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Yuhuu blogging buddies. :)

I know I have kind of alienated my blogs, but I promise I am trying to return back.

Past few months of my life just flew by. In between traveling,  work,  classes ,  socializing, tweeting,  facebooking  ;D dint even realize that its already Halloween time. Well I left my resolution of posting almost everyday in between.

I keep seeing posts from my dear blogging friends. KUDOS to all of you.

Well currently I am obsessed with art and art history and in order to pacify the new found obsession I have created a new fan page on Facebook. I request you to please visit and like my page. Thanks once again .

You all ROCK!

Comments on: "Yuhuu blogging buddies. :)" (3)

  1. I did the same thing but i will be back

  2. You have alienated the blog! Oct, now its Jan !!

  3. Yea I am for the time being not posting anything here but on 🙂

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