring hm and as soon as he turned those eyes… they blinked,(one word that drummed his heart, mind  and soul was “WOWW”). Aryan controlled his feelings and said “Nandini it was nice to meet u and hopefully I was able to help u understand the test and offered his hand again.


“It was nice to meet u too Aryan. I think Rahul got busy somewhere(she was trying to make a simple conversation)… it was nice to know both of u” and accepted his hand (she ended up saying a very lil prayer in her heart that time “Oh god pls never take this hand away from me”. “I must say u knew the test well enough… Thanx for ur guidance” 


Aryan simply gave a nice smile and left…


Nandini she kept on standing there… glued… as if that lil piece of land is the only thing that was holding her steady. She said dheere se Pls pls pls God never take this hand away from me… I will not be able to live… and her eyes turned into a lil pool of tears.


Whole day passed in a haze. Nandini dint went to Angie to tell about Aryan. While going back Nandini was quiet again so Angie said Nandini yaar itna udaas  kyo hai see i already told you if u r destined to meet your Mr Handsome to tum jarur miloge otherwise nahi… pls cheer up and come out of thoughts… otherwise see mai sare raste bore ho jaungi… yaar come on


Nandini was looking outside from the window lost in her thoughts… and without seeing Angie she said Angie his name is Aryan


Angie literally jumped out of her seat and said “Nandini ki bachi jara idhar dekh kar baat kar … how did u know all this… did u meet him… how is he… I mean who is he… is he in our company… uff kuch to bol..  waise jab ur Mr Handsome mil nahi rahe to roz mere saath dhoondhne jaati thi aaj mile to bataya bhi nahi… I will kill u for sure… ab pls say something


Nandini turned towards her and gave her a shy smile and told her everything. Angie was very happy for her.


On the other hand Aryan’s head was spinning… he was unable to forget those mesmerizing eyes. He could not forget that smile,  he was unable to remove picture of that Sweet and Smart girl… Nandini. After coming out from the lab he called Rahul and asked where is he? Went straight to him and asked “Oye where did u go from lab… aur kiska phone aa gaya tha… that u needed to take it outside… Your girlfriend? Rahul said with a fishy smile Just got busy yaar… koi girlfriend nahi… waise bhi u were having eyes only for her and vice versa to meri to koi jarurat hi nahi thi na

Aryan said kind of lost in Nandini’s thoughts Waise Rahul kuch to hai us ladaki mai… hena?  I mean did u see her eyes as if they were saying something… not something infact a whole lot of stuff Rahul said Tu bata raha hai ya pooch raha hai? Yaar tu bada tez nikala Nandini ki aankhien bhi pad li… Lagta hai ye aag dono taraf lag gayi hai


Aryan tried to control his feelings and said “Rahul come on yaar kuch appeal kiya to kah diya u know that I don’t wanna get involved wid any girl …not right now… atleast not while working in same company. You know ache se that I am concentrating100% on my career… so no though she is a nice girl but I m not interested in her. Now pls stop bugging me and lets not talk about her anymore”. Rahul was shocked after seeing Aryan like this (he was actually kind of rude.. may be very straight forward which Rahul dint expect), so he decided not say anything else to him Chal yaar teri marzi chal fir miltey hai baad mai


Once Aryan was alone his mind was again wandering around her but he knew what are his priorities in life so he pulled his heart and mind out of those thoughts… took a long sigh… had a glass of water… and started working.


On the other side… Nandini… what to say about her… she was totally drowned within herself… lost in her own thoughts, lost in her own world, where there was no one but Aryan alongside… as also that silly smile of hers adding a further cap to her beauty… talking to her self… smiling within herself humming within herself…..


Rishta ye kaisa hai… Nata ye kaisa hai…

Pehchaan jis se nahi thi kabhi…

Apna bana hai wahi ajnabi…


Tumhe dekhti hi rahu mai hamesha…  Mere saamne yuhi bethey raho tum…

Karu dil ki batien main khamoshiyon mai… aur apne labbon se na kuch bhi kaho tum…

Rishta ye kaisa hai… nata ye kaisa hai



Part – vi


It’s been a week since Nandini met Aryan and since that most beautiful day of her life she had been constantly enveloped in those memories… with an eagerness… and urge… utmost urge to get even a glimpse of her Prince Charming as she was unable to meet or see him again. She used to come to work in the hope of at least seeing him even if not talk to him. She just wanted to see him… but luck was evading her every other day… As it is been a week since she smet him for the first time… she was getting desperate. She wanted to see his smiling face… she was dying to talk to him… she wanted to feel his presence near her… Oh how badly she was missing him.


Anjali by now was sure that Nandini is head over heels in love wid Aryan. Though Nandini never confessed her love for Aryan to Anjali but she was observing her. Her dear friend was in pain for sure, Anjali was observing that Nandini is becoming very vulnerable because of all the emotional turmoil. She was getting quieter day by day and Anjali was unable to see her like that. After all they were very close friends since the very first day they joined College. Anjali made up her mind that Today she will talk to Nandini at any cost, she thought that she will try to know her feelings…”


While going to work Anjali’s mind was racing as to how to begin the conversation. Nandini was physically there but her mind and her heart… both were heading in different directions.


Anjali: Nandini… pls tell me what is wrong with u… you know I cant see u like this and now pls don’t deny that everything is great as I can see it in ur eyes something is wrong. Please share it with me. You know na they say that “if u share ur problems with someone then u will feel really better” and dear I know u well enough and I know that how sometimes u become very vulnerable. Please I request u to share ur feelings with me and please trust me whatever u will share I will keep em with me only.


Nandini looked at Angie and she cud see how worried Angie was for her. Even she wanted to talk to some one whatever she is feeling and when Angie asked her with the utmost concern she couldn’t stop herself…


Nandini: On hearing Anjali’ s concern, Nandini felt so overwhelming as she was so eager to talk to someone and who better than Anjali : “Oh Anjali… I really don’t know what’s wrong with me but I guess u know me so well… (and she got tears in her eyes)… I feel Anjali… i m being stupid” (as saying so she cudnt see eye to eye with Anjali.. perhaps her lips were not in synchronization with her heart). “Angie you know that I trust u and I trust u completely, and I know what ever we share it remains our secret but i dont wannt bother you with my silly problems…”


Angie: Nandini please don’t say like that you will never burden me. Whatever heck it is please share it with me yaar. Come on Nandini I know u and I know that simple and small things don’t bother u much until or unless it’s something big… now please tell me. I m not saying that I will be a big help but I can assure u that sharing will make u feel better.


Nandini: Angie the thing is my job profile sucks big time and I don’t think I wanna continue in this company. It’s been more than a month since I m trying but I m sure I don’t wanna try anymore


Angie: Nandini this is not a very big deal. I guess unsatisfaction occurs during ur initial job terms. Its very simple start searching for another job… who is stopping u?


Nandini: Angie yea i already started looking for another job …but… but u know ache se that who and what is stopping me…


Angie: Nandini tell me… I do know the reason but before I cud suggest u or say anything I wanna know it from u just to make everything sure.


