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Moved on or not?

She was deeply madly in love with him. He made her feel special and she in turn showered him with love and then some more love. Life for her was suddenly very beautiful. She started enjoying rains like she never did before, started dreaming with open eyes and she knew they were meant to last forever.  He used to talk to her for hours, loved her, cared for her and dedicated a good amount of time to her.  She felt blessed for the day when they came across each other on Facebook. That tiny tiny little “poke” that you see on your Facebook home screen,  was their first connection. She woke up one morning and there it was from a random guy. She didn’t know him, so she took her time in poking back and sent him a message asking if they knew each other.  That was the beginning of something unimaginable.

Time was suddenly on fast track, their phone conversation of few seconds transitioned into hours and hours of magical words, even then they couldn’t have enough of each other.  They had been talking on phone for several months now and it was time to meet in person.  Desperation was overwhelming and they were aching to be with each other. Finally that evening arrived, they went for a long drive and everything was amazing. Lots of butterflies were tickling her thoughts,  she knew she was ready. He made her feel like his queen. After dinner he took her to his place and the whole night was spent in sheer bliss and pure passion for each other.

Morning arrived and she woke up with a smile on her face only to find an empty space next to her. He was standing in the far end of the room, getting ready. She could see the look on his face, something was missing. After sometime both of them were sipping their cups of coffee. Neither said anything. She was scared to utter even a single word as she knew things have changed. He dropped her to her place, without saying anything to her, sat in his car and zoomed away. She absolutely had no idea what went wrong, thinking she might be over reacting she dialed his number.

It took her a year, lots of tears and un-returned calls to move on from that day. The day could easily be defined as her “Most Unforgettable and Most Horrible Day” at the same time. Finally she was moving on with her life, when one day she got a text message asking for her forgiveness. She knew it was from him. She knew she could not bear another breakdown. But she was forced to reply back after some hundreds of “sorry messages” and she called him up. She had to know the reason for the whole drama.  He asked for her forgiveness and apologized many a times. She forgave him but she had lost her faith in love since that day, therefore she gave him an option of just being friends and nothing more. He accepted it.

She had been friends with him since last 8 months and they talked only once in that duration of time. Today was just another day till she saw an Engagement Announcement on Facebook and her heart sank. Tears started to roll down her neck.




Monsoon: too late or too soon?

It was drizzling since morning but by the time she was done with her lunch it started to rain heavily. She went outside to feel the air and light breeze. The moment she stepped out on the rain-soaked patio, she knew she will have a tough day. Monsoon always had that effect on her. There was a time when she simply used to get mesmerized by the pleasant weather, pitter patter of rain drops and the sweet heart breaking fragrance of the damp soil. Now she feels sad, she misses the love of her life and regrets that why dint she tell him about her feelings and why dint she ask his name?

This was the same hotel, same city where she met him 2 years back. They met at the Hotel disc. She was trying to order a Dirty Martini but bartender was way too busy to even give her a glance and the blaring music made it more arduous. Out of nowhere from crowd, he jumped in and literally ordered for her and gave the bar tender 20 bucks for a 10 dollar drink. She thanked him and they started chatting, she actually liked him. Somehow she was not feeling any inhibitions from him and the result was she was sharing almost every tiny little detail of her life, her thoughts, her family and friends .

It was 3 in night when they had to leave the place. Both of them were in no mood to go their respective rooms. They were drunk, after the Martini sessions and tequila shots. Booze was doing all the thinking & talking for them. Before they knew they were sneaking out on the stairway and in no time they were at the rooftop of the hotel. Rooftop had a garden and a beautifully lit gazebo which was reserved for special occasions. It was raining and it began to gain momentum and smacked them with all its might, piercing them through and through, from head to toe (they preferred rain over brightly lit gazebo)…………

He saw her by the bar trying to place an order. That beautiful gorgeous girl, 2 years ago, who caught her attention not because of the beauty she endured but the charisma that engulfed her. Dressed in plain black cowl neck dress with her hairs tied up in a neat ponytail and the only jewelry she was wearing was a red ruby ring in her right hand. Confidently standing in her high red and bronze heels and clutching her tiny bag in one hand she was trying to get a drink. She was oblivious to his gaze, but he was very much aware of her presence and the fragrance of her perfume was simply intoxicating.

