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Sketch # 5


This sketch is really close to my heart. I love the expression on the face, no matter what he is looking at but to me it looks like as if he is deeply lost in some thoughts.


Sketch # 4



Another sketch in my “Favorite sketch series” . Do check out its Digital painting on Adobe colors.


Sketch#3. Silhouette sketch.

Tell me which one fits you best? 🙂


Sketch # 2 (Sketchy Sundays) ;)

Sundays are dedicated to a new sketch.


What say? Like it?


Sketch # 1 Naughty & Nice.

I have decided, every Sunday I am going to post one of my sketches. It’s not easy to write everyday,  at least for me it is not.

So here is one of my favorites sketch :

Hope you like it 🙂


Wanna see my dream?

I get at least 4-5 dreams in one night. Thankfully most of them are either neutral or nice leaving aside 10 -15% of nightmares. When I get up in morning, I always end up remembering at least 1 of all those dreams. Many a times I think I should start writing about them. I might actually ..

There are a couple of dreams that I have been seeing since last 9-10 years now and I absolutely have no clue why or what does it symbolize.

This post is about one of those dreams.  Check out the below sketches, I tried to make them as close to my dream as possible. Hopefully you can visualize it the way I see it.

1)  Whenever I see that dream, first thing that comes in picture is an angled view of a staircase : (try to imagine these angles lines as solid wall)

2)  Then I see myself climbing that huge staircase.  Now I have no idea where these stairs are taking me or whats at the end of it. As I start to climb, couple of doors towards the left of staircase, starts to appear.

3) Once I am all the way up there I start walking toward left not right (I absolutely have no idea why). Trust me when I say this, even though I know it’s all a dream, but still I kind of force myself to go right rather than left but I guess it doesn’t work that way. Towards right there is a long and narrow hallway and there is no end to it. There are lots and lots of doors on both ride and left side of the hallway.

4) Then I feel that I start to walk towards the darkness at the end of the hallway,  but before I could reach anywhere I turn left and I open a door.


5) Whats behind that door I have no idea as the dream stops there. That is why I could not draw anything for that part.  I don’t remember why or when did i start having this dream , but I do remember initially I used to get scared whenever the dream popped up in my sleep but not anymore.  I think my sleep and mind,  both are tuned to it now. It doesn’t scare me anymore.

Because of all of my dreams I bought a Dream encyclopedia just so that I can infer something from it.

So this was one of those 2 dreams that I have seen zillion of times. I can’t sketch my second dream cause I can only feel it. I will share that dream in another blog post. Meanwhile, do you have any recurring dream? Please share if you can and if you want to .


Naughty & Nice !!

Mesmerizing!! ..Right?

Before i post my next blog here is one of my favorite sketches . I love to see this sketch again and again. I know i am kind of vaunting here but i am sorry 🙂 i cant help sharing my feelings about this one .

You are welcome to criticize it :)!!

PS: click on the link for a bigger picture

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