Nandini: Angie… I m in Love and u know that I Love Aryan a lot and from the moment I saw him… I fell in love. I know its very clichéd that felling in love with some one at first sight but I guess it happened to me. Now the thing is I met Aryan only once and since then somehow our paths never crossed each other. I never saw him since that day… and… what else can I say. “I don’t know ir if he loves me or not as we never got any chance to talk again” but Angie I know I love him and it is not some stupid crush or infatuation… I m sure of this. Now if I will leave this job then I know I will never be able to tell him about my feelings and may be we will never meet again in this life. And if I continue to stay in this job then for sure I will not be able to give my best to it and moreover I don’t know, if in case I convey my feelings to him… he will reciprocate them………..


Nandini kept on sharing every single feeling and thought she had in her mind and in her heart with Anjali. Anjali listened to her very patiently and she knew Nandini is in mess and something needs to be done.


Anjali: Nandini u do one thing start looking for another job and meanwhile try talking to Aryan and see if it works out between you two… who knows Nandini whats supposed to happen but give it a try at least and be prepared that he may refuse your love. Because its better to be prepared in advance . Baki rahi job ki baat to try karti rah.


Nandini and Anjali kept on talking to each other and Nandini thought to at least go and look for Aryan that day. As its been a month and a half so by now Nandini, Anjali were friends with Rahul. She thought to ask him about Aryan’s whereabouts. She called him up and baton hi baton mai she asked about Aryan. Rahul told her that Aryan is out of station for some 2 weeks. Nandini became very upset and sad.


She thought that meanwhile she will keep on looking for another job. She got interview calls from 3-4 companies. Its been a week since Rahul told her about Aryan and Nandini was desperately waiting for Aryan as she wanted to talk to him once. Meanwhile she gave interview and one of the job offers really appealed her and she thought to join that company. She called Rahul again to ask about Aryan after couple of days and he again said same thing. When ever she used to call him… Rahul used to say he is still out of station though it was almost 3 weeks and Rahul said Aryan will be back in 2. Nandini was worried as she had already given her resignation and she was supposed to leave after 2weeks. She really wanted to talk to Aryan….


One day at work Nandini (through the glass doors) saw Aryan talking to Rahul in his cabin. She was extremely happy to see him. She went to Rahul’s cabin to talk to Aryan or at least ask him about his trip and to tell them about her another job offer. Before she could enter she heard her name and it seemed like that they were talking about her. She got curious and thought to listen…


Rahul was worried and was saying “Aryan this is not right at least talk to her She has already called me so many times and time and again I lie to her that u r not here though the fact is u were out of station for a week only… This time if she will call I will not lie and in fact I will give her ur contact number… come on yaar thas not fair. Anjali gave me some hints about what Nandini’s feelings for you and I guess even if u don’t like her or whatever it is that u feel for her ….its better to tell her rather then avoid her…”


Nandini simply could not hear anything else it was unbelievable… On hearing these words, Nandini was shocked… just shocked… she dint know what was happening, aisa laga jaisey pairon k neeche se zameen khisak gayi. She was literally trembling… dint even realize when her eyes filled up… as clunging her files to her body… she ran towards the washroom… inconsolably weeping within herself… she dint even realise as to how he came to know of all this. She dint realize that Angie let her secrete out… all that was enveloped was… a shock… literal… as entering the washroom… she bursted herself out… though she knew it was all one-sided…nothing at all from his side was ever conveyed.. par fir bhi… she was not able to face this… never… as she cried and cried and cried inside… infact… Nandini ko aaj pata chala… that perhaps from her side… iust was more than what Love is… she never knew she wont b able to accept this fact until today… and this moment… one moment.. one particular moment… it seemed it changed her life forever….as she tried to gather back strength… taking her own time…


After a while she re-arranged herself… and walked out of the washroom… unaware of surroundings… (with swollen eyes). As she walked towards her cabin… she dint even realize and see Aryan passing by her side… she was lost… completely lost… She dint know ven she reached her seat… kept her files on the table… she dint realize ven Angie came and stood by her side… and the moment she saw eye to eye to Angie… she realized that it was Angie who let the things out as she said… arranging her  files… “Angie… Why did u do this to me”very softly


After 2 days she went to Mr D and gave her resignation… She simply bid byes to Angie and left On her way back…she passed through the cabin of Aryan… she dint know y she was going through there… but there was something pulling her to that way… though couple of days had passed by now but till now she was not in her normal self… though she had no complains par fir bhi… she loved him even if he dint… how cud she hide it from herself.. Her eyes were speaking what her lips were not… as she had a last glimpse… one last glimpse… of Love of her Life, at that moment… her eyes dint support her… as tears rolled down her cheeks again… as she passed by. He was sitting there totally engrossed in his work and unaware of those beautiful eyes which were crying for him… just for him…


Nandini Left that Company… Left that department… and may be Left her Love too



Part – vii



Rahul told Aryan some 2 weeks back when he returned from his weeklong trip that Nandini likes him a lot. The moment he heard that, his heart beats skipped. He never had this feeling before for any other girl. Though girls used to come and ask for friendship and all but he never had the feeling which were emerging inside   him on hearing this… These were the words, perhaps, which anyone would always love to hear, as many times. This time it was different and he knew this too but… he held on to his feelings and emotions so as to behave in a non reflective manner in front of Rahul and said  “ Rahul please I m not interested in her and I don’t want to hurt her by saying “No”. so its better that I should not talk to her and if she calls u then just say that hes gone out of station. I m sure its just a mere crush or infatuation. I don’t want to spoil her life or mine as well, as u know my 100% time goes for my work only.” Saying so he left Rahul’s cabin and Rahul who was so much shocked to see how insensitive Aryan became suddenly.


Though Aryan said that to Rahul, but he was disturbed, somewhere in his mind, something was bothering him, was he getting some feelings towards her, was he trying to hold his own feelings…what was that he didn’t know, but he surely had some bells ringing. What was bothering him, why was he feeling disturbed, he didn’t have any feelings towards Nandini, but still, why he felt as if his heart wanted to convey certain things  to his mind… was he getting certain feelings towards Nandini, if yes, then why was he not able to accept this… so many questions running in his mind… (as he left Rahul… )was trying to seek answers for the same but then why was he not able to do so too… Was it really the onset of love……………………….


This happened 2 weeks ago somewhere on 18th of July. Meanwhile many a time Rahul tried to talk sense into Aryan that what ever he feels at least he should tell Nandini by himself and not to simply ignore her… but Aryan was getting very adamant  but from his inside appeared as if he was trying to run away from himself… trying to run away from certain thoughts and feelings which had already taken place inside him… His heart and mind were not in consonance…. Still one thing was for sure, Aryan was feeling some thing new… he was craving something may be affection… but then what was it… which was holding him back… what was it, was it male ego… or was it ignorance???????


After a few days,  Rahul called Aryan and said he wanted to talk to him if he could come to his cabin and Aryan… how badly was waiting for the moment when Rahul again starts this conversation… he was getting more and more eager… to know more about her from Rahul… andar hee andar… felt so happy and relieved  by the mere thought of this… but his mind, still,  was not ready to accept this. He had started getting those tingling feelings in his heart… he had started loosing sleep…. he had started skipping meals… he had started getting lost within himself every now and then… and all that time he was thinking about her only …. After some 15 mins they were talking…………..


Rahul: Aryan she is going….                                                      

Rahul who is going where… Any of ur girlfriend missing kya (he said as if pulling his leg… though within himself… was in slight shivers… as he knew what Rahul was refering)


Rahul: Aryan be serious… Nandini, she is leaving within couple of days. While u were gone for a week or should I say along with ur virtual trip of 2 more weeks (sarcastically)… While u were gone she looked for another job as she is not satisfied with this one from the very first and believe it or not she is leaving day after tomorrow. I have told u n number of times earlier, but perhaps u are not interested in her… still thought of asking u the last time today… are you sure u still don’t wanna talk to her?

