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Hello Android, bye bye Symbian.

Did I tell you I am planning to buy a new phone. I had been a hardcore fan of Nokia till my last experience   A whole decade was dedicated to only Symbian but its time to move on. Last year in October, I bought this awesome Nokia Phone. They launched it around September 2010. I have to admit I LOVED that phone.

Phone was  :Silver Nokia N8 (brief description)

  • Gorgeous colors: Orange, Blue, Green, Silver and black.
  • Best Hardware
  • AWESOME 12 mp camera. (I have yet to see a phone with such a an AWESOME CAMERA). I remember clicking photographs in darkness and they looked great with vibrant colors, as good as a digital camera.

Well, I was left with a sour taste when my phone  started to restart on its own, randomly. I kept it for almost a month before returning it (got the full refund back, within in couple of days from Amazon). I knew it had some issues, so I thought to wait for the new batch. Then, I bought a second N8 in Orange color, but that phone changed that sour taste to a bitter experience. I had to return it just within 5 days as it died on me. No matter what I did, I could not turn it on. I am sure not all the pieces are that faulty as my brother owns the same phone and he didn’t see any of the problems that I faced.

I had been a loyal fan of Nokia products. Since my very first phone in 2001, I have relied on Nokia with my ears and eyes closed. And I never ever had any complaints, all phones turned out to be great. (I am sad that I have to move on now)

It is not turning out to be an easy change for me,  as I am planning to move on to Android. Dell just introduced a new phone DELL VENUE.

Check out the reviews, so far they are good. Once I get it, I will share my feedback with you.

Keeping my fingers crossed.


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