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Jan 16th: Popcorn Prank.. etc

This post is dedicated to all the popcorn lovers out there.

As mentioned in my last post,  I simply love popcorn and I can’t share it with any one. If you are going to movies with me then please buy your own popcorn :). I like to relish it throughout the movie, therefore I eat mine slowly. If some one digs in my baggy, my blood pressure rises very quickly. I have no idea why it happens but just can’t tolerate it though if I am out with friends I will always remember my manners so I will share. 🙂

Oh this reminds me of couple of incidents….

I have a friend, once we went to watch a movie. When I asked her if she wants anything, before the movie starts, she said “No no I am good I don’t want anything to eat, you go ahead and get whatever you want”. She bought cold drink and I bought small popcorn and small drink. Out of courtesy I offered her mine and to my surprise she didn’t refuse. In fact throughout the movie she hogged on my popcorn. I was sitting with a smile on my face ,though deep inside my heart I was cursing her and I wanted to punch her so badly.  Same thing happened second time and third time I bluntly asked her to get her own popcorn. 🙂 Enough was enough. hehe.

Another incident that I can never forget.

We were some 6-7 girls and went to watch a movie. It happened years ago. Gosh, I don’t even remember which movie it was but I do remember the movie was very boring. For the first half we all kept on chatting and giggling. There was this group of 5-6 boys, sitting in the row ahead of us,  they kept on shushing us. With their every shush, we were getting more pissed. You know how it is when you are young, in university and want whole world to revolve around you, well . our egos were badly hurt. I got an idea and it turned out to be awesome. All of us had popcorn, we licked one popcorn at a time and then threw it lightly on the guys’ head. Popcorn got stuck in their hairs and we kept on showering their heads with popcorn. They kept on shushing us and we kept on giggling. Poor fellows just had no clue about our mischievous act. When the movie ended, we all went out side and one guy from their group started laughing at others and then suddenly all of them were laughing at each other . After couple of minutes they realized what had happened and immediately they shook their heads vigorously. Now we all were laughing.

We were standing right there, checking out their expressions,  when one guy  from that group turned towards us and gave us the cutest smile ever with a thumbs up.

Best movie experience EVER!

( I still remember his smile 🙂 )


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