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Life as we know it

Well I don’t have a good beginning in mind therefore I am just going to pour my heart out. I was wondering how time flies. We all see bad and good phases in our life.  No one can escape that route. Those who are super rich and has lots of money, face bad phases just like some one who is very poor and other way around. But who defines a bad or good phase? It varies from person to person, something that looks good to one may look horrible to other.  Then how do you judge whats good and whats bad? (Honestly, I have no idea if you can make sense out of all the words I am writing but I need to jot it down before I lose it).

I was thinking what if we all only see good times in our lives… how will our life look then? Just imagine our existence: with ample of money,  no worries,  no job problems,  no crimes,  no diseases, never to lose any of your loved ones, always with a smile and oblivious to words such as depression, poor, sad,  etc, will the picture be as beautiful? Makes no sense right? I know,  but I was trying to visualize something like this and trust me as much as the picture looked beautiful it still felt incomplete.

We all learn from our mistakes and that helps us to grow,  to tackle problems head on and explore unknown. Some learn from their own mistakes and some learn from mistakes that others commit,  but we all are continuously learning this way or that way. Thats what defines us,  it helps in creating our own unique character and separates us from other human being right? Adversities bring people either closer or drifts them apart but we are always breaking and making new connections.  Life has it’s own set patterns for everyone. We all do what we are supposed to do.  Now you may be thinking that “she has lost it” :D. Well I might have who knows 🙂 . But at times random thoughts are the best thoughts.

In the end I will say,  “Even the prettiest picture that I envisioned was not that pretty. Life without any problems dint look that appealing”

Thoroughly confused:  A-)


I have a stable!! :P

This happened 3-4 years ago. But whenever I recall that incident I cant stop laughing hysterically. (Actually I am still laughing) 😀

I went for grocery shopping one summer evening. Whenever summer arrives I prefer to make fresh juices at home rather than buying the ready-made sucrose syrups. Moreover nothing is better than the flavor of fresh oranges squeezed with beetroot , lemon, parsley and what not.

Ok, so I bought 2 big bags of Carrots, almost dozen navel oranges and other stuff to make juice. My turn came and there was this very cute guy standing at the counter and ringing the cash register.

I was lost in my thoughts and I was waiting for him to tell me the total so that I can get out of there (grocery shopping is the worst form of shopping lol)

Out of no where he asked: “Miss do you own horses?”

My thought process snapped and I said: “Umm, Horses? (For a second, my mind actually wondered if I have horses.. silly thought), Well not that I know of” . I ended up laughing and asked “Why did you ask, what made you come to that conclusion?”

With almost an insane cuteness he said: “Cause I  have never seen anyone buying so many carrots and oranges together”

There were some 5 people in the queue and they all started laughing hysterically. I said : “No I don’t have a horse but thanks anyway”

Even today whenever I make fresh juice I can’t stop laughing.


Feeling Silly right now – giggles :)

57 degrees in SD and we all think its freezing . Well that is how Californians love to live or shall I say San Diegans.  We see snow and we literally faint 😀

Even though my fingers are freezing as I write this blog but still I want to share a very lovely memory  that just popped in my head. Now if you are thinking that I will be sharing specifically that memory, then I am sorry to disappoint you.  Instead of sharing the incident which gave me such an exquisite memory, I will be sharing how that makes me feel.

It is something that happened almost a year ago and I have to say those 4-5 hours were the best hours of my life.  At that moment I felt that time shall stop right here and right now. I just wanted to absorb that insanely gorgeous feeling in that short duration of time.  I was actually scared to let it go, as I was desperately craving to bask in that very moment.  I guess thats how things work in real life, if you love something / someone beyond any limits then you simply want whole of your life to look like an exact replica of that very moment.

I still remember that day very clearly. The day started with a little disappointment – no wait , with a huge disappointment but by the time it ended it was THE BEST DAY of my life till date.  Seriously, while writing this post I am time traveling. I am not in 2011 but in 2010 (oo looks like I just made my very own time machine :D). All the events of that day are still afresh in my mind,  I can literally recall how each and every second of those moments was spent.

I have to admit that if a day comes when I am a mess, out of any XYZ reason , I simply close my eyes and think about that time.  All my tensions and worries simply fade away in the sheer bright light of that evening. It works like an elixir of life for me. If some one will ask me to reveal my most unforgettable day / incident of my life, i now know which memory cell to scratch.

That incident has transitioned into a memory and a dream  but it still gives me exactly the same butterflies and goosebumps. While writing this post, I have a silly smile on my face .. giggles. Ah! Hopefully someday,  another memory and another moment can be as precious and treasure worthy.

I so badly want to share that day with you all,  but I know I cant (even if I am dying to ) but still can’t 😀

Anyway, I really hope you all have that one moment ,  that one day in your life  which takes you to a whole new world.


Hello February! Meet your friend January. :)

I joined WordPress’ Postaday challenge on 12th,  so technically I am 11 days away from completing a month but still January is over in my part of world too.  So here is a tiny Recap and Highlights.

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Award for the MOST ACTIVE POST goes to: What sort of a girl you are?