It was a literal as well as reflective shock for Aryan now, why and how, even he didn’t know that… all he knew was that the earth is moving under his feet. He never had any feelings for Nandini or he had any ( he was not sure )… if not then why after hearing that she is leaving he is feeling as if some one created this huge vacuum in his life suddenly.. Why is he feeling that his life will not be same anymore.. He was not sure if he was in love or not but one thing was sure that there is something about her that is attracting him towards Nandini… Her innocence… her beauty which always shines like Chandini in night… her awesome smile and those eyes which express world without saying anything at all… till now he never took this seriously, but now, when he came to know that Nandini is leaving, he didn’t even know how to react but one thing was for sure he was already missing her.


Before he could admit being in love, to Rahul, he needed to judge his own feelings with 100% loyalty. He was going out of his mind coz before he could convey any of his feelings, which even he was not sure till date, existed or not,  he heard that she is leaving… But he was still not sure of himself… something was urging him to run to her instantly and hold her… persuade her to stay here… something again was stopping his feet….


Aryan:  ( hiding all the emotional turmoil he said ) That’s nice Rahul that she got her much desirable job.. I guess she is leaving anyways in 2 days there is no point of saying anything at all to her . Once she will be in other company she will make new friends she will forget all about me or even u ( though he gave a smile but his heart was aching too) but this time… his statement reflected pain… and that softness… he cudnt raise his eyes to Rahul… coz it was Rahul who always insisted that he should talk to her… but it was He who always ignored her, shayad taken her for granted…


Rahul: “Aryan this is not right at least talk to her She has already called me so many times and time and again I lie to her that u r not here though the fact is u were out of station for a week only… This time if she will call I will not lie and in fact I will give her ur contact number… come on yaar thas not fair. Anjali gave me some hints about what Nandini’s feelings for you and I guess even if u don’t like her or whatever it is that u feel for her ….its better to tell her rather then avoid her…”and Aryan… lost in his thoughts, dint even realize what all Rahul was saying as he was already walking back to his cabin in slow steps… holding certain intense feelings inside him… which terribly  needed an outlet… on way escaping himself from hitting the pillar in the office……


Aryan was now getting desperate to talk to Nandini… He had her number once Rahul gave him when he got Nandini’s number. His heart beats were increasing… he closed all files in front of him… closed his eyes… trying to relax himself… the moment he did so… he saw her face in front and got up in excitement. Ab yeh pyaar nahin to aur kya tha. He was too much disturbed by everything… should he call her up… should he meet her in person… irrespective of whatever he will choose to do… he was thinking if he should convey his feelings to her… or should he flow with the flow.  He dint want to come in way of her career too but then, how cud he decide anything of his own without even talking to her… so many self created thoughts… he  was fighting with himself as if he was talking to his inner self ( he was getting more and more tired of that hesitation… )


Banging himself in some kinda frustration, he got up and walked out of his cabin, he didn’t know where he was heading too but he cudnt sit in his cabin… just walked out… his mind was lost. While thinking all this he saw Nandini coming from other end… she was not looking good… she was not looking sad either… but there was something in her which was clearly missing this was the first time he observed her so closely… she was not the one with an enduring smile whom he shook hands with in the laboratory almost a month ago… her charm was visibly missing… both of them lost.  Perhaps neither of them realized that they passed each other… (as they crossed each other)… at that very moment… his right shoulder brushed passed her right… and in a flash both of them turned their faces back and in a flash both of them turned their faces back and saw eye to eye with each other… staring… with some kind of folded obsession… totally expressionless stare… as if it was a shock for both of them to be so close to each other… yet not in their normal senses…eyes wide open


He then tried to cover up the situation, and in fact helped Nandini recover from  an embarrassing position which she was getting in in front of him, and which he was realizing too…..even he was not in his normal senses but don’t know from vere he got that power…that power to feel Nandini as His own and to save her from getting into any reflective moments…and in a fraction of a second he made up his mind to talk to her at the very next opportunity….but his mind was so restless…was dying to create that opportunity both of them passed by…holding themselves… the run he could feel clearly that her eyes were all Red ..something was terribly wrong with her and she had been crying….in fact crying a lot…..her face..her eyes..conveyed  it all……as regaining senses she quickly moved in front without paying much attention to him…. Her this gesture stirred Aryan completely……and that was the moment he realized that…Yes…I am in Love….he realized as if she avoided him…he felt like crying out loudly to her…Nandini..plz stop… I want to talk to you…..Don’t  go plz… but he couldnt …was going completely crazy … He thought that may be its best not to talk to her at all………or even if it is…not at the moment atleast…


Yes, it was love, every one has a picture of his or her beloved farmed in his mind and for Aryan, it so appeared to him that Nandini was that girl, Nandini was like that Chandni he always sought , Nandini had that pull in her which was attracting him day by day….but then what took him so long to realize it……why he didn’t have that courage in him to come up and say that to nandini earlier…..votever it was….he felt like punching himself for all he had done earlier….


On Monday, after reaching office, he was trying hard to work as usual in his glass walled cabin, turning pages here and there but ven ur heart is absent u cant achieve anything…be it Love, be it work. and same he was going through too. He was cursing himself too as to why he didn’t talk to Nandini earlier, why he always ignored her… was that the male ego which now cud not tolerate one sight of avoidance   from the gal whom he ignored till date. No… it was not… He just realized his Love for her… He realized that Nandini was never at fault… that if he would have talked to her things wud have been different  His heart wanted to run to her and console her and comfort her in her pain whatsoever ….in the process wanted to ease out himself….wanted her with hold her hand and feel her


Aryan felt someone observing him from some far end but when he looked up there was no one… his imagination playing games with him now ?????


(3rd sep) So the day came….Nandini left…yes…she left her job….she left Aryan….she ;left her Love ……joined a new organization ….time passed…..days after days… weeks….it was a month since she joined now…. She was satisfied with this job and was sure to continue… Good job profile… Good Salary… Good colleagues… What else a fresher needs. But was she happy?… was she content that she got her dream job? The answer is NO she was not at all… Reason I guess by now u all know… Her first and only love even refused to talk to her forget about saying “No” ”…..she will never be able to forget him… and she knew by her heart… that now she wont b able to love anyone in her Life.


Days were passing by quickly but yet slowly for Nandini. She was all settled up in her new daily routine. It’s been a while since she talked to Angie or Rahul. Whenever either of em called her she never picked it up. Shayad she was running away… running away from her own friends…no she was not running away from her friends….she was running away from herself…from the Nandini who loved Aryan…. from the hurt and the pain she felt….. Nandini was slowly transforming into this quiet girl from once being a peppy and most funny girl among her friends. Though she was trying hard to control her feelings for Aryan but more she was trying to forget her more he was becoming this undying memory for her.


