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Where was I?

Yesterday was the day when So Cal was hit by an earthquake. Not a tiny one but it was moderate of 5.4 scale. This happened in the morning. I came to work and people around me were kind of talking about it. Though I dint get a chance to talk to anyone I thought that if something big happened then it should be on news. Well my plight was I could not watch the news as my phone does not have a sling player installed (btw best device for TV lovers.. watch your TV anytime on phone.. how simple is that).

Hah who am I kidding…  so i checked on the website and there it was the top most news. There were Photographs of people running out the buildings,  videos showing drawers opening up, and stuff falling down from the countertops / shelves. WHERE WAS I? I felt as if that NEWS was actually showing me it’s TONGUE.. and saying “Hi Hi you moron you dint even get to know about such a big and kind of serious happening” . Yea right… I dint get to know.. but why ? So I tracked my steps back to the time when that happened,  then I realized I was in the car at that very exact time.

Alright now the obvious question: Why dint I feel the earthquake when the car was on the road? Hmm silly question but I could not find any analogy for that.

Is there a scientific reason or do I simply have just too much of time on my hands to cook up silly thoughts and questions?

What say?

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