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Coffee Anyone? :)

I love Starbucks’ Coffee. Over the period of years, I have tried almost everything they have in their Menu.

My Favorites are: Cappuccino , Frappucino and Java Lite  Oh and I love their Cakes. There is Starbucks at Barnes & noble (near my place) and their Desserts are simply awesome and different from all other centers.  They include desserts like Cheesecake, Lemon bars, Raspberry Bars etc ( Slurp.. slurp hihi… giggles)

I recently bought Starbucks Reward Card . I should have bought it when they introduced the program. Anyway, better late than never. If you are fan like I am then you have got to buy that card. Their Reward program is good (not awesome but good):

  • You can keep tabs on your transactions
  • Check /reload your card online /in store
  • Buy the ones that they have in store or customize your own for extra 4$
  • You can also download the Starbucks App on your phone (it may come handy if you forget your card at home)
  • Once you are at Gold Level ( minimum of 30 stars) you get to have free drinks and etc stuff

I just reached Green level – 5 stars (i will get a free drink on my birthday i:e after 8 months. Ah! who cares, by that time I will be at Gold level) . 😀

I was just curious, if someone has tried their coffee with Soy Milk? Is there a taste difference? I have never had any of their coffees with soy and I am a little chicken to try it out so if someone can give me feedback, it will be awesome 🙂 .

While writing this post, I was sipping my tall, coffee flavored, lite ice and no whip cream Frappucino and relishing their Lemon Cake. Whats your favorite?


PS: There is a link hidden in this blog, which will take you to Starbucks Secret Recipe page. Look for it and then let me know if you find it 😉

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