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Straight from the ♥ Heart ♥ …


While painting on a blank canvas of my mind,

My thoughts were designed.

In vibrant colors I painted my smile

And I used a wooden quill to engrave my style.♥

I am trying to paint a Trompe-l’oeil

A 3D painting of my thoughts in oil.

Golden foil was used to add shimmer,

Your comments and feedback add extra glimmer. ♥

I am comparing my blog to art,

As both painting and blogging comes straight from my heart.

I hope to post every day,

It doesn’t matter if I am colored in blue, black, white or gray. ♥

♥♥ A-) ♥♥


Oh My Darling!

I missed you so much my darling…

I know, I had been super mean to you, but no sorry can take back the pain that I caused. You have been with me in my ups and down, and now, I feel super bad for alienating you. When 2010 started I promised to spend at least half an hour with you in the evenings and share a cocktail, but after initial dates I kind of moved on. Not that I stopped loving you or something,  but other things became priority and you were kind of pushed down to the list.

But this time, I hope to stay in touch. But for that, you might have to tempt me..  throw your charms and woo me . Take me out on long drives, a dinner date would be awesome and if you wanna force me to be at my best then offer me a drink . 😛

You do know that you are awesome right? You are easy to talk to , with you I feel at ease and I can be myself. I know you are always listening whenever I am pouring my heart out. You put me at ease and allow me to dress you up the way I want to (feeling shy 🙂)

All I have to say in the end is, I love you… I love you so very much. Even though we spend some time apart from each other, but my love for you will never cease to exist.

Stay mine and with me forever.  Hope to catch up with you soon. 😀

Miss you so much!

xoxo :


Jan 14th: Pick one..

Today I was wondering if at any point in my life I have to pick one out of two options then which one will I choose.

Option 1:  Choosing something that makes others happy and I may or may not be or

Option 2:  Choosing something that makes me happy and others may or may not be.

I guess we all get to face something like this once (if not more) in our life time.  If I know myself then I will always pick option 1, not because I have to but because I can never stay happy if others around me are not.  Now it may sound little self- aggrandizing but that is the truth.

Whatever I have heard from my friends and family and whatever I know about myself the truth is giving something to someone comes naturally to me,  but frankly telling you I just can not share my movie popcorn :-). Sorry no giving in that, if you will make faces while sitting next to me I will knowingly ignore you. 🙂

But when it comes to bigger matters then I automatically pick option 1,  in fact that’s what I have always done and that will remain my default choice forever. I may regret my choice once a while but seeing others satisfied I will console myself and move on. Now I am not suggesting anyone anything and its not that, that I love to suffer or something but this option is an automatic choice for me.

You may pick option 2 and I totally get that,  after all we all live for once and staying happy through out our existence is our foremost priority. That’s the only reason we want to earn more money,  be successful professionally and personally,  loves to do charity, have hobbies etc.

Anyways, I was wondering about it and that is why I ended up writing about it. So whatever option you pick, pick one that will  make you happy  at the end of the day.

I find happiness when I see others smiling because of me  🙂 !

Jan 5th Second blog of the year!

I am glad that I was able to go with my resolutions for the second day as well. It is better to take one day at a time.

Yesterday having 7 glasses of water was kind of torture. lols  🙂 Though I feel it was a good start but requires improvements.

Today was fine. I only had 4 glasses of water, keeping my fingers crossed that before hitting bed tonight I will be able to had atleast 3 more.  Oh the best part was when I played couple of memory games I got to know that memory is better than an average person. Haha now I don’t know how much of this is true, but I feel superb.

Finally got a chance to set up my Wii. Oh and what an amazing experience it was. I am not a video game buff but I simply love to play video games.  My Xbox was fun but I am sure i will be addicted to Wii. Ah cant wait for tomorrow when I will start with Wii Fit. Had so much fun experimenting with Mii Avatars. They were hilarious. Most hilarious part was when I actually tripped off the Wii fit’s board while I was doing a balancing act ..  lols

I still have to write details in my journal. 🙂 Aha no escaping .