Before he knew he was buying her the drink. She turned towards him and thanked him. He knew he was drawn to her. She was intelligent and smart. He was getting more and more attracted to her. A feeling of inexplicable longing came over him as a thrill ran down his spine. Talking to her was so easy, he was conveying whatever was in his heart that too without any hesitations. They had their drinks and then couple of shots. He dint even realize the time till he heard the DJ announcing that the bar is closed and everyone needs to leave. He dint want the night to end.  He was drunk, she was drunk but he was intoxicated by her beauty.

They ended up at the rooftop garden of the Hotel. He dint know how the door to the garden got unlocked, may be his luck was on his side. It was a rainy night. Though the stars were concealed by the pitch darkness, but he could easily see the twinkle in her eyes. Both of them were suddenly soundless, only thing they could hear was: whatever their hearts were saying. Both of them knew the night will be one of the most unforgettable nights of their lives and the moments will be cherished throughout their existence.

Since that morning 2 years back when they parted their ways he regretted not conveying his feelings to her. He was never able to forget her as she became a part of his heart, the girl with whom he shared the most beautiful moments of his life, the girl about whom he knew everything except for her name and contact. He tried to forget her but more he was trying to forget, more she was hovering over his thoughts and heart.

Finally he gave in to his feelings and decided to visit the same hotel on the same date when they met for the first and last time. It was his last night and tomorrow he will be leaving. He was unable to bear her absence from his life. To drown his sorrows he went down to the bar and ordered a drink. Just when he was about to pay a hand came from behind and offered 20 dollars for that 10 dollar drink.

There was no need to turn back and look who was buying him a drink, this was the fragrance he can never forget and the ruby ring which caught his attention.

He knew this is the beginning of a very beautiful life.


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Feeling Silly right now – giggles :)

57 degrees in SD and we all think its freezing . Well that is how Californians love to live or shall I say San Diegans.  We see snow and we literally faint 😀

Even though my fingers are freezing as I write this blog but still I want to share a very lovely memory  that just popped in my head. Now if you are thinking that I will be sharing specifically that memory, then I am sorry to disappoint you.  Instead of sharing the incident which gave me such an exquisite memory, I will be sharing how that makes me feel.

It is something that happened almost a year ago and I have to say those 4-5 hours were the best hours of my life.  At that moment I felt that time shall stop right here and right now. I just wanted to absorb that insanely gorgeous feeling in that short duration of time.  I was actually scared to let it go, as I was desperately craving to bask in that very moment.  I guess thats how things work in real life, if you love something / someone beyond any limits then you simply want whole of your life to look like an exact replica of that very moment.

I still remember that day very clearly. The day started with a little disappointment – no wait , with a huge disappointment but by the time it ended it was THE BEST DAY of my life till date.  Seriously, while writing this post I am time traveling. I am not in 2011 but in 2010 (oo looks like I just made my very own time machine :D). All the events of that day are still afresh in my mind,  I can literally recall how each and every second of those moments was spent.

I have to admit that if a day comes when I am a mess, out of any XYZ reason , I simply close my eyes and think about that time.  All my tensions and worries simply fade away in the sheer bright light of that evening. It works like an elixir of life for me. If some one will ask me to reveal my most unforgettable day / incident of my life, i now know which memory cell to scratch.

That incident has transitioned into a memory and a dream  but it still gives me exactly the same butterflies and goosebumps. While writing this post, I have a silly smile on my face .. giggles. Ah! Hopefully someday,  another memory and another moment can be as precious and treasure worthy.

I so badly want to share that day with you all,  but I know I cant (even if I am dying to ) but still can’t 😀

Anyway, I really hope you all have that one moment ,  that one day in your life  which takes you to a whole new world.


“The Time Traveler’s wife” ….

Today I watched  “The Time Traveler’s wife”. What a beautiful movie I must say. I have heard about the book but before I got any chance to read it, I watched the movie. Not that I regret it but mostly I prefer to read the books first and then watch the movies based on them.

Again, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE! I am sure if movie was so beautiful , book will be very gripping. I cant wait to lay my hands on it.

