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Monsoon: too late or too soon?

It was drizzling since morning but by the time she was done with her lunch it started to rain heavily. She went outside to feel the air and light breeze. The moment she stepped out on the rain-soaked patio, she knew she will have a tough day. Monsoon always had that effect on her. There was a time when she simply used to get mesmerized by the pleasant weather, pitter patter of rain drops and the sweet heart breaking fragrance of the damp soil. Now she feels sad, she misses the love of her life and regrets that why dint she tell him about her feelings and why dint she ask his name?

This was the same hotel, same city where she met him 2 years back. They met at the Hotel disc. She was trying to order a Dirty Martini but bartender was way too busy to even give her a glance and the blaring music made it more arduous. Out of nowhere from crowd, he jumped in and literally ordered for her and gave the bar tender 20 bucks for a 10 dollar drink. She thanked him and they started chatting, she actually liked him. Somehow she was not feeling any inhibitions from him and the result was she was sharing almost every tiny little detail of her life, her thoughts, her family and friends .

It was 3 in night when they had to leave the place. Both of them were in no mood to go their respective rooms. They were drunk, after the Martini sessions and tequila shots. Booze was doing all the thinking & talking for them. Before they knew they were sneaking out on the stairway and in no time they were at the rooftop of the hotel. Rooftop had a garden and a beautifully lit gazebo which was reserved for special occasions. It was raining and it began to gain momentum and smacked them with all its might, piercing them through and through, from head to toe (they preferred rain over brightly lit gazebo)…………

He saw her by the bar trying to place an order. That beautiful gorgeous girl, 2 years ago, who caught her attention not because of the beauty she endured but the charisma that engulfed her. Dressed in plain black cowl neck dress with her hairs tied up in a neat ponytail and the only jewelry she was wearing was a red ruby ring in her right hand. Confidently standing in her high red and bronze heels and clutching her tiny bag in one hand she was trying to get a drink. She was oblivious to his gaze, but he was very much aware of her presence and the fragrance of her perfume was simply intoxicating.

Before he knew he was buying her the drink. She turned towards him and thanked him. He knew he was drawn to her. She was intelligent and smart. He was getting more and more attracted to her. A feeling of inexplicable longing came over him as a thrill ran down his spine. Talking to her was so easy, he was conveying whatever was in his heart that too without any hesitations. They had their drinks and then couple of shots. He dint even realize the time till he heard the DJ announcing that the bar is closed and everyone needs to leave. He dint want the night to end.  He was drunk, she was drunk but he was intoxicated by her beauty.

They ended up at the rooftop garden of the Hotel. He dint know how the door to the garden got unlocked, may be his luck was on his side. It was a rainy night. Though the stars were concealed by the pitch darkness, but he could easily see the twinkle in her eyes. Both of them were suddenly soundless, only thing they could hear was: whatever their hearts were saying. Both of them knew the night will be one of the most unforgettable nights of their lives and the moments will be cherished throughout their existence.

Since that morning 2 years back when they parted their ways he regretted not conveying his feelings to her. He was never able to forget her as she became a part of his heart, the girl with whom he shared the most beautiful moments of his life, the girl about whom he knew everything except for her name and contact. He tried to forget her but more he was trying to forget, more she was hovering over his thoughts and heart.

Finally he gave in to his feelings and decided to visit the same hotel on the same date when they met for the first and last time. It was his last night and tomorrow he will be leaving. He was unable to bear her absence from his life. To drown his sorrows he went down to the bar and ordered a drink. Just when he was about to pay a hand came from behind and offered 20 dollars for that 10 dollar drink.

There was no need to turn back and look who was buying him a drink, this was the fragrance he can never forget and the ruby ring which caught his attention.

He knew this is the beginning of a very beautiful life.


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Jan 8th: A teaser …..

When I sat down to write today’s post, my mind was blank. I literally didn’t have anything to write.

I need to feel it before I write it but I guess today is one of those days when I am blank.  Blank not because my feelings are dead or something but because whatever I am feeling, it can’t be elaborated in words because of its beauty.