I am so glad that I have some resolutions this year, probably they will make up for 2008 as well.  Oh and I did learn a new word today : Myrmidons” : which means “A Royal Follower”

Happy I was , when I was playing Super Mario but optimistic… hmmm ????

That is it for today.

Jan 4th is my Jan 1st

Happy New Year to all!

By now many of you must have started working towards your resolutions. So all the best and stay motivated.

Last year was kind of no resolution year for me and to say it out loud I guess I pretty much regretted that. 😦

In 2007 I made ONE and only easiest yet a difficult resolution: It was to introduce lots of fruits in my diet and I still feel very happy that it did change my lifestyle. Even if I am not gorging on fruits all day long I do eat them, which was not a very presentable case earlier.

Alright now coming to 2008, I guess I thought to live in present and not worry about future and frankly at the end of year I did regret it. I guess living in present is good when you have nothing to plan for future or you are too much laid back for planning . Well 2008 is a history now so no point of cribbing about that. Moving on.

Before this year began I watched “Julie and Julia”. Oh and I loved that movie and it gave me the coolest idea for my resolution. Not that, that I will cook some 540 dishes in 365 and then blog about it but I will blog everyday. Even if my blog post has just couple of sentences, my resolution is to blog everyday.

Being a non planner it may be a lil far-fetched for me so I will try to take it one day at a time.  But I am so happy that at least I have a resolution this year.

Well frankly besides blogging everyday I made few other resolutions as well: hehe

– Drinking 7-8 glasses of water everyday

– Learning one new word and using it in conversation.

– Solve a brain teaser or puzzle everyday.

– Work on my novel everyday (in process)

– Be more optimistic and happy (though I am a very happy person but improvement is always a good thing) 🙂

– Wii Fit everyday.

Last but not least, most famous of all resolutions to hit gym at least for 5 hours a week🙂

So rather than making one unattainable resolution I thought to make tiny achievable resolutions and work on them. Even if I’ll miss one I’ll have others to keep me busy throughout 2010. In order to keep it follow em all I bought this journal from Barnes and Nobel which asks me what i did every day, how and feel ,  if I attained my set goals etc etc. Therefore I can’t hide from these resolutions.

Keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to optimism.

“After all what are Resolutions? Irresoluteness of something that is resolute is what gives birth to resolutions :)”

Today is the beginning of my first day of resolution. Therefore its January 1st for me  🙂

Oh and btw Word of the day is : Felicitous

Happy 2010 to all of you and to me as well 🙂

When I am not updating my blog…

When I am not updating my blog..  things that I might be doing ..

  • Checking out million $$$$$ houses online (as if I can afford 1 if not 2)
  • Sitting at a beach and painting a Masterpiece
  • Out with girls and shopping till I spend each and every penny
  • If not out to malls ,  then online checking out all the designer stuff and planning to buy what and when
  • Sky diving and paragliding
  • Trying to keep myself busy with all sorts of social media and online marketing knowledge.
  • Posting and sharing stuff at Facebook and bugging my good friends
  • And sometimes trying to hide some stuff from my family on Facebook ( all thanks to custom settings.. hihihihi )
  • Out on a vacation to some gorgeous and scenic country … ” – – ” (dreamy eyes)
  • Working out atleast 5 hours a day …. (yea right … right???? )
  • Learning how to swim (in my dreams)
  • Planning my birthday for this and next year
  • Thinking, feeling and meditating (no point )…  Hopeless!!
  • Writing ,  and writing  and writing … whatever crap that I can think of
  • Trying to stay connected to the real world and update my brain cells with latest news and affairs via CNN (as if I am all for it .. hahh )
  • Pulling my hairs and wondering how some people have crazy amount of followers on Twitter.
  • On a continuous and repetitive journey to Central Perk with my very old friends : Joey,  Rachel , Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Ross…
  • Out partying at 10 in morning till  3 in night ( I need 6 hours of my beauty sleep .and another hour to prepare and dress up for next party . lols)

Whats true and whats not …  I am not going to reveal that  … “wink wink”



Social Media Blog!

Finally the much awaited chance to write on and about social media is here.

Just started my new social media blog. Check it out at


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