Nandini made new friends. But these new friends of her had no idea that how much in pain she was. They always thought of her as a beautiful, quiet girl with always glittering eyes and a slight smile on her face. But no one cud see or feel the dam behind those glittering it was sure…once that dam broke…she would not be able to hold herself…so all the times she was trying to hold herself…to control herself….the best she could….her lips were smiling…her eyes were not….she was faking happiness…and had decided to live with it…

( how true it is….isn’t it really difficult to be ur normal self in such a situation…how can ur eyes smile ven ur heart is crying…)


One day, reaching back home, her mom said Nandini there is a letter for you. Nandini blankly said ok I will check it out later, as she was not expecting anyone’s; hence she was not in hurry… Though she was wondering who writes letter in today’s internet world. After spending some time with her parents and watching TV and having dinner she went to her room. She forgot all about that letter but as she was just going to sleep she saw it and switched on the lamp to read it…. There was no senders address or name … she opened it and there also there was no sign… nothing at all…she was surprised. as to who would have sent that …curiosity griped her…

It was a poem in fact which said……


No matter what happens

No matter what you do

I hope u will stay the same

I hope u will always be you


God made you special

No one can take that away

So when the problems call and darkness falls

Never forget that someone cares about you


Let nothing get you down

And when the lives get rough

Simply smile

Smile like a circus clown J


Always smile as when u cry my eyes get wet and your tears rolls down on my face…


The moment she read that, she was in tears, tears of some unknown joy and happiness flowing within herself all of a sudden…. she was touched by the emotions in the poem but who sent this to her…who was he or she who cared for her…who cared for her smile… Nandini had no clue… She wanted to thank that person who send her those comforting words… coz this was the time ven she badly needed them…


Part – viii


Nandini from last one month was trying hard… in fact very hard to forget Aryan but was it so?…was she trying to forget Aryan?…no…that she could never do now. She was just trying  to better that mask on her face… that mask of smile… that mask of happiness … that mask of laughter. But the more she was trying the more she was getting vulnerable… as Nandini was a very simple girl who had never faked anything in life  After reading that poem which some stranger sent to her in an unmarked envelope she was constantly wondering… Who could that be? Who could that stranger be for whom she matters so much that he/she wrote such a beautiful poem for her which was full of life? And more importantly… a person who knew exactly what she was going through… who knew that she needs someone to put life in her through the comforting words.

She was wondering if she should call Angie and ask her may be she is the one or Rahul or is it Aryan. As soon as Aryan’s thoughts crossed again… her face reflected that smile… her eyes shone bright… she virtually closed her eyes and folded her hands in utter excitement… “Oh God… plz God plz… let it be Aryan only, please.” But as soon as she wished all this, whole conversation between Rahul and Aryan flashed in her mind… and sadness gripped her again.  All her unseen dreams, which woke up a moment ago, were shattered all of a sudden… thinking about that conversation… she could not hold herself any longer… & broke down…went running to her room… bolted the door… threw herself on the bed… digging her face in the pillow… crying and crying and crying… She was trying hard as not to wake her parents up… crying badly covering her face with that tear soaked pillow of hers.

Is it that easy to forget your Love or is it difficult? But for Nandini, nothing was easy at the moment… while she was at work she tried hard to control her feelings and tried to be friendly with everyone and to concentrate on her work and career. But as soon as she got free from work only thing that was occupying her mind… her thoughts was… Aryan… Aryan… and only Aryan. She used to wonder… Why Aryan did this to her… Even if he dint like her he would have said it to her directly rather then ignoring her… So that means he dint want to hurt her feelings… is that so? If this is the case then though he doesn’t love her but for sure he is genuine guy and cares for someone else’s feelings and may be… may be he loved her. May be he was not able to convey his feelings for any reasons… may be he  never got any proper moment to express his feelings… but no… he had lots of opportunities to express himself… only if he was interested in her. 

He had her phone no… he could have called her up…  he could have said it to Rahul if he loved her… and indirectly she would have known….so he was not short of moments at least. So many “may be’s” running through her mind…every now and then…as every time she got herself engulfed in such questions… each time she use to end up in tears. Nandini was thinking too hard… and ultimately every time she used to have this conversation with her she used to come to the conclusion that “No he dint love her… otherwise he would have never ignored her at least”

Ye sab sochte sochte aur rote rote Nandini ko kab neend aayi use malum nahi chala.

For whole of the next day she was exceptionally quiet. She was not even trying today… She was not talking to anyone, was just busy doing her work, in fact trying to avoid having any talk with anyone…and literally threw herself in work. But she was not getting her thoughts even near to that. Her head was splitting coz of last nights breakdown… her eyes were swollen and pink. She was in a real mess… few of her friends asked her whats wrong with her today… but she simply said its cos of headache nothing much and gave them this smile behind which she was hiding all the pain and tears.

Her Mom was observing her silently since few days and was really worried now. She knew for sure something was wrong…very wrong. Should she talk to her Dad… should she talk to her first… whatever… but it was high time coz   Nandini was not her usual self these days. She thought it’s wise to ask her first to which she replied “No nothing is wrong it’s simply workload of new job nothing much… please don’t worry…  I m perfectly ok” after saying this she simply lowered her eyes and continued with her stuff.

Every time her Mom asked her she used to reply same. Once her Mom tried asking her everything in detail… She asked her why she is not talking to Anjali… Why she is so quiet these days and always looked sad… Why she is becoming a loner?  Nandini though told her mom that nothing is wrong in very satisfied manner… but her mom knew something is not right and she thought to ask Anjali as she was very much disturbed and worried about Nandini. Her sudden deterioration of attitude towards life was killing her Mom… She was worried that if Nandini doesn’t share things with anyone… she may fall ill. She called Anjali and asked her if she had any idea whats wrong with Nandini. Anjali tried very hard to satisfy Nandini’s mom… and said that she will drop by today and ask Nandini by herself…

In the evening when Nandini came home… face lowered as usual… eyes expressionless… as if a person without soul in her….her Mom greeted her at door  with another letter for her. While giving her the letter… Her mom asked her if she want to share who is writing to her… She dint lie and told her “Mom yesterday the letter which u gave me had no name or sign or returning address but there was this very beautiful poem and I loved that poem… it was full of all the positive vibes u know… but ma I m telling u the truth, if u ask me who wrote this then I don’t have a clue”… Her mom felt a lil relaxed that at least Nandini is sharing things with her. She thought not to ask Nandini anything else as she may think that her Ma is not allowing her privacy and this may lead her not to share things with her at all. So she dropped that topic there and they started talking about some other stuff… and eventually Nandini rushed  to her room… getting more and more eager to be alone…  to read that letter.

