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July 18th: My Life’s Design…


A dream that keeps me awake at night…

A thought that lingers in my mind…

A shadow that walks besides mine…

A feeling that my heart never declines…

A single heartbeat that takes me back in time…

A mellifluous smile that is my life…

A memory that will be back to me  by twilight…

A moment that will glisten like a shining star in bright daylight…

A series  of events that will eventually entwine…

A passion that will be divine…

All this will define my life’s design.



Mute Conversations

Mute Conversations 

Everything is there
But there is nothing
This type of things are also there
Talking in solitude
There are some silent talks
Conversing with each other
Their muteness is shouting …..
Heard by everyone
but responded by none.

Who am I?

I am this

I am that

I am someone who loves to chat


I like black

I like white

I am someone who loves to write


I like to giggle

I like to smile

I am someone who loves to live in style


I like to paint

I like to dance

I am someone who loves to visit France


I like sun

I like sky

I am someone who loves to fly


I like stars

I like moon

I am someone who loves saloon


I like shopping

I like shows

I am someone who loves rose


I like naughty   

I like nice

I am someone who loves blessing in disguise


I like ice creams

I like to dream

I am someone who loves to worship “The Supreme”

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