When I started to watch it, it took me few minutes to connect with it. But once I was connected, the world around me disappeared and I felt as if each and every scene is taking place right in front of my eyes,  in the physical world and not just on a screen. Most of the time, when I watch a movie, I multi task and keep on doing this and that but not for this one. My each and every cell was fascinated by it.

My thoughts started playing games while I was watching it.  I ended up thinking, what if I was in Rachel Mc Adams’ (actress) place. How I would have tackled the situation?  What I would have done?

Losing someone is unbearable but losing the same person again and again and then finally losing him for good is heartbreaking (or not) . If you have seen the movie you can understand what I am trying to say but if you haven’t then you might think that she has lost it. Well, just so you know in brief,  the movie is about a girl who marries a guy who is a time traveler and that is something he can’t control. How their life which is so unusual and extraordinary, turns out to as normal and full of love.

If I had been in her shoes and in love with someone to such an extent, I would have gone insane missing him, losing him, meeting him again and then losing him again. And just when I would have lost all hope and if he would re appear out of no where,  it would have been an amazing, emotional and heart grasping moment . I would have wanted to be with him for whole of my life or would have preferred to die with him . But my wait for him,  my yearning for him would have never ceased to exist and  I would have never gotten over his love and the love that I felt for him.

On that note: Fall in love then Rise in love and Stay in love forever.



No words today….

Its one of those days when you just have no clue about anything whatsoever. Its like I am standing in front of a blank canvas and trying to paint something and all I can paint is Tic Tac Toe. Even though I have tonnes of things going on in my mind but still when it came to pen everything down,  I could not pick out a single word from my brain library.

What to write and what not to ..  I am simply clueless….

Something is silent,

Something is still,

Something is unknown,

Something that was my own.


Someone just passed by,

Someone’s fragrance is left behind,

Someone’s memories engulfed me,

Someone who I can’t see.


Somewhere someone cried,

Somewhere someone sighed,

Somewhere things were falling in place,

Somewhere on a sill there is an empty Vase.


Time Machine anyone?

Dailypost ‘s topic # 15 —–>  “If you had a time machine that only let you spend one hour in a different time, what date would you go to? ”

I have been craving for a Time Machine for quite some time now. I have tweeted about it , asking if someone has one and I have super bugged my friends about it on Facebook as well. Alas! Never ever got a positive reply 😦 (:P).

There are so many dates that I would like to visit in my past therefore it is really difficult for me to pick one. (I hope that in my coming future as well, I will be able to write such a sentence :)… Touché)

If I have to pick one, I will pick 29th Nov 2002.

That was the day when I agreed to get married. I turned 22 in September and by second week of December I was married.  I don’t regret it, but I regret getting married so early. If given a time slot of 1 hour with time machine, I will take it back to that very moment and change my decision: to getting married after sometime ( to the same person 🙂 ).

But , as William Shakespeare said:

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts..

I guess I am playing my part. :). So, Umm, okay I will not take it back to year 2002.


I will take it to a certain date 😀 . Details about that will not be disclosed  .. hihi. Too special to share.



Oh My Darling!

I missed you so much my darling…

I know, I had been super mean to you, but no sorry can take back the pain that I caused. You have been with me in my ups and down, and now, I feel super bad for alienating you. When 2010 started I promised to spend at least half an hour with you in the evenings and share a cocktail, but after initial dates I kind of moved on. Not that I stopped loving you or something,  but other things became priority and you were kind of pushed down to the list.

But this time, I hope to stay in touch. But for that, you might have to tempt me..  throw your charms and woo me . Take me out on long drives, a dinner date would be awesome and if you wanna force me to be at my best then offer me a drink . 😛

You do know that you are awesome right? You are easy to talk to , with you I feel at ease and I can be myself. I know you are always listening whenever I am pouring my heart out. You put me at ease and allow me to dress you up the way I want to (feeling shy 🙂)

All I have to say in the end is, I love you… I love you so very much. Even though we spend some time apart from each other, but my love for you will never cease to exist.

Stay mine and with me forever.  Hope to catch up with you soon. 😀

Miss you so much!

xoxo :


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