Nandini went to her room making an excuse (to freshen up) to her mom… couldn’t wait more now… was dying to read that letter. As she dint want to show her curiosity to her Mom… so she went to her room and then to washroom… hurriedly opened the letter with all dying curiosity… wishing simultaneously that she should at least get some clue in this letter… more so that it is Aryan… and ONLY ARYAN… her fingers were moving quickly but trembling when she was opening that letter…

When she opened it… there was another poem written in that same beautiful handwriting… again without sender’s identity… It said

I think of you … This is all I do

I sleep in nights … I think of you

I dream and I think of you

My day starts with your thoughts

My night ends with your thoughts


When I look at the blue skies

I see your face shining so bright

When I look at the dark skies

I see your beautiful and mesmerizing eyes


Your beauty casts a spell on me

Your smile is the only thing that I see

Your voice lingering in my heart

The thought of not being with you tears me apart


But you please smile

Beauty like you comes once in a while

I can’t see you low and sad

Believe me as you are thinking, life is not even half bad


I know my last poem made you cry

Believe me you were not alone when u cried

Though I m not there by your side

But nothing from me you can hide


Hey Nandini Promise me if u can… that too to a stranger that “you will never cry”


Godddd… she was going mad now… after reading this poem something happened to Nandini.  She felt so joyous as if Aryan had held her in her arms… though she didn’t know who it was (but in her unconscious mind she started thinking that its only Aryan no one else can write to her in that manner). She didn’t realize when tears came in her eyes… tears of hidden happiness… with some kind of strange feeling of satisfaction blooming in… She smiled… smiled from her heart… not that fake smile she was getting use to. And suddenly… as if she had an Epiphany she said to herself… Yes…I would not cry again…with some kind of determination in her heart… keeping her eyes closed… She thanked that stranger. She said in her heart “ I don’t know who you are… how do u know me… but your words are putting some life back in me… though I cant promise you that I will not cry but one thing I will promise that I will try. I m the lucky one who felt love… many people never get to know this feeling… why should I cry just because that my love dint reciprocate my feelings… it’s not his fault… hes not to be blamed… neither is it my fault… then why should I cry… I will never cry … Thank you so much My Angel”

Then she prayed to God “Oh god please always bless my Angel”. Washed her face… came out, had her dinner hurriedly with her parents… she wanted to be alone… her Mom was silently observing the changes flowing within her… finished off with her diner and went back to her room… read the poem again…sailed again in the boat of thoughts… and went to sleep.

Next day she got up went to work and was very happy for whole of the day with a genuine ray of confidence inside her… Her friends were very surprised to see a changed Nandini today. They were really very glad for her. Nandini… she called Anjali after almost a month… Anjali was very happy to see Nandini back to herself as Nandini was again sounding all pepped up… laughing and giggling… feeling happy from inside. Nandini even called Rahul they talked for some 10 mins. She asked him about Aryan simply “How is he?”  nothing more nothing less.

She desperately wanted to meet her Angel but how, she had no clue…somewhere in her mind she had not erased the possibility of him being Aryan.

After reaching home she thought maybe she will get another letter today with some beautiful and full of life poem… But alas! there was none. Her parents were very happy too to see her happy… it seemed like life’s been felling in its place again.

She was checking her mails when she got a mail from some unknown address… whose subject said: – “I guess sending mail is a bit easier… so there will be no letter today”

Her heart suddenly started racing and she opened it Again there was no name but couple of lines only that read:

“Thank you so much for smiling and I wish u will always smile like this throughout your life… I m sorry that I could not send u another poem but will send it next time for sure. Take care and always smile Nandini”

Nandini was so happy to see the mail as now she can ask the name of her Angel…


Part – ixth


As soon as Nandini read that email.. her eyes glittered, a somewhat unique kind of smile came on her lips, something really genuine. She immediately  mailed back her Angel asking his or her Name, identity, in fact had so much to ask but restricted herself to begin with. . She realized the importance of that Angel in her Life, who had converted her Life back into some kind of state of happiness and was so eager to know as to who that person is, selfless person, who was doing so much for her. She dint even know how to refer to her Angel… as a “HE” or “SHE”. As such,   she even asked as to how should she address. She desperately wanted to talk to her Angel and if possible to meet and to convey her thanks too.


After mailing, she went to bed, but it so appeared as if her sleep was gone… vanished… so many thoughts were flowing in her mind and on top was her Angel… kept on turning sides… eventually… sochtey sochtey pata nahin when she fell asleep. She got up in morning and the first thing that struck her was to run to the computer. She knew there must be a mail waiting for her. She dint even switch off her computer last night as she dint even want to waste time in switching it on… immediately logged in. She literally jumped from her chair when she saw the mail from her Angel. She was feeling as if the mail is taking ages to open up and she was getting very restless. Finally after some 5 secs it opened… but those 5 seconds… they literally drained her out …


Hi Nandini…

I already knew that u will immediately mail back as soon as u will read my mail. So dear the thing is I will tell u who I m but not now, wait for sometime. Let me see that u r 100% happy and then I will know that I achieved my mission to make a sweet and beautiful girl happy. And   that will be the day when I will meet you (yes will meet you ). Therefore now our meeting is in your hands only   and condition u know… “Its only your happiness which is my mission” Jitani jaldi you will be 100 % happy utani hi jaldi we will meet… Now give me that beautiful smile of yours..


Keep smiling dear ?



PS: for ur reference u can use “HE” 


Reading the mail, Nandini was lost,  lost within herself,   was so overwhelmed with so much of sweetness and that too from some one whom she doesn’t know. By now the feeling of respect towards that stranger had already been formed in her mind, she was wondering as to how come a person be that much giving She immediately replied back saying:

Hi dear Angel

Thanx a lot for replying back. And I will try to meet you asap.

You please take care and THANX FOR EVERYTHING U R DOING FOR ME..

You have no clue what u r doing for me.

God bless you

You pls take care


For whole of the day Nandini was full of life and zeal, full of peppiness as she used to be, so much full of energy who could infuse energy into others… she was happy throughout the day. She simply dint want to be sad at all. In fact jab jab Aryan ki yaad ati… even then also she was smiling thinking about her love for him. She kind of blocked all that conversation which she overheard. She simply wanted to be happy in her Euphoric state. She checked her mails many a times just to see if Angel mailed back but there was no mail. But still she was not sad at all. She was sure she will see it by the time she will be home.


Day passed through, she proceeded back home… while coming back today… realized that it was a very beautiful and pleasant eve of November. That beautiful sun almost touching the earth and felt like as if it is trying to kiss the face of earth. She could see all the birds flying… she thought those birds must be very happy to be back to their nests. She could see the silver linings around those big cottony clouds and sun which was shying   away… shying away from anyone who can see it kissing the earth. And here was Nandini, going back home, walking down the street, lost in her beautiful world… enjoying the beauty… but then, was today different from the rest of days… no it wasn’t, only difference was that today Nandini was in her own beauty, lost in practically each moment… and most importantly… be it or not… but her heart said… N andini… your Angel is none other than Aryan… and only Aryan…


With the tornado of thoughts in her mind She reached the bus stop and boarded the bus which was already there. Her cell phone rang and before she could answer… it stopped ringing. She checked the number but she cud not recognize it. So she thought to call back. Some one picked from other end:


Nandini: …Hi i got a miss call from this number… Who is it ?


Other end : … Hi Nandini


Nandini: Oh My Goddddddd… she was literally shocked… she was trembling… her feet were shaking… she got the shock of her life… this was one voice that was always echoing in her mind since last couple of months… And now… now she was dumbstruck… she was not able to utter even a single word… her face turned red… not sure what to say… despite knowing who he was… knowingly… she softly whispered who’s it … I m sorry I dint recognize you it’s a bit noisy here…… But fact was that she was gaining time to be normal.


Other end :  Nandini its Aryan


Oh My God… Aryan… Aryan who is her Life. It so felt to her as if she had got her Life… suddenly she realized how badly she was missing that voice… phone held to her ears… her eyes closed… and tears started rolling down   her cheeks… use kuch samjh nahi aa raha tha wo kya kahe… How should she say anything… what  should she say… why did he call?  All she wanted at the moment was to hear that medicated voice again and again… still… tried to be a bit normal… and said… Hi Aryan how are you?