Anyways sharing few lines from my novel (yet to be completed and published lols):

“He is the one. I knew it the moment I set my eyes on him. His charm was trying to sweep me off my feet and his aura was engulfing my heart gradually. With steady pace and a gorgeous smile on his face he was coming towards the window where I was sitting. For a moment my heart stopped, the cafe swirled and the fork fell from my hand.  We were separated by a huge thick glass window but I could still feel his warmth. With his each and every step towards the cafe,  my soul  ached and my fingers tingled. They wanted to touch him and feel his strong jaw bones. His dark hairs were swaying under the light breeze and his smile was sending shivers down my spine. I was seeing him after a year,  his absence made me realize what my heart had been trying to tell me all along.

He was my friend,  I knew him well but today he was a stranger. A stranger not because I was seeing him after such a long time but because the separation of such a long time made me realize that there is lot  to be discovered and shared with him. He became my world,  I was craving for his charming smile and those three words which I was dying to hear. How will he say it, will he smile while expressing his love,  will he kiss me, will he……….. “

Well that was the teaser. Let me know if you liked it.

Till then stay in love and let your loved ones know about your love.



Hospital: A hate and love scenario


Another trip to hospital was freaking Eva out. She was accompanying her uncle to the hospital as he was having some chest pains. He was her only family and the thought of losing him was downright atrocious. Earlier she never used to be this much worried about hospitals but since that dreadful night some four years back  she literally gets sick to her stomach on even if someone simply mention hospital.

That was one awful night. It was pitch dark, drizzling and the roads were slippery, though it was only 8o’clock in night but roads were already lifeless. Eva was trying to keep her eyes on road and was sipping coffee. Out of nowhere a big SUV came and hit her car head-on. Eva’s car got badly banged up and so was her head. Seatbelt saved her life but not the frequent hospitals visits that she had to make for almost 3 years for checkups. She had to stay in hospital for almost a month for surgery and observations. During those days she ended up hating that small room, those bright white walls and glaring lights and all that weird equipment around her.

She detested the smell, the weird smell of lemon and ammonia that was engulfing the waiting room. She was literally feeling dizzy simply by thinking about those days and frequent visit to hospitals. She was trying to control her emotions. She was thinking that once her Uncle comes out after his checkup, she will out of there in no time. She was tried to read the magazine which she bought with her.

A nurse came out and asked her to go to the Doctor’s cabin.

Doctor stood up and asked her to take a seat. She was actually on the edge of getting a heart attack herself when she heard that doctor wanted to meet her and was worried if her uncle is alright.

Doctor introduced himself: Hello I am Dr. Trapp. I just examined Mr. Krimper, don’t worry he is fine but we may keep him in hospital for a night or two for observation. He kept on discussing her Uncle’s well being. He observed that she was little anxious.  Are you ok?

Eva tried to control her impatience and said: Yea I am fine… just that hospitals scare me a little. Otherwise I am fine. Thanks for asking.

Dr Trapp offered her a glass of water, which literally slipped down from her hands and spilled everywhere. Eva was unable to hold onto her fears and tears anymore and started crying.

That’s alright don’t worry, tell me why are you crying, you need not to cry your uncle is perfectly fine.

Eva was unable to control any feeling or emotion and she was getting hysterical now. Through her tears he told everything to doctor. She was angry with her life, her hospital visits, and her medical expenses. She was angry, very angry with every aspect of her life and now she was scared that she may end up losing her only family. She was shattered from inside out and ended up showing her hatred towards hospitals.

Dr. Trapp tried to comfort her and said: “Eva I have been a doctor since last 20 years now and I have seen patients who had some of the worst and best days in their term in hospitals. But whenever someone gets discharged from hospital I personally feel an emotion of contentment. I feel that if someone survives the worst then less then worst days are nothing but a momentarily lapse in life’s pace.”

“You should not be depressed, you are angry that you had that accident but see the positive side you were out of the hospital in a month , you must feel lucky to be out there and living in this beautiful world. Regarding medical expenses and bills don’t worry you will win over those hurdles also. You have your Uncle with you who by the way is hale n hearty and will be by your side in no time. There are people who fight some of the worst days & diseases by themselves and alone.”

“Look at the bright side of life. You have your whole life ahead of you and please don’t lose your strength in these slightly dark times. Hospitals, doctors and nurses are here just to serve you and make you feel better but nothing can win over a disease fast enough then a positive attitude towards life in general.”

“Hating someone or something is easy, try loving that same thing and see how content you will be with your life.”

Eva listened to each and every single beautifully braided word of Dr. Trapp. She felt as if he induced a new life in her dark life. She wiped her tears & made up her mind to give her life another chance and gather all of her courage to fight back tough times.”

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