Award for the LEAST ACTIVE POST goes to: A teaser (re-blogged) [It was my fault because i messed up the link. 😦 ]

People loved to visit my blog on 24th of January – 133 views

A BIG shout out and thanks to all of my friends who dropped by:

My mind twin : Kim

She who visited my blog very religiously : Donna

A very funny guy: Saurangshu

Our very own Garlic girl, who always “LIKED”my posts, even the crappy ones: Debbie

Reconnected with a missed connection: Ellen

Going to take a grammar lesson from: Grading girl

A girl with a HOT Pink blog : KC

He who liked my blog once: Blue note

He who never forgets to reply back to all the comments on his musical page: Daniel

Music composer: Peter Weis

He came and left: Supreeth

She did visit once, a Seattleite in Japan : K

My future blogging buddy: Phyllis

My best friend of 10 years : Vaishali

My childhood friend: Shilpa

My college friend: Jyoti

An old blogger friend: Rupesh

His destination is infinity: Rajesh K


Someone who is madly in love

Tea and Biscuit with Vrij

A health care professional ( I don’t know her name 😦 ): Notejar

Poor fellow, stumbled on to my most Girly blog -What sort of a girl you are? 😀 : Brad

And thanks to all the silent visitors who came and left without saying Hello. Trust me you all rock too.

Because of all the silent,  not so silent and forced (they were forced to visit my page by yours truly :D) visitors, total foot work on my blog for the month of January increased to 829.



Oil Paints Painted Memories…Oil paints painted memories

“The Time Traveler’s wife” ….

Today I watched  “The Time Traveler’s wife”. What a beautiful movie I must say. I have heard about the book but before I got any chance to read it, I watched the movie. Not that I regret it but mostly I prefer to read the books first and then watch the movies based on them.

Again, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE! I am sure if movie was so beautiful , book will be very gripping. I cant wait to lay my hands on it.

When I started to watch it, it took me few minutes to connect with it. But once I was connected, the world around me disappeared and I felt as if each and every scene is taking place right in front of my eyes,  in the physical world and not just on a screen. Most of the time, when I watch a movie, I multi task and keep on doing this and that but not for this one. My each and every cell was fascinated by it.

My thoughts started playing games while I was watching it.  I ended up thinking, what if I was in Rachel Mc Adams’ (actress) place. How I would have tackled the situation?  What I would have done?

Losing someone is unbearable but losing the same person again and again and then finally losing him for good is heartbreaking (or not) . If you have seen the movie you can understand what I am trying to say but if you haven’t then you might think that she has lost it. Well, just so you know in brief,  the movie is about a girl who marries a guy who is a time traveler and that is something he can’t control. How their life which is so unusual and extraordinary, turns out to as normal and full of love.

If I had been in her shoes and in love with someone to such an extent, I would have gone insane missing him, losing him, meeting him again and then losing him again. And just when I would have lost all hope and if he would re appear out of no where,  it would have been an amazing, emotional and heart grasping moment . I would have wanted to be with him for whole of my life or would have preferred to die with him . But my wait for him,  my yearning for him would have never ceased to exist and  I would have never gotten over his love and the love that I felt for him.

On that note: Fall in love then Rise in love and Stay in love forever.



Nostalgic once again…

What forced me to write this post is : “Today’s beautiful evening”.

It is supposed to be winter here in San Diego, but today mercury reached 26C , which lead to a beautiful weather. Sun was out  throughout the day, with a light breeze. Loved the morning but I was in for a surprise by the time it was evening.

Gorgeous sunset! I wish I would have captured it’s beauty,  but missed it. Hope to get the same gorgeous sunset tomorrow and then I will definitely share the shot.

Anyway,  the main reason for today’s post is not the sunset but the memories that it brought.

I have spent my whole life in India before I moved to USA almost 8 years ago  and since then I am craving to go back. I used to love the months of October and November when I was there. Those two months are best to visit India (if anyone is wondering). Lots of festivals make it very colorful and lifts the spirit. You will get to see smile on everyone’s face, retailers offering super deals and houses glittering with colorful lights, in brief a beautiful time.The weather is next to perfect  as by that time summer is bidding farewell and winter is right around the corner (not too hot and not too cold) .

Evening brought back memories of time spent in India. I am now missing my family. I wrote a post on same lines back in August of 2008 .. check that out. I so badly wish to have that “Time Machine” right now .. but to visit my family not to go back in time. My last visit was in March of 2010, its time to plan another visit.

I am having mixed feelings right now… happy but a little sad too.



I am so glad I started this…

Dailypost , I am loving all the topic suggestions. I have to admit that I was not going to blog everyday of 2011 (something that I decided to do in 2010, after i watched “Julia & Julia” and it failed after a month). But all the topics you are suggesting are so darn good that I can’t hold back the urge of penning down my thoughts. Thanks for that!

Alright, now-

I had been blogging for almost 4 years now. I just ransacked my thoughts to find the reason behind it. I will say that I started writing because at that time my mind was overwhelmed with lots of thoughts. There were (still are) so many thoughts that writing them down was the only way out. Writing a journal was always one of my favorite pass time and this one day I thought why not share what I write, with everyone out there. They might read it and may be even reply back with comments,  suggestions ideas and what not.

I share whatever I want to on this blog, starting from poetry,  random thoughts,  paintings and aphorisms. Twilightreadings was my very first exposure to WordPress and now I have 2 other blogs and a new blog that might be pushed live soon.

I have to admit, that it has been super fun. I made some really good friends during the whole writing, reading and commenting journey. I discovered WordPress in July of 2008 and I am so glad that I opted it as a medium to share the random musings. All the flexibility and options made me fall in love with it.

Riding an endless roller coaster!

🙂 A

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