On the other hand, Aryan too, was so much filled up, during the past had realized what Nandini meant to her too, and what a fool he had been not to talk even once and let things happen as they did… without bothering to hear what she asked and all… He replied in a single breath… Nandini ek baar baat to kari hoti ek baar bhi nahi socha ki once you will leave to mera kya hoga. I know I have not been good to you. Par ye to saja ho gayi na mere liye that one person whom I loved the most ” YES NANDINI… I  LOVE YOU…  HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU… SHAYAD FROM DAY ONE NANDINI…” but I guess was not sure of my feelings hencei never tried to coney em but as soon as I realized… you were gone. My heart has been cursing me… have not been able to sleep peacefully for a day since then… I missed you like crazy. Ho sakta hai ab tuk tum mujhe bhul chuki ho aur may be u met some one… some one who means a lot to you … but I… I simply cant hold my feelings for you any longer so I just wanted to tell you. I m not asking anything from you… bus wanted to tell you that Nandini I love you. I m sorry for everything and sorry for all the pain I caused. Ho sake to please forgive me……..


And imagine the plea of Nandini… who was always dying to hear these words   . uski ankhon se aanson k nadiyan is tarah se gir rahi thi jaise use doobo dengi. Bus ke sheeshe se bahar dekhte huye she was trying to cover her face from her right hand and her left hand holding the phone….profusely crying….


She simply said: Aryan kya mai 10 min mai phone karun please. Saying so she switched it off. Got down at the next bus stop. And started walking… kahan ja rahi thi kuch idea nahi tha…She had no idea where she is heading. She wanted to be alone…   alone as to bask under the love of Aryan which he just expressed… That love which she felt for him in her very first glance… the love for which she was dying. She simply didn’t want to come out of those moment. Usey laga as if life has suddenly changed for her… par andar hee andar… a thought too that how could she be so lucky… is God playing a game with her… how could she… just how could she be on verge of getting something she always desired… (perhaps these are the negative thoughts which envelop us when we are about to get something we dream in life..)


Chaltey chaltey she saw a restaurant… immediately wiped her tears… went inside. Asked for a table… sat down there for a couple of minutes par ansoon they k rukate hi nahi they. Usey khud nahi samajh aa raha tha why was she crying… ab to she should b happy as Aryan feels same for her but why was she crying… kya khushi k ansoon yahi hote hain? Shayad use aaj malum ho gaya tha… She rushed  to the restroom and simply let her tears flow as much as they could… she dint try to hold herself… shayad wanted to let all what had been accumulated inside her since past months flow out once and for all… but   suddenly she realized that she promised to herself and to her Angel that she will never cry… thinking so she wiped her tears… splashed her face with water.


What was the extent of her happiness today… no one can judge it. She was feeling on top of the world…   jindagi mai shayad aaj apne aapko sab se jada khush aaj mehsoos kar rahi thi… she wanted to fly like a bird… she wanted to dance like a peacock… she wanted to jump like a baby… She was going mad… indeed… bilkul pagal see ho gayi thi. She wanted to enjoy these precious moments… Ohh… how badly she wished that she had recorded those lines… which had infused life into her…   She wanted to tell everyone that YES her Aryan loves her too… She wanted to shout out loud… With lots of thoughts she came out of restroom and was dying to call Aryan back. She even wanted to tell the Waiter who was serving her water that Aryan loves her… This is love… love that makes you crazy…


Oh….as soon  she realized what all she was thinking she smiled within herself… keeping a straight and normal face for the world out there… OH! She was very happy… She immediately called Aryan


Nandini: Aryan…


Aryan: hmmm…


Nandini: Aryan, I love you… ( oh and she blushed… her heart beats were racing… had so many butterflies… she wanted to see him… Its been more then 2 months now.. She wanted to hug him.. she was literally going mad… mad out of love.. excitement and happiness)


Aryan: Nandini I love you too … in fact I love you so very very much .. I cant live without you anymore… no more Nandini. Please meet me as soon as possible… I m dying to meet you..


Nandini: Aryan where are you… I can meet you right now… just tell me the place and I will be there


Aryan: Nandini… restaurant se baahar aa jao…


Nandini: whatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…. uski to jaise jaan hi nikal gayi ye sun kar…  her eyes widened in excitement… the feeling that Aryan is around…killed her.   She was shocked… Shocked out of such a memserising surprise… Her mind was also racing now along with her heart… he knows that I m in a restaurant and that means he is here some where. Immediately she shelled out a Hundred rupee note for a Bislery, to the waiter and without waiting for the balance… She was already running out of the restaurant She was trying to get that glimpse of Aryan… She was dying to see him. Par itne logon ki bheed mai use Aryan najar nahi aa raha tha… she was getting more and more desperate…


Nandini: Aryan…  Aryan please tell me…  tell me… Where are you? Why can’t I see you ?

Relax Nandini I can see you … You are looking beautiful in your Black and Blue combination..


Nandini looked here and there but usey Aryan kahin najar nahi aa raha tha… her knees were melting now… her lips were trembling as she ran here and there….


Nandini: Aryannnnn plzzzzzzzzzz… tell me where……… ( abhi itna hi kah payi thi… she saw him… he was standing right opposite to her on the other side of the road..   his arms folded and he was slightly leaned on the tree next to him… standing by his car… and smiling )… and… Nandini ki to haalat kharaab ho rahi thi…    that first sight of him after so many days… Oh Goddddddddddddddddd….. the moment she saw him… just kept on seeing him… spell bound… She fell in love with him all over again. She literally ran towards him… and Aryan… switched off the phone and started to walk towards her. Nandini was not at all bothered about the traffic on road… She simply ran towards him… Traffic was literally honking at her… Some one even shouted out of his window …”marna hai kya…”  ( Aryan was getting worried now…  seeing her running like this on road…   he immediately… tried to cross the road).. But before he could even touch the road… Nandini was there… right in front of her…

At first they kept on staring to each other for some couple of minutes and then Aryan opened his arms .. for her…  and she… she walked in to them shyly… They hugged each other tightly… in the middle of the crowd… unaware of surroundings. They were least bothered about those who were staring at them. From no won wards they knew that…   They had eyes only for each other now… even their heart beats got synchronized in just one hug…


Aryan: Pagli aise kaise road par u were running … kuch ho jata to…………………


Nandini: Aryan I m sure ab aage jo bhi hoga acha hi hoga….


And they kept on embracing each other………….



Part – xth


 It was a very beautiful evening of November… with a pleasant breeze. Farm house was all lit up in many sorts of lights… there were those lil cute bulbs and then those big ones which were totally lighting up whole of the farm house. It was glorified with lotsa of flowers… Flowers which were arranged in an exotic and mesmerizing arrangements… Flowers ranging from all sorts of roses… Chrysanthemum…. Dahlias… There was a small man made pond in one corner… with crystal clear blue water…  in which there were few ducks were swimming…   by its side there were some 6-7 figurines holding pitchers… couple of em  dancing… on one end there were long tables with 4-5 different cuisines… ranging from Indian.. Chinese… Continental… Mughlai and there were some comfortable chairs and sofas all covered up with red and golden net… for the guests to be seated… some where on the other end there was DJ playing his best beats …

 Nandini was sitting on a comfortable couch dressed up in all traditional red lehenga… by the glass door on 2 nd floor which was opening in patio…  and she was observing the whole evening and guest coming in though she was not able to make out who is showing up. She was alone in the room for a while… all her friends got to know that Baarat was coming and they left her sitting alone with lots of emotions… she simply couldn’t believe that she was marrying her ANGEL… And she was very happy and was smiling inside Nandini got lost in her thoughts

 It was as if a fairy tale was shaping up… it all started when some 2 years back Aryan confessed his love for her one evening. The day which was probably the most happiest day in her life before today.. Aryan and Nandini both were madly in love with each other though they confessed it some 10 mins back only but it was like as if they were always made for each other… came to this earth just to spend their life with each other and to cherish each others feelings expectations happiness… everything …

 They went to a coffee shop and ordered two Frappuccinos and kept on sipping slowly. Both were quiet but it was like as if there hearts and mind both were getting synchronized and as if they could literally hear what other is saying… Nandini was sitting with her eyes lowered and was aware of Aryans glances and Aryan he simply wanted to look at her… wanted to absorb her beauty in his heart and to bask in it.


