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Living in my Oil Painting!

I can’t even tell you, how much I enjoy doing this oil painting.  When I paint I lose myself in it. It is like meditation for me.  With a paint brush in one hand and a palette in other, I feel that I am inside the canvas and I am literally walking the road that I am painting. It is helping me to calm down my nerves and to take my eyes off of laptop screen or TV.

Tine story based on my painting:

I can sense that the spring is around the corner because of the colorful leaves that I see on this black barren tree. It just rained and pavement is still wet. I can see the reflection of this couple walking right in front of me.  Oh they are so much in love! Even though I can’t see their faces but I can sense the passion they have for each other. Their umbrella, is not that much big but it is forcing them to be close. I can see that the girl is kind of leaning on the guy’s shoulder while walking the rain-soaked road. Their stride looks relaxed and they don’t seem to be in hurry at all, looks like they are on a long and romantic evening walk. I know it is slightly cold but the warmth of the trees on the left is very calming. To me lights on the right look like as if they are either lamps on a walkway or they might be from waterside houses. If they are the houses, I will love to live in one of those houses.  How beautiful the scenery might be from that little mountain..I can see myself sipping a warm cup of coffee in my patio while I watch people taking long walks by the tree line.

Ah! While I was writing I was lost, lost in the painting and I was living in the right most house.  🙂

Painting is 75 % complete and I cant wait to show you the final product. BTW, I am already on a lookout for my next painting. If you can suggest me something, I will love it (but please nothing like Mona Lisa standard:D). Thank you!



Jan 4th is my Jan 1st

Happy New Year to all!

By now many of you must have started working towards your resolutions. So all the best and stay motivated.

Last year was kind of no resolution year for me and to say it out loud I guess I pretty much regretted that. 😦

In 2007 I made ONE and only easiest yet a difficult resolution: It was to introduce lots of fruits in my diet and I still feel very happy that it did change my lifestyle. Even if I am not gorging on fruits all day long I do eat them, which was not a very presentable case earlier.

Alright now coming to 2008, I guess I thought to live in present and not worry about future and frankly at the end of year I did regret it. I guess living in present is good when you have nothing to plan for future or you are too much laid back for planning . Well 2008 is a history now so no point of cribbing about that. Moving on.

Before this year began I watched “Julie and Julia”. Oh and I loved that movie and it gave me the coolest idea for my resolution. Not that, that I will cook some 540 dishes in 365 and then blog about it but I will blog everyday. Even if my blog post has just couple of sentences, my resolution is to blog everyday.

Being a non planner it may be a lil far-fetched for me so I will try to take it one day at a time.  But I am so happy that at least I have a resolution this year.

Well frankly besides blogging everyday I made few other resolutions as well: hehe

– Drinking 7-8 glasses of water everyday

– Learning one new word and using it in conversation.

– Solve a brain teaser or puzzle everyday.

– Work on my novel everyday (in process)

– Be more optimistic and happy (though I am a very happy person but improvement is always a good thing) 🙂

– Wii Fit everyday.

Last but not least, most famous of all resolutions to hit gym at least for 5 hours a week🙂

So rather than making one unattainable resolution I thought to make tiny achievable resolutions and work on them. Even if I’ll miss one I’ll have others to keep me busy throughout 2010. In order to keep it follow em all I bought this journal from Barnes and Nobel which asks me what i did every day, how and feel ,  if I attained my set goals etc etc. Therefore I can’t hide from these resolutions.

Keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to optimism.

“After all what are Resolutions? Irresoluteness of something that is resolute is what gives birth to resolutions :)”

Today is the beginning of my first day of resolution. Therefore its January 1st for me  🙂

Oh and btw Word of the day is : Felicitous

Happy 2010 to all of you and to me as well 🙂

Just a note of thanks!

Like many other writeups about LIFE ,  here is my 2 cents.

We experience it and live it. It gives you a lot , showers you with best of bests that is destined to be with you,  shelters you  and your dreams and throws opportunities at your footsteps. But THIS life is the ONLY life. I dont believe in next life,  though frankly telling you I do believe in parallel universe, courtesy of all sorts of real time ghost stories that I have either seen or heard or may have experienced couple of times.

As soon as we think that our life is our own and nothing bad will ever happen to us, life actually gives a hard slap on the face. The slap doesn’t mean that life is not being fair to you,  its a reminder that you to pick up your groove and set your it back in motion irrespective of all sorts of ups and downs. Keeping spirits high and morals uplifted is the only way to beat the adversities. I have done it and probably you must have had a chance to conquer it as well.

We all are blessed in one way or other. This is what I am trying to learn each and every passing moment of my life. Seeking what we lack is the way of life and not forgetting what we already have makes it all the more worth living and enjoyable. I had an epiphany few years ago and I guess I need another one as the previous one is seemingly fading out. Epiphany moment gave mean an insight to stretch my patience and to test it beyond the current limit at that time.I did that and trust me when I say besides initial few days of inner hue and cry it did transition into a miracle. For which I am always thankful to my innerself.


So life be there, shelter everyone,  shower your love, bless all with opportunities and don’t let any adversities to step in.

Stargazing .. not literally!!!

Feelings and thoughts when go hand in hand takes us to faraway places. Specially if they are of a certain someone special, or some special place…  or may be a moment that takes you down the memory lane and the back waters from the sea of emotions creates waves.

Some thoughts, some dreams are exceptional. Mostly having a dream means doing efforts to achieve it by hook and crook, these are not just dreams these are the ambitions.

But have you ever had a dream that you simply want to see it again and again. A dream that gives you Goosebumps, a dream that you see repeatedly with an open eye… Sometimes simply dreaming the dream is so mesmerizing that you don’t ever want to share it with anyone, yet you want to see it…  feel it…  again and again. A dream that gives the sense of satisfaction…  contentment in life. A dream which makes you smiles every time you indulge in its reminiscence.

Everyone has that special dream which is very close to one’s heart.  If you have that dream then basking in its aura is one of most beautiful experience you will ever have. It is like one of your own well kept lil secret. Aww a secret which is engulfed within the confinements of mystery, love, passion, satisfaction, purity and above all untouched in its purest form.

I am lucky to have one such dream, which makes me smile every time I think about it.  See me smiling while typing this 🙂

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