Nandini said slowly with her gaze lowered : “Aryan Thanks”

 Aryan :  Nandini.. Why r u saying thanks… Nandini please don’t say thanks for anything I love you and though I know I should have expressed it to u earlier but I guess I dint know what Love is and how it literally sweeps u off from ur feet. But “thanks”… Thanks I should say to u… you told me what is Love…You told me its What is the actual “ESSENCE OF LOVE” Nandini unknowingly u planted that love in me which abandoned me in all the hustle bustle of my daily work routines and career.. Janti ho when I first saw u.. even my hearts skipped beats… it felt like as if some one casted a spell on me…   I felt as if a beautiful Fairy is standing in front of me… Fairy with the brightness of Moonlight… That was the day till today though I dint know that I fell in love with u then and there only but I always compared u with the Chandini… or should I say the way Moonlight brightens the dead dark silence… covers whole of the earth in silver beams… I felt u did same to me…. Nandini will u be able to forgive me for whatever I have done to u… will you be able to forgive me for all the tears that came in ur beautiful eyes just because of me….

 Nandini was blushing after hearing what Aryan feels about her… but she felt very bad after seeing that he is feeling bad… She dint know what should she say… her cheeks were turning pink… She looked at Aryan with her ever beautiful eyes … Aryan pls don’t say like that… there is no need to sorry… u r here and this is the only truth… Aryan I just want to live in present and for me my present is u..   pls never say sorry… you were true to your heart… and to me… and to everyone around u… I know that u never meant to hurt me… Aryan I fell for u when I first saw u on the day of my orientation in company and somehow I always knew that this is love though initially Anjali dint agree and said that it may b some lil crush or infatuation… but Aryan I always knew that it was some how… what I felt that day I never simply had that feeling ever… Aryan pls never feel sorry for anything….

 Aryan after hearing Nandini’s thoughts Aryan cursed himself at first as why dint he say he love her earlier but now he dint wanna waste even a single second of his life and he held her hand softly said Nandini u know what u r beautiful inside out… though we haven’t spent much time with each other but I know that u r an amazing girl… and I m lucky that u love me… and Nandini I will always love you no matter what


Nandini’s heart was racing… for her it was unbelievable that her Aryan also loves her and holding her hand in his… those hands which she shake for the very first time some 4 months back and ended up praying to god for her love… she simply thanked god in her heart for everything …

 They kept on sitting and listening to the beautiful songs which were playing in coffee shop and talking and sharing their life… their thoughts… their feelings… their emotions… Suddenly Nandini thought about Angel… and she asked Aryan

 Nandini:   Aryan why did u hide that you u r my angel …

 Aryan:   he looked at her quizzically and said… “Nandini what do u mean”

Nandini:  I know… Aryan wo tum hi they na who was sending me those letters, mails and was trying to keep my moral high when I was literally touching the lows… and it was only u na who wrote those beautiful poems…

 Aryan :  Nandini what r u saying… I don’t have a clue what are u talking about… Mails… letters… poems… I don’t know what u r saying… pls explain

 After listening Aryan Nandini’s heart beats skipped and she wondered who is her angel She told him everything how she got this anonymous letter one day with a beautiful poem and then next day too and then mails.. and the promise she did as to always to keep smiling…

 Aryan said …  Nandini I never wrote anything like that to u… but you know what… he said teasingly wo jo bhi hai I m sure cares for u a lot… may be some one from ur work place   or friend circle… may be he also likes u… see tum ho hi itni pyari… how can one keeps his heart in control….

 Nandini was worried now… She said…  Aryan pls stop teasing me… agar wo tum nahi to fir kaun hai… who knows so much about me as my address and my mail  id… I will never talk to him again…   But Aryan waise I also know that he is a genuine guy and not one of those weirdoes… hes been exceptionally good wid me… always wanted to see me happy… Aryan but I will not talk to him at all

Aryan:   ok ok Nandini pls relax… see he is basically a nice guy and see ye to hai that he for sure cares for u… I m not teasing u Nandini but this is truth… as otherwise why will anyone try to make some one happy… and that too never revealing his own identity… there are not many people like him left in this world… Bur if u feel like that u don’t wanna talk then don’t… But you should be thankful to him for what he did… hena….

They discussed the topic and Nandini felt same… that he is basically a nice human being and a good friend… though she felt she should not stop talking to him but then she doesn’t know who he is so she said she will simply write a farewell mail… After all she always thought that its Aryan only and thats why kept on talking to him otherwise she would have never talked to some anonymous person even if he is a nice a guy

Its been almost a year and a half since Aryan and Nandini were in love… koi din nahi jata tha jab wo nahi miltey they… weekends that too only Sundays ko nahi   mil pate they and both used to crave for each other’s presence in their lives.. used to talk for whole of the nights especially on Saturdays… and many a times a day in weekdays… they knew that they both will eventually get married to each other but never talked about it… in their hearts they know they will be together for ever.

Nandini got up it was a Sunday morning and her mom came to her and told her to get ready… she asked the reason…

Her Mom said: Nandini beta we have got a very good proposal for u and I and Papa both wants that at least you both should meet… I know we should have mentioned it to u earlier but we got call just today morning… so dear at least meet him for once. We r not saying that u should make up your mind right away after this meeting but we both would like that you should at least meet him… Do you wanna see his picture they sent it to Papa on mail

Nandini k pairon se jaise jameen hi nikal gayi… her breathes almost stopped…  how could this all be happening and she dint know anything about it… shayad she was so much lost in her love for Aryan that she was not noticing anything… but shaadi that too not with Aryan with some one else whom she doesn’t know… doesn’t love… how can she do that… how can her parents do that to her… she controlled her emotional turmoil and the tears which were already there in her eyes.. she said : ” but Mumma please… I m not ready … “


Her mom stopped her in between and said Nandini we both want u to at least meet him… we don’t want u to decide anything but don’t refuse beta we already said them we will meet em… so u have to… here is his pic

Nandini dint want to see the pic… agar Aryan nahi to koi nahi… so she said controlling that knot inside her: ” theek hai Mumma agar aap kehte ho to mai jarur mil lungi but please don’t ask me to get married to that guy… I m already telling u that…  and pls Mumma aaj mil to rahien hi hain na to there is no need of photograph anyways… mai sirf aap log k kehne se mil rahi hu… “

Nandini was dying to talk to Aryan but some how she was not getting any opportunity.. she did send a sms to him and waited but it was 8 in morning and she knew he will not b up this early on Sunday morning…   her heart was racing… and she simply wanted to go to Aryan… but then she had to honor her parents request also… so she made up her mind to meet the guy …

They were supposed to show up at their home around 10 o clock…   Nandini got a sms from Aryan saying ” pls jaan don’t worry will take care of everything.. you know na I love you too much as for now smile & go with ur parents wishes… do u want me to call u right now.. can u talk? ”   to which she replied ” Aryan I m scared but I guess u r right I shud meet him… later on will try  tell everything to my parents… no its okk I guess I can handle it .. Love you” Aryan’s msg came saying ” Nandini I will never let my Chandini go far from me.. I love you & believe me we will b together for ever.. u just don’t worry”

Nandini was not feeling good at all…   but then she has to get ready.. She wore a sky blue churidar (as instructed by her mom).. she was very upset and sad.. Her heart was crying inside and she was simply wishing that guy will say No to her.

Around 10:15 door bell rang and Nandini felt as if some one is squeezing life out of her… she felt like shouting and refusing to her parents.. she kept on sitting in her bedroom which was at 1 st floor and their living room was downstairs… she could hear some mumbled voices … She called Aryan as she knew that even he will be very much disturbed by all this… But then some how without any reasons she dint make any calls to him.

Suddenly she heard Anjali’s voices… She was greeting her parents… Anjali came upstairs.. and sounded   excited

Anjali : hey Nandini dear… to shuruat ho hi gayi han

Nandini started crying and said: Angie I cant I simply cant marry this guy…  I love Aryan and without him Anjali I cant even live forget about living with any one else…

Anjali:  Nandini pls control yourself… See this note may b this will change your mood a lil bit… though I know that u miss Aryan but do read this… I was just dropping by to meet everyone and Aunty told me all about him and I met him downstairs… Waise Nandini…   before I should give you this note I should tell you that… This guy who is sitting downstairs is too much good looking and is from a very decent family and Career wise very sound. Lemme tell you he is having some good sense of humor… so before declining him do think twice and do read this… oh btw This note: the guy who is sitting downstairs gave me to pass it on to u… Wanna read?

After Anjali tried convincing her she handed her the note… But Nandini she simply knew that she will at any cost will not even consider this guy at all. She wiped tears from her eyes and opened the note to read…..

And she was struck hard when she saw that handwriting… It was from her long lost friend… Who helped her when she needed a friend most… To whom she bid byes some one and a half yr ago… She knew this note was written by her Angel and no one else. But was she happy to read it… she was still not happy still very sad. But then she thought that she will at least be able to talk to him and explain why she cant marry him……….. she started reading the note it said :

Heard you found someone to care for you

Heard you found someone to take away all your blues

Heard he chased away the rain and brought the sun

I only wish I could have been the one


Heard you found some one to make you smile again

Heard he brought you a rainbow when he chased away your pain

Heard is making you feel again with things he has done

I only wish I could have been the one


Heard you found some to mend your broken heart

Heard he is putting together the pieces of your world fallen apart

Heard he is bringing the joy back to your heart which had become undone

I only wish I could have been the one


Heard you found some one to light the flame of your soul

Heard he lit a flame from ember which had become cold

Heard he is helping you see the beauty in the morning sun
I only wish I could have been the one


Nandini I know that you don’t wanna get married to me… but we can at least meet…  I m waiting for you downstairs… Don’t worry nothing will move on till you will say Yes… so now pls smile and come to see me.. waise bhi   Its been a while

 After reading that awesome poem again Nandini felt a lil better… She told Anjali that “Okay lets go downstairs”… Angie gave her a hug and said “All da best buddy”

 They both  started stepping down the stairs slowly… And everyone started the introductions but there was no guy to be seen in the living room… Nandini looked at Anjali quizzically and in return she gestured her to be patient.

 Guys family seemed very enthused and Nandini though she liked the parents of the guy but was getting very nervous… She wanted to talk to her Angel and tell him her problem..

 Suddenly her dad said: Nandini why don’t u go and talk to him…   he is in the garden… she nodded and went to the garden

 There he was standing at the far end of the garden and looking at the plants… Nandini observed and saw that for sure he was tall… Nandini approached him and said with   her eyes lowered: “Hi Angel”

 Hi Nandini…

 As soon as Nandini heard that voice she knew who he was… She dared not look at him… She was so much overwhelmed with the feeling

 Angel:   Nandini  wont you even look at me…

 Nandini was just on the edge of breaking down Angel tell me its you and only you… Please before I look at you pls tell me… Tell me everyone inside is simply referring to you… Tell me they are your parents… Tell me that they are talking of our marriage only… Please tell me all this… Please… Please tell me that its you… Its you ARYAN…

 Angel :  Nandini answer to all of your questions is YES.. Its me and it was always me…

 Nandini looked at him and he opened his arms for her and Nandini went in to his embrace…

 Aryan held her through her shoulders and said I m sorry for all the tears I have given you… Believe me they were the last and I promise not let even a single tear fall out of ur  beautiful eyes ever again in our lives… Then  he bent down on his knees and asked…

“Nandini will you be my heartbeats and my soul for through out my life… Will you marry me Nandini… Will you allow me to be that Someone I mentioned in my poem”


Nandini was dying for this moment…   she was very happy to find a friend..  a husband ..  and an Angel… all in one… She thanked god in her heart and said ” YES MY ANGEL I WILL MARRY YOU”

 As soon as she said it they heard a sound of claps and everyone congratulated everyone.. Nandini saw Anjali standing there with her arms in Rahul’s arm and Rahul winked at her

 Nandini’s mom said “You should say thanks to Anjali and Rahul ..They told us about both of you..   and oh btw they are also getting engaged.. congratulate them as well.. “

Nandini blushed and hugged her parents and said : “thanks for everything mumma ..thanks dad”

Suddenly Nandini came out of her thoughts when Anjali approached and said ” Chalien sweetu… Your Angel is waiting”

 Nandini came out of her thoughts and saw the beautiful farm house once again from her second floor and can hear the band playing some wedding songs and she knew her Aryan is waiting for her down there…   She smiled inside and gave a hug to Anjali…

 And there he was waiting for her and as soon as he saw her approaching towards him … he thanked God for everything… everything that life offered him… He made a promise within himself to keep her happy throughout her life and simultaneously Nandini made a promise within herself as to always love him and keep him happy through out his life….

“Essence of love never ends but stories they do”



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  1. how about writing the same story with new angles?
    or totally new one?

  2. Vaishali said:

    I guess you should take writing seriously. Needs some refinement with words but the way you have showcase the feelings and the thought cycle is just marvellous.. n that too in your first story.. u r star in making babes..

  3. Hey Amit

    How about a completely new story .. will that work ??

  4. Hey Vaishali

    Thanks a lot for your lovey dovey words
    You are such a sweet heart.. and i love you for that.

    Well it was my first attempt hence lots of typos and what nots.. but hopefully my next story will be a better effort

    See you soon .

  5. i m highly impressed with your work i liked it very much
    keep on writing like dis
    my good wishes are with you

  6. Thanks cutie pie … 🙂
    Love you bhai

  7. Ravi bhatia said:

    Just read this. You write so well, a lot written within the lines.

  8. Well this was my very first attempt.. Since then i have grown and written more stuff… 🙂 will write a new story soon .. So